Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 703

“That said, but you must remember to try to repair your relationship with Princess Anne. You must know that only two people have a deep relationship, then you can be happy after marriage. Don’t influence the long-term for temporary benefits!”
Arthur felt a little worried and told Caesar again and again.
“Okay, don’t worry, brother, I will remember your words!”
Caesar on the phone agreed. Although he didn’t know when his father proposed to marry Princess Anne to his brother, he knew why his brother refused. It was because his brother fell in love with the Holy See Saint at first sight since he entered the Holy See Guard. She doesn’t marry.
And the reason why my brother worked so hard to practice martial arts was to win the favor of the Holy See.
And I heard that this time participating in a world-class martial arts competition, the pope is also paying attention. He wants to select a talent from the younger generation and then betroth the saint to him.
Arthur also knew the news. He secretly analyzed that, I am afraid that the ultimate winner of this world-class competition, that is, the champion, can become the wishful man of the saint.
So Arthur put a lot of effort into Ye Yi to continue practicing, and he also married the saint.
After hanging up the phone, Arthur looked into the distance, and said in his heart: “I must get a place in this martial arts competition. I must become the best of the younger generation. Angel is waiting for me!”
At this moment, Yingguolun Pier Tower.
Princess Anne’s birthday party is over. This banquet is still quite good. Of course, the banquet would be more complete without Caesar.
The guests attending the banquet, as well as Chen Fengjun, have already left.
Princess Anne cleaned up, ready to go back to the room to take a shower, and then video with Chen Feng.
At this moment the maid came over and said a few words to Princess Anne.
“Father is looking for me?”
Although Annie didn’t know what her father was looking for, Annie didn’t stop and walked directly to the room where her father was.
“Father, what can you do with me?”
As soon as Annie walked into the room, she saluted her father.
“Haha, come here, how about this banquet?”
Elambo looked at Annie with a smile on his face, with a doting gaze.
He has a son and a daughter. The son is the prince of the Eagle Kingdom and the successor of the future king, and the daughter is Princess Anne.
For this daughter, Yilanbo can be said to have devoted a lot of thoughts and cares for her.
“Yeah! It’s okay!”
Princess Anne hesitated, but still did not tell the unhappiness that happened during the banquet.
It’s just that she didn’t say that, but her father, Yilanbo said, “As far as I know, Chen Feng from the Chinese country actually drove Caesar out of the banquet hall, is that true?”
“Yes, father, the reason for doing this is entirely because that Caesar was too defiant!”
Obviously, my father already knew everything, and Annie didn’t hide it anymore, she said it out.
“Hey, my child, you are probably not for these reasons!”
Seeing that Annie didn’t speak, Yilanbo continued: “I think all this is because Caesar is disrespectful to Chen Feng from China, right?”
The father said the words thoroughly, and Princess Anne only felt at a loss, her face flushed.
Anne’s father, the King Irambo saw his daughter’s expression, how could he not know what it meant?
“My child, what I want to tell you is that it is impossible for you and Chen Feng. Can you two not be together, let alone get married!”
Before the father’s words were over, Princess Anne’s expression became gloomy, and she felt a little uncomfortable in her heart.
“Father, why not?”
Princess Anne asked unwillingly.
“You need to know your identity. You are the princess of my Eagle Kingdom. You can’t marry an ordinary person casually, let alone a Chinese!”
Yilanbo continued: “Of course, the Eagle Kingdom royal family is not unreasonable. Chen Feng saved you. I will not forget this kindness. But marriage is a major event and cannot be compared, and I have reported it the last time I went to China. He is!”
Princess Anne was silent, her face gloomy as if she had lost her light.
“I have already discussed with the Roboli family, let you marry their descendant, Caesar Roboli!”
These words changed Anne’s face and said emotionally: “Father, I will never marry that defiant fellow Caesar Roboli!”
“Hmph, even if you don’t marry him, you can never marry Chen Feng. No matter your status or status, you are not on the same level.”
Yilambo is the king, and it is impossible to lose interest for some small favors. Hearing Princess Anne’s reluctance, his tone suddenly became serious.
“I’m blunt, Chen Feng, a Chinese, is not qualified to marry you, understand?”
“Father, you said he is not qualified, so what is the qualification?”
Princess Anne didn’t want to lose any chance.
“This one……”
Yilanbo was meditating, thinking about how to make Annie give up. He had to think of a task that Chen Feng could not complete.
“Father, say it!” Princess Anne continued to ask.
King Yilambo’s eyes lit up, and he suddenly remembered the recent eye-catching world-class martial arts competition, and then said: “If Chen Feng can defeat all the contestants in this martial arts competition, he will be able to have some qualifications after winning the championship. Caesar Roboli competes to marry you!”
“I see, I hope my father will remember what I said today, if Chen Feng wins the championship, then you will not interfere in all my affairs in the future!”
Princess Anne’s words were full of confidence.
“Child, this is an impossible thing, Chen Feng can’t do it!”
King Irambo shook his head and smiled bitterly.
“Father, you don’t know Chen Feng, Chen Feng’s strength is to make the impossible possible!”
Princess Anne smiled, as if she saw Chen Feng’s figure in the arena dominating the group.
Fendigang is the venue of this martial arts competition, and Fendigang Hotel is a place for martial arts students to rest. It can be said that there is everything here. For this competition, there are martial arts all over the world. In order to take care of them, Fendigang The restaurant can be said to have worked hard, and the cuisines of all countries in the world have been moved here.
What’s more, it is a buffet, and the warriors can choose freely. No matter when they come, there will be food.
When Chen Feng came to the restaurant, it could be said that the peak dining period had passed. Even so, there were still many customers. As soon as Chen Feng stepped into the restaurant, almost everyone looked at him.
Who is Chen Feng? His fame has risen to a certain height recently, far surpassing Arthur, the captain of the Guardian Guard of Fen Digang.
“Here, big brother, come here!”
There was a voice in the distance, and Chen Feng turned his head to look. It turned out that it was the Three Precepts. At this moment, the Three Precepts were enjoying food, with his mouth in his mouth, holding in his hands, and eating happily. The food in front of him was actually meat. , This flower monk.
Seeing that no one was shouting beside Sanjie, Chen Feng smiled bitterly and walked in the direction of Sanjie.

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