Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 704

Chen Feng walked all the way, and some guests had finished their meal and were ready to leave. When they passed by Chen Feng, they nodded, which shows that Chen Feng is still very high in their hearts.
Chen Feng responded with a smile on his face.
“Big brother, you can count it!”
San Jie said in his mouth, and then gave a seat to Chen Feng.
There are not only three precepts here, but also Ji Yun and Tianying, they are all here.
Seeing Chen Feng sitting down, Ji Yun smiled and said, “Chen Feng, it seems that the organizing committee of this martial arts competition is really taking care of you!”
“Oh? How do you say?” Chen Feng asked a little puzzled.
“That’s it!” Ji Yun explained: “This time, we provided two hotels for the martial artist. We were in one of them. I inquired about it. Guess what?”
Ji Yun deliberately sold a pass, but none of the three present to pick him up, he had to continue: “In this hotel where we live, those who are hostile to you, there are none!”
It is not surprising that Ji Yun knows this. He has a profound family background and has his own intelligence network. It is not difficult to know all this.
“It seems that the organizing committee is worried that if Chen Feng lives with them, there will be conflicts and even hands-on!”
“Well, it makes sense!”
Chen Feng nodded and felt that Ji Yun’s analysis was correct.
For this participation in the martial arts competition, the Holy See Fen Digang has already laid down rules that warriors are strictly forbidden to act privately before the competition. Although this rule has been set, it has no deep practical significance. You must know that warning and shock are different. the concept of.
“Brother!” San Jie patted Chen Feng on the shoulder and said, “Ji Yun told me before that you, big brother, are a hot spot in the game because of this. There is a lot of attention, but it is also a restless existence!”
Before the words of Sanjie came to an end, Ji Yun scolded an idiot secretly. Saying such things in front of Chen Feng was equivalent to directly selling Ji Yun.
Chen Feng smiled slightly and didn’t care. The ultimate goal this time was not to get the title of champion, and to avenge Ye Nantian, he looked for heirs who held the enemy, and then killed them one by one.
From this perspective, Chen Feng is indeed a restless person.
“I remembered that the betting all over the world opened in this game, which added some interest to this game. I evaluated the winning rate of this player. You ranked fourth. Before you came, I With Tianying, Sanjie is discussing this!”
Xu felt a little embarrassed, Ji Yunyou uttered a message and attracted his attention.
“Oh? There is this? Come and see!” Chen Feng showed interest.
Ji Yun took out his phone and handed it to Chen Feng, then pointed to the screen and said, “Look, this is it!”
Arthur: The guards of the Holy See are the captain and the odds are 4.5.
William: Darkness agrees to be the Son of Darkness, the odds are 5.0.
Denny: Forman Forti, the odds are 6.0.
Chen Feng: Hua Guo Wu League, the young generation Tianjiao odds are 7.0.
Chen Feng stared at the screen intently, and Arthur of Burndigan, William of the Dark Council and Denny of Formen lined up in front of him.
The rankings behind him are Munir from the United States, nicknamed the Jaguar. It is rumored that he is a secret weapon of the United States and will rise in this competition.
After the U.S., it was Lovsky from Tsarist Russia, nicknamed the polar bear. Like the American jaguar, it was called a secret weapon by Tsarist Russia.
Seventh to tenth
They are Zuo Zhu, a martial arts genius from Dongying.
The martial arts genius Charlie of the Eagle Royal Family.
Fedido, a martial arts genius in ancient Egypt.
There is also Baka from the Indian tribe with odds of 10, 1, 15, 18.
Chen Feng, the top ten, took a brief look, and then began the odds of Xian Tianying, Sanjie, and Ji Yun. Tianying ranked 26th, Ji Yun ranked 36th, and Sanjie was ranked 48th. .
“Genius group? Is there no strong group?”
Chen Feng couldn’t help but asked.
“Don’t mention, this time the competition originally had a strong team, but I don’t know why, all sects or family masters have given up participating in the competition, so there is no strong team in this world-class martial arts competition. The player group, you must know that this is unique in the past. This time the game will also be a game without the strong group, which is very strange!”
Ji Yun thought about it, and said all the information he knew.
“That’s it!”
Chen Feng expressed his thoughts that martial arts competitions, especially the world-class martial arts competitions, are extremely prosperous, in order to promote traditional martial arts, and also a good place to show the strength of martial artists from all over the world. The strong team was cancelled in the learning competition.
This kind of thing can be said to be unique, and Chen Feng couldn’t help but remembered that a major event was about to happen in Wu Zhizhou before.
Seeing that Chen Feng was thinking, Ji Yun couldn’t help but open his mouth: “This odds list is a simple estimate of the strength of warriors from all over the world by several big bookmakers. He then calculates the odds. They say that they are very self-assessing, but I think this is purely boring!”
Ji Yun paused and continued: “The most annoying thing is that I was ranked 36th. I think those companies are really blind!”
Ji Yun was furious.
“Oh, this is just a list, why are you in a hurry!”
San Jie said indifferently, San Jie can be said to be the easiest one among the players participating in the martial arts competition. He doesn’t care about this so-called ranking or the success of the champion. He doesn’t care about these things. It.
As for Tianying, his brows are frowned and his face is unconvinced. It seems that he also has opinions on this list.
Chen Feng saw the expression of Tianying. He could understand that Tianying had always regarded himself as his opponent. At this moment, he was ranked fourth, but Tianying turned out to be 26th. It was inevitable that there were some opinions in his heart. Besides, Chen Feng understood Tianying’s strength. , It should be easy to enter the top sixteen with his strength.
Regarding the announced list, not only Ji Yun, but Tianying were dissatisfied, and there were many who had opinions on the list.
In another hotel for warriors, a young man looked at the rankings on the list with a look of discontent.
“Is this bookmaker’s list made with my eyes closed? I was ranked behind Chen Feng of China, and Chen Feng was ranked fourth!”
This young man is wearing a black martial arts uniform with the word “Hong” on the clothes behind him.
Yes, he is Hong Yi, the direct descendant of Hong Tianba, the head of Hong Sect.
Regarding the training of Hong Yi, Hong Tianba, the head of the team, has made great efforts. He personally taught Hong Yi martial arts skills, and accompany Hong Yi to practice regardless of the cold winter and heat. Everything he did was expelled for cleaning. The shame of the martial arts world, he even exchanged precious genetic medicine from the power of the Dark Council at any cost, making Hong Yi a strong player in the middle of the period of time.

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