Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 706

Chen Feng walked over without expression, and was not affected by the people around him. Although this kind of scene was grand, it did not move Chen Feng. Chen Feng walked in the crowd and looked for William’s figure. .
Before, Chen Feng had an understanding of the enemy’s information. When Ye Nantian was besieged by many people, his legs were broken by the blood-killing organization. He remembered all this in his heart.
Chen Feng scanned the crowd with his eyes calmly, seemingly inadvertent, but in fact he remembered everyone’s faces in his heart.
He saw Hong Yi in the crowd and several other enemies. The eyes of those people who looked at Chen Feng at this time also revealed strong killing intent.
Among the crowd, Zuo Zhu, the martial arts genius who appeared on behalf of Dong Ying, was wearing a white kimono and wooden clogs. He was particularly conspicuous in the crowd. Zuo Zhu was also looking at Chen Feng at this moment, showing a strong killing intent, the corner of his mouth. Shang Yang carried an icy smile, and his eyes revealed disdain, as if Chen Feng was already in his pocket.
Chen Feng didn’t care about Zuo Zhu, Hong Yi and the others’ killing intent. After remembering them in his heart, he swept them away. At this moment, he arrived at Arthur and Chen Feng narrowed his eyes.
Arthur, the captain of the guard of the Holy See at Fen Digang, is tall and burly, with a handsome face and golden hair. At this moment, he is wearing a white armor suit and holding a spear. He can be felt from a distance. The fighting spirit on the body.
Chen Feng couldn’t help but think of the description of Arthur in the material.
As the center of the game, Fen Digang was even known as the captain of the escort team, Arthur.
Arthur didn’t care at first. After seeing Chen Feng just now, he didn’t show anything, but at this moment, he saw Chen Feng’s gaze sweeping, and there was a war intent in his eyes. There seemed to be a fire burning in his eyes, even at this distance. Chen Feng can also feel it.
“Arthur can be said to be the real powerhouse among the younger generation!”
Facing Arthur’s strong fighting spirit, Chen Feng didn’t show anything, and drifted by in the breeze, looking away from Arthur, as if he didn’t pay attention to him.
Arthur frowned slightly when he saw this, and his face gradually became cold.
We must know that as a favorite to win the global martial arts competition, his strength has been recognized by all parties, and it can be said that he is a benchmark figure among the younger generation in the world martial arts world.
This kind of evaluation, this glory, made him subconsciously have a sense of superiority when facing other warriors.
This feeling unconsciously made him raise his position very high, let alone playing against him, so that he could look at that player, it was his glorious majesty. Under this feeling, Chen did not expect Chen Feng directly ignored his existence, making Arthur involuntarily grip the spear in his hand.
Chen Feng didn’t think much about all this, let alone his own actions, which would arouse the thoughts in Arthur’s mind. At this moment, he was attracted by another man in black.
The man was not tall, with black hair and yellow skin, and he was wearing a black windbreaker. A ghost mask concealed his original face. Only through his face he could see his long and narrow Danfeng eyes.
“Yes, William!”
After seeing this man, Chen Feng remembered a person’s name almost instantly.
This all depends on Shi Pojun’s data. The reason why he looked at everyone just now was to check with the people on that data one by one. He had seen that everyone could correspond to the data, only….
At that time, only William had no photos.
In addition, everyone here is consistent with the information, and Chen Feng almost confirmed it at a glance. The man with a ghost mask in front of him was William, the leader of the blood killing organization.
Chen Feng looked at William, and William was also observing Chen Feng. Seeing Chen Feng’s eyes swept, William narrowed his eyes, and he could feel the cold chill in his eyes.
“it’s him!”
Chen Feng saw William’s cold gaze, and he had already confirmed the identity of the other party deep in his heart.
William was also a genius in the martial arts world, and he established a blood-killing organization. The killing intent radiated from his body was not used with ordinary people. This killing intent was formed by contaminating a lot of blood.
Xu was aware that Chen Feng had discovered his identity, and William San’s killing intent became even stronger, as if he was writing to Chen Feng.
“I finally found you, brother, your hatred is about to be reported!”
Chen Feng’s killing intent was by no means less than William’s. As the so-called enemies met, he was extremely jealous. If it weren’t for the match at this moment, Chen Feng really wanted to rush forward to fight the opponent without stopping.
But Chen Feng knows that this is impossible. In a world-class competition, doing so will not avenge revenge and even affect the reputation of China.
Chen Feng couldn’t be ignorant of this, so he took a deep breath and dissipated the killing intent from his body, his mood returned to peace, and he stood with several other players.
There is a platform in front, and five people are standing on the platform at the moment.
Standing in the middle among the five was a gray-haired old man, although he was very old. But his momentum has not been halved.
This old man, named Zeus, is the president of this world martial arts competition organization and the pope of the Holy See of Fendigan.
On both sides of Zeus are the Deputy Secretary-General of the European Union, as well as representatives of China, the United States, and Tsarist Russia.
Standing on the stage on behalf of China, it was Wu Zhizhou, Elder Wu of the Wu League.
Wu Zhizhou, however, holds an important position in the Huawu Organization, and at the same time has a place in the World Martial Arts League. The combination of dual identities can be said to be famous, and he can stand on stage at this moment.
Chen Feng and all the players who participated in the competition were standing in the audience at this moment. Zeus stepped forward. In an instant, everyone here stopped talking, and the court fell silent. Everyone looked at this respected man. Old man.
“The world-class martial arts competition officially opened today. This is a competition that has attracted the attention of the world, and today is also a day worth celebrating!”
Zeus stood on the stage, lucky with his dantian, and his voice resounded loudly in all the corners of the arena. He did not use a loudspeaker, but his voice was still heard by everyone present.
What Zeus said was nothing more than the opening remarks before some large-scale competitions. Then he first summarized and introduced his work and views on martial arts in the past ten years as the president of the World Martial Arts League.
The world-class martial arts competition is not only a place for the world martial arts fighters to show their strengths, but also a handover ceremony for the president of the World Martial Arts League. Whenever a world-class martial arts competition is held, it is when the new president takes office and the martial arts competition ends. Later, the last president also retired.

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