Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 707

“Today is a good day. The young men who participated in the competition this time are all young men. Well, very good. These young men are the future hope of the world martial arts community.
Next, they will compete in this arena to select the strongest among the younger generation. The results are important, but the process of the competition is even more important. If you can understand the true meaning of martial arts, it will really benefit a lot! ”
As soon as Zeus’s voice fell, the audience immediately burst into thunderous applause.
“Next, I announce that the Fen Digang world-class martial arts competition has officially opened… the curtain!”
Zeus’s voice blew up like thunder and spread everywhere.
In the deafening applause, Zeus turned and stepped back.
Odu, the Secretary-General of the European Union took a few steps forward.
Austria is not only the Deputy Secretary-General of the European Union, but also the Secretary-General of the World Martial Arts Union.
“Thanks to President Zeus for his speech just now, and for summarizing the road of martial arts in the past ten years, these are precious experiences!”
Austrian first admired the words of President Zeus, and then continued: “There are a total of 64 players participating in the competition, divided into 16 groups for the competition, and the group competition is the first.
If the group wins the first place, it will advance to the 16-to-eight knockout round, and then compete with the first place of other groups. The winner continues to participate in the eight-to-four knockout round, and so on, until the final. The competition time is eleven days! ”
“As we all know, the world-class martial arts competition is unprecedented, and the core of the competition is fairness. Several martial arts judges come from all over the world, and the judges will not interfere with the contests of the players!”
“The above is the progress of the competition, not much to say. Next, I will ask Mr. Wu Zhizhou, the leader of the referee team of this world-class martial arts competition, to take the oath.”
Before he finished his words, Aodu turned around, and asked Wu Zhizhou to come forward and take an oath.
“I Wu Zhizhou, on behalf of all the referees of this world-class martial arts competition, swear that our judges will strictly abide by the rules of the competition in this competition, in order to be absolutely fair!”
Wu Zhizhou took a step, raised his right fist high and swore loudly.
“Next, I invite the contestants to represent the captain of the Guardian Guard of the Fen Digang to come forward and take the oath!”
As soon as Wu Zhizhou’s voice fell, almost everyone turned their attention to Arthur, who was standing in the first row of the contestants’ team.
With no expression on his face, Arthur took a step forward and shouted: “On behalf of all the contestants, I swear to abide by the rules of the competition, respect the judges and referees!”
“it is good!”
After Arthur’s oath was finished, there was thunderous applause from the audience again.
Aodu stood on the stage at this moment and did not back down. His task has not been completed. As the Secretary-General of the World Martial Arts Organization, he is not only the host of the opening ceremony, but also organizes all contestants to conduct group-based activities. Draw lots.
“Everyone should know that the core of the world-class martial arts competition is fairness. Lots will be drawn before the start of the competition, and the opponents of the competition will be returned by the way of drawing lots!”
Audu paused, looking at the big screen behind him, and continued: “According to the past practice, 16 players will be selected and 16 strong players will be selected before this game. These 16 players Burn Digon Arthur, William of the Dark Council, Deney of the European Union, Chen Feng of China, etc…”
As soon as Odu’s voice fell, the names and messages of sixteen people appeared on the big screen behind him. Everyone exclaimed and then turned their eyes to the big screen, looking for the ranking of their favorite players.
In this competition, in addition to Chen Feng, William’s 16 strong players were divided in advance, while the remaining 48 players lined up for the draw.
“Hey, brother, what’s the matter? How did you get assigned to the sixteenth group? You are not ranked fourth!” Among the crowd, Sanjie lowered his voice and asked in a low voice.
“Hey, that’s just the betting company’s own quota. It’s completely different from the organization of the world-class martial arts competition, let alone the grouping this time.”
Ji Yun explained tirelessly
On the stage where Odu, Wu Zhizhou and others are located, there is a box with 48 small balls in the box. The numbers of these balls are from 1 to 48. The players will be compared according to the numbers.
“Don’t be selected for a group. If you play against Arthur, there is no chance of winning!”
“Do you think it’s okay if you don’t meet Arthur? According to me, not only Arthur, but also William, Denny, and even Huaxia Chen Feng, if you meet a few of them, it will be completely finished!”
“The sixteen of them are not ordinary people. None of them are easy to provoke. If you are delusional to opportunistic, then you should give up as soon as possible. This competition will fight for strength!”
Odu announced the official start of the draw, and the players who had just fallen below the voice couldn’t bear the restlessness in their hearts at this moment, and they started talking in low voices.
“Chen Feng, it’s too late for you to admit defeat. If you join me in the sixteenth group, then you don’t have to do it again. Well, to be precise, your little life is going to stay here, and this The audience will be the last to give you a ride!”
Originally, when the players below were discussing, but after Ron Cilfer’s murderous words came out, everyone fell silent.
“Really? The last person who spoke to me like this is no longer there. As for your head, I will temporarily store it with you!”
Chen Feng was not aroused by the other party’s words, but responded indifferently
Although Chen Feng’s voice is not loud, it has been heard by everyone present. Chen Feng’s purpose this time is not to be a champion, but to kill. I don’t know why everyone involuntarily has this idea in their hearts.
As soon as Chen Feng’s voice fell, the surrounding discussion stopped, and there was no sound at all.
At this moment, all the players looked at Chen Feng.
The sun shining on Chen Feng’s face added a slightly different feeling to him. His face was expressionless, without the slightest mood swing, as if the words just now were insignificant.
It was such a seemingly ordinary person, but what he said shocked everyone’s mind.
After all, what Chen Feng said was right. He was telling the truth. It can be said that after Chen Feng learned martial arts, he encountered various crises, but he easily resolved them every time.
In the past, high-pitched opponents were full of confidence before the game, but Chen Feng used facts to prove that it is useless to speak hard.
Moreover, Chen Feng broke into Dongying with one person, killing many strong men, and even the two strong men on the god list. These things have spread all over the world, and Dongying has also suffered humiliation.
You have to know that being killed, killing so many people, and finally retreating, there is nothing more bullying and humiliating than this.
Moreover, Chen Feng provoked a lot of forces, but in this case, he was still not afraid.

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