Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 708

“Hmph, it’s just a coincidence or luck, but not every time you are so lucky, you won’t be able to escape this time, I will break your neck myself!”
Ron Chai Erfei looked unconvinced, and was ready to move at the moment, wishing to start a battle with Chen Feng immediately.
“Luck? Hehe, killing someone like you is easy by strength!”
Chen Feng smiled faintly, as if Ron Childe was not worth mentioning in his eyes. In fact, in Chen Feng’s eyes, this is the truth. Killing Ron Childe is just a warm-up, and there are important opponents behind. .
Ron Childe didn’t expect Chen Feng to ignore him so much. At this moment, he was so angry that he would have done it if he was not afraid of violating the rules of the game.
“Very well, I hope to meet me in the game later, you still have the courage to speak like this!”
When the words came out, Chen Feng didn’t pay any attention to him at all. It was meaningless to argue with this kind of people. In the end, everything depends on strength.
At this moment, the Dongying genius Zuo Zhu, the descendant of Hongmen Hong Tianba, Hong Yi, and William and even Arthur and others were all looking at him, with a strong killing intent.
Next to these people, there is also Denny of Indian Buddhism. He is also looking at Chen Feng, but he does not have the intent to kill, and some are intent on war. There seems to be a flame burning in his eyes. He wants to fight The legendary Chen Feng compares.
Apart from Danny, Chen Feng didn’t even look at these people. He was not scared. He hadn’t paid attention to the killing intent of those people?
“Okay, everyone is quiet, and now contestants are invited to line up on stage to draw their numbers.”
Zeus stood on the stage, his voice was like a bell, and said to the players below.
As soon as Zeus’s voice fell, the first contestant in the first row walked to the podium without hesitation, while others followed in line, waiting for their own draw.
“It’s over, how can I recite like this? I got the first group!”
“I’m rubbing, I’m actually in a group with William, isn’t that a joke!”
“Don’t quarrel, I’m actually in the same group with Chen Feng, this evil star, won’t you kill me madly?”
Time passed. Every time a player took out his number from the cardboard box, exclaims kept coming out. Some people were really happy and some were worried. But in general, there are still many people who are happy. After all, not everyone is memorable.
We must know that this world-class martial arts competition has gathered the best in the world, not everyone is soft, and more people are extremely confident in their own strength. They feel that as long as they don’t meet the top winners in the odds. Those who do not necessarily lose.
Except for the 16 strong players selected in advance, there is no need to draw lots, and the rest are no exceptions, and only one player in a country is far ahead, so the remaining people, whether it is Hong Tianba’s successor, Hong Yi, It was Ron Childe. They had no other choice but to draw lots. The American Jaguar Munir was one of the 16 strong.
Hong Yi took a few steps forward, and it was his turn to draw lots. He glanced at Chen Feng with a sneer, his eyes full of killing intent, and then pulled his hand out of the box and took out a small ball with the number 45 written on it. He was placed in the fifteenth group of the game.
This result made him a little disappointed. He was disappointed that he was not assigned to Chen Feng’s group, so that Chen Feng could not be eliminated very quickly.
Although he was disappointed, he was not discouraged. According to the rules of the competition, the fifteenth and sixteenth groups of the two groups have to play in the elimination rounds. There is still hope. Thinking of this, Hong Yi once again saw hope.
With Chen Feng’s strength, as long as he doesn’t meet the top powerhouses, it is still not difficult to qualify from the sixteenth group.
“Oh, Hong Yi, your luck is pretty good. According to the current ranking, you are very likely to slaughter that bastard from China ahead of time!”
Ron Childe stood behind Hong Yi, he glanced at Hong Yi’s number and smiled.
“Hahaha, yes, but maybe your luck is better than mine, you can kill him right away!”
Hong Yi laughed. He didn’t know Ron, and he hadn’t even met him before, but it didn’t matter to him. As long as their goals were the same, they could be friends, even verbally. friend.
In these days, whether it is Hong Yi of the Hong Clan, Ron, or Zuo Zhu, a martial arts genius of Dongying, Chen Feng is already in their palms in their opinion, so let them handle it. Who is lucky enough to kill Chen Feng ahead of time.
Although a few people didn’t say anything, they were secretly fighting to see who could kill Chen Feng first.
“Satan blessed me and must put me in the sixteenth group. I want the killer to kill Chen Feng!”
Ron said inwardly, then took a deep breath, stepped forward and took out a small ball from the box. The number forty-eight was written on the ball.
You need to know that the three numbers forty-six, forty-seven, and forty-eight belong to the sixteenth group, which shows that…
Ron was visibly shocked, unable to accept it for a while, he didn’t expect his wish to come true.
His actions made Hong Yi look puzzled behind him, then he leaned forward, looked at Ron’s number, and then said insincerely: “Look, I said you are lucky, you really got it. Congratulations to the sixteenth group!”
“Ha! Ha! Ha!”
Hearing Hong Yi’s words, Ron couldn’t help but laugh at the moment. The laughter was extremely proud, and winning the lottery this time made him happy.
“Oh, Hong Yi, my friend, I’m really embarrassed. It seems that Chen Feng, a bastard, has no chance to survive the next game!”
While speaking, Ron looked at Chen Feng not far away, his gaze showed complacency. In his eyes, Chen Feng was already dead.
Ron’s nasty laughter and disgusting expression were also seen by Chen Feng. Chen Feng guessed it after a little thought, but he didn’t take it to heart. He turned to look at the screen behind the rostrum. , Waiting for Tianying, Sanjie and Ji Yun to be drawn into several groups.
At this moment, all the players are waiting in line for the draw. Whenever someone draws their own number, the big screen at the rear will automatically display the wine.
Everyone took their own numbers in an orderly manner. It was Tianying’s turn before long. Chen Feng looked at Tianying’s number as number five. Grouped by numbers, he was assigned to the twelfth group.
The strong man in the twelfth group is the Bakargo from Egypt, and Tianying obviously also knows it. At this moment, he looks at Bakar under the stage, showing a strong will to fight.
After a while, Ji Yun’s number came out. His number was the ninth. According to the number, he was assigned to the fifth group, and the strongest person in the fifth group was the Denny from India.
Ji Yun looked at the number and then at Denny, with a gloomy expression on her face, obviously a little dissatisfied with the five groups.

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