Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 709

“Sanjie, you are a Buddhism, do you know that Indian Denny? Let’s listen!”
When he was depressed, Ji Yun asked Sanjie next to him sideways.
“Well!” San Jie smiled: “That Danny has a great reputation in Buddhism. His strength is by no means weaker than Chen Feng, and he is still a martial lunatic. He has reached the point of idiotic martial arts. As soon as you come to power, you must surrender and surrender, so that you can suffer less pain!”
Ji Yun was even more depressed when he heard the words of the three precepts. He really didn’t think that he should recite so much. He didn’t have the slightest doubt about the three precepts.
During the three precepts, he stretched out his hand and took out a white ball with the number forty-four written on it. He was assigned to the fifteenth group, and he was in the same group as Hong Yi.
“Well, it seems that my luck is not bad. I didn’t have a group with Chen Feng, but there was a Chinese in this group!”
Let’s talk about Hong Yi. After the draw, he did not leave but kept looking at the big screen. When the number of Sanjie appeared, he sneered and looked at the auditorium below.
In the crowd, he saw his master Hong Tianba, and then he nodded lightly, as if telling his master that he would definitely defeat this Chinese warrior in public and wash away the shame of the master.
In the audience, Hong Tianba also saw the number on the screen, and also saw his apprentice Hong Yi.
Hong Tianba sneered, as if responding to his apprentice. For the people who met in the Hua Guo martial arts circle in the first round, this result was not bad.
Chen Feng in the crowd also saw this result, but he was not worried. San Jie didn’t care about these false names. Even though Hong Yi was good at strength, San Jie was not given for nothing. As long as he didn’t give him a chance, he should be fine.
Chen Feng thought through his eyes: “Hong Yi, Zuo Zhu, Arthur and Ron, if the game goes well, these people will be my opponents in the finals, but I still hope that William can enter the finals so that I can personally. Kill him to avenge his brother’s crippled legs!”
Thinking of this, Chen Feng couldn’t help clenching his fists and killing the accident. He wanted to become famous.
World-class martial arts competitions, this arena is where he is completely famous in the world. He must completely defeat all enemies, and then step on their bones to become the real powerhouse among the younger generation in the world.
The draw is over, all the contestants have been divided into groups by numbers, and the game is about to begin.
There is the Pope of the Vatican on the podium, as well as several world-class bosses, sitting on the podium at the moment, calmly preparing to watch the game.
Afterwards, players from various countries, either team leaders or staff, all left the arena and walked towards the audience, or went to the Bright Church not far away to prepare for the competition.
According to the previous rules, the first three days are group competitions, each group competes twice a day, and then the winner enters the knockout round and competes again.
In China, Chen Feng is one of the 16 strong players.
Tianying is in the 12th group, and his opponent is Bakargo, the king of the younger generation of Egypt.
Sanjie is in the fifteenth group, and her opponent is Hong Tianba Chuan Chuan Hong Yi.
And Ji Yun is in the fifth group. His match in this group is relatively high. His opponent is Wu Chi Denny, a descendant of Buddhism in India.
And the first game was his match with Deney, which can be said to be the start of this competition.
“It’s still early, shall we go to the church or the auditorium?”
Chen Feng, Tianying, Ji Yun, Sanjie and others walked together, and three of them asked.
“It’s better to stay and watch the game. The game can be insightful. It is good for us to learn about the strong players in other places!”
Tianying didn’t think about comparing Chen Feng, but he was not willing to be mediocre. This world-class martial arts competition was the best opportunity. He wanted to show his strength and strive to get a good ranking.
“Hey, it’s useless to look at it, and we won’t be able to defeat the sixteen strong ones!”
Ji Yun looked frustrated. Since he understood Denny’s experience and strength, he has been unable to raise the spirit of fighting in his heart.
“I think Tianying is right. Let’s take a look. No matter if you can get results this time, it will be very helpful for the future!”
At this moment, Chen Feng changed his mouth. You must know that his martial arts break through mountains and rivers was created by accommodating the strengths of hundreds of families. Knowing more about the martial arts of other schools is good for understanding the strength of the opponent, and secondly for him. The Broken Mountain and River Martial Arts is also of great help.
“Okay, then listen to Chen Feng. Let’s go to the game together.”
Before Chen Feng finished speaking, San Jie said quickly.
Ji Yun didn’t say anything, but the whole person was completely devoid of fighting spirit, and he didn’t hold any expectations for this game.
The viewing area was divided into two parts, and they were not together. At this moment, Chen Feng was with the group of warriors in the hotel.
The Three Precepts first gave a hum, and then pretended to put their hands together and said: “Good, good, beloved, there is a beautiful, sexual, and a little seductive woman from the east!”
Chen Feng, Ji Yun, Tianying, Three Rings just arrived in the watching area, and the Three Rings showed their energy and looked straight into the distance.
“Ok!” As soon as Sanjie’s voice fell, Chen Feng and the three were taken aback, and then followed Sanjie’s gaze to see a woman in a white robe standing in the VIP area.
Although they were a little away from the VIP seats, they were all martial artists, with extremely long ears and eyes, and they could clearly see the beauty of the woman.
The woman’s long hair reached her waist, falling like a waterfall, her facial features were delicate, her eyes were bright, like two gems.
This kind of glory can be said to have eclipsed all women, and wherever she went, there must be an existence that everyone noticed. This appearance is rare in the world.
Moreover, this woman has a very good figure, bulging forward and backward, showing a feeling of shock.
A little noticeable is that she is wearing a silver cross on her chest, gleaming white in the sun.
At this moment, everyone’s attention was attracted by her face.
“This is… Holy See, Tiffany!”
There is no shortage of well-informed people in the crowd, and they can recognize the identity of this woman at a glance.
“My god, it’s hard to imagine, if you don’t see it with your own eyes, it’s hard to believe that there are such beautiful, noble and elegant beauties in this world!”
“Tiffany is the Holy See, and the startup is comparable to others!”
For a while, everyone was attracted and discussed in private.
Chen Feng also saw the beauty of the woman, and at this moment he had to admit that Tiffany’s face, or figure, or that innate temperament, can be said to be unique.
Tiffany turned a deaf ear to the surrounding discussion and admiration, and did not change her face. She had already liked this environment, and at this moment she came to the VIP area with no expression on her face.

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