Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 712

“No need to!”
Li Fu took the lead to speak, but his eyes did not look at the referee, and he kept staring at William.
William shook his head at the moment, expressing no objection.
“Well, that’s the case, then the game…starts now!”
Seeing that there was no objection from both sides, the rules of the game were clear, and the referee didn’t say much, backed up, then waved one hand, the game officially started.
As soon as the referee’s voice fell, William took the lead and stepped on one foot. His figure was like an arrow from the string, rushing towards Le Fook at extremely fast speed.
Because William’s speed was too fast, the audience couldn’t see his figure at all, and he could only vaguely see William’s afterimage. At this moment, only a few strong people in the VIP seats were able to see this scene very clearly.
The Le Fook from Vietnam obviously did not expect William to be so fast. At this moment, there was no time to react, and the figure quickly retreated.
It’s just that his movements are still slow, at least too slow for William.
William’s figure suddenly appeared next to Le Fu, and he punched out without hesitation.
Li Fu was too late to react, so he could only subconsciously block with years of combat experience. .
With a muffled bang, William hit Li Fu’s arm with a fist, Li Fu screamed, his arm came with severe pain, his arm had been shattered by William.
With one punch down, William did not stop his attack, but took advantage of the flow and punched Le Fu in the head.
Le Fu didn’t have the slightest chance to react, or that he didn’t deserve such a chance in front of William. His head was like tofu, which was blown by William, and blood spurted out in an instant.
After William struck out, the figure quickly retreated, blinked and retreated a few meters away, without a drop of Li Fu’s blood.
Puff! Li Fu’s body seemed to have lost all strength, and fell straight, throwing up a piece of dust.
William’s extremely cruel method quickly ended these two games and shocked the audience.
The game was over, but there was no sound in the audience.
In the sun, William looked at the viewing stand far away, and looked at Chen Feng again, with a bloodthirsty smell still in his eyes.
Then he turned and left the field. For him, this game was not too easy.
Killing a warrior of Li Fu’s level is really boring to him, and it can’t arouse the fighting spirit in his heart.
“it is good!”
When William stepped down from the ring, there was thunderous applause from the audience. At the same time, there was a loud applause. They didn’t react until this moment, especially those in the upper class. The tickets I got so hard are worth it.
William’s cruel means and terrifying strength were just in line with their tastes, and they screamed.
“This William is horrible!!”
“That’s right, he is a killer move when he makes a move, and he doesn’t give the opponent a chance to surrender at all!”
“I have seen William’s methods, and I think the next players, if they are selected for a duel with William, will choose to surrender rather than to survive. After all, William is too strong and cruel!”
Facing the time of William’s horror, not only the spectators in the stands, but also the warriors who are about to participate in the competition, could not help but whisper at this moment, after all, William brought them too great an impact.
Witnessing William’s strength, coupled with the other’s cruel methods, made some people retreat before they even started. There were two players not far away. At this moment, looking at William’s figure, they trembled. William is in a group.
“Good, good, this bastard William is too cruel. It’s just a game, so far, but the other side actually played such a killer!”
Sanjie frowned, he was not interested in the game, but William’s cruel methods made him dissatisfied, but he had to admit that William was very strong.
“That… Three Commandments, isn’t Denny in India so cruel?”
Although Ji Yun is a direct descendant of the Ji family and has experienced various trainings, he thinks that even if he can’t win the game, he should be able to get good results, but now he has seen the terrifying strength of Arthur and William. His self-esteem was not a small blow, especially William’s cruel methods, which made him shudder.
Hearing what Ji Yun said, Sanjie said slowly: “That’s not true, Denny is a martial idiot, warlike, not easy to kill, and anyway, he is also a Buddhist!”
“Chen Feng, I see that William looked at you twice before and after with bad eyesight. Do you two know each other?”
Tianying was silent for a moment, looked at Chen Feng, and asked.
Tianying can be said to be a well-known person in the Chinese martial arts circle, and he has also studied the road of martial arts. Just now he saw William’s gaze with his own eyes, and he kept sweeping.
“Well, my senior brother Ye Nantian’s legs were destroyed by him!”
Chen Feng paused, and continued: “I have a battle with him. In this battle, either he will die or I will die!”
Sanjie, Ji Yun, and Tianying were obviously the first to hear this news. They did not expect that there would still be this kind of grudge between Chen Feng and William.
What they didn’t expect was that Ye Nantian was interrupted by William because of the expert’s leg.
“Oh, brother is too mighty, then William is too bloody, if he is alive it would be too dangerous, you kill him, I agree!”
The three precepts are from Buddhism. They are not easy to kill, and they will not lightly kill. It can be said that it is Buddha’s mind in some ways, but this time it is indeed an exception.
Tianying has been silent since that sentence. The gap between him and Chen Feng is getting bigger and bigger. Among the 16 strong players in this competition, there is no him, and according to what Chen Feng meant, he was The champion of the competition is determined to win.
Having said that, Tianying did not give up, but with a strong fighting spirit, he must achieve results in this competition.
He didn’t dare to hope for the championship, but he still had other goals in his heart. He didn’t give up at this moment. If he didn’t even dare to fight, how dare he speak martial arts.
Amidst the audience’s discussion, the staff of the Wuxue Organization took the stage and lifted Le Fu’s body, and then cleared the ring.
At this moment, the team leader from Vietnam, faced with all this, looked like dirt, but he was helpless. Because there are rules in the game, anything that happens during the game is resigned to fate. No one can object to the rules of the game. Of course, if the opponent uses it. Improper means, that is the exception.
As for revenge, let alone, let alone the mysterious organization behind William, the Dark Council, just talking about William’s own strength, it is not they can provoke.
After the field is cleared, the game starts again.
At the beginning of the game, this was the fourth game. One of the players was stopped by William’s bloody way. He was a little flustered and didn’t play well, and eventually lost to another player.
The four games are over, and the third group will play.

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