Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 714

It’s just that the game is not over yet, and Denny is approaching again very quickly. The attack is just an offense, and Ji Yun is overwhelmed.
“Bang! Bang! Bang!”
There was a roar from the field, the two of you came and I was happily playing. The mood of the audience rose for a while, but after a short while, Ji Yun could no longer hold Denny’s attack. Denny’s shot was quick and heavy. , Ji Yun was able to dodge at first, but couldn’t dodge at all.
“Okay, don’t fight! I give up!”
Ji Yun continued to mention it later, and then hurriedly said, perhaps because he was afraid of being unsafe, he simply circled the court and shouted while running super.
“Stop, the game is over!!”
Before Ji Yun’s words fell, the referee jumped up, jumped into the court, and stopped loudly.
“Ji Shizhu, I have already said, I won’t be a dead man, why are you surrendering!”
Dunney looked helpless, he was still unfinished about the game just now. It seems that the game on this occasion did not let him use his strength at all.
“I wipe…”
Hearing Denny’s words, coupled with the other’s expression, Ji Yun almost screamed, he was pressed and beaten at the beginning of the game, and there was no power to fight back.
“Because Ji Yun conceded defeat, the game was over and Danny won!”
The referee didn’t know what to say at the moment, and simply announced the end of the game. Originally, it was determined by the players according to the regulations. Perhaps the referee was afraid that Ji Yun felt uncomfortable.
On the other hand, Dunney didn’t have the smile of the winner at all, but he was frustrated, as if he was the loser. He was not happy about the game just now, and it was too uncomfortable for his martial idiot.
But the game was over, helpless, and Ji Yun no longer hesitated to escape and left the arena.
“No matter how I look at it, I can’t see how powerful this Indian Denny is. I feel like he is almost the same as Ji Yun!”
“Yes, even though he was the one who pressed Ji Yun to fight, obviously the damage was not high. Ji Yun didn’t seem to be seriously injured at all!”
“Hey, I originally thought that Dunney was one of the 16 strong players and should have a wonderful performance, but now it seems that he is a lot worse than William and Arthur. It is strange how he won this time. Popular player?”
The game between Ji Yun and Denny has ended, but this game has attracted a lot of controversy, and there are many discussions in the audience.
It’s just that most of these people who talk about it are ordinary people, or relatively weak warriors. They didn’t see a wonderful competition. From some simple performances, they asserted that Denny’s strength is not good. This is obviously because they have never seen the world. Do not understand martial arts.
“A bunch of ignorant laity, then Dunny is no ordinary person.”
“Yes, Denny’s strength far exceeds Ji Yun, but for the fun of the game, he has suppressed his strength to the same level as Ji Yun. Even so, he also defeated the opponent with an overwhelming victory. Knowing how difficult it is to control one’s strength, it is not difficult to see from this point how terrifying is Denny’s strength!”
Unlike those ordinary people, these people are all contestants in this competition, both in strength and insight, and made an evaluation of Denny’s strength.
“Not long after the game, Arthur, William, and Deney all performed brilliantly. How about Chen Summit, who is in fourth place?”
Everyone obviously knows the protagonist of the next game. At this moment, they are looking at Chen Feng, what kind of strength Chen Fengcheng expects, and how will it compare with the previous strong players?
Chen Feng is about to play in the next game.
Only eight games have been played, and two hours of rest are required as required.
The competition is temporarily suspended. Martial artists, contestants, or some more famous warriors from various countries walked to the Vatican restaurant as a group, where the restaurant is dedicated to warriors. As for others, there are no famous warriors or ordinary audience Eat in a restaurant near the square.
Originally, there were no restaurants in Guangming Square. They were specially set up temporarily for this competition, firstly to provide convenience for the audience, and secondly to increase the income of the Vatican.
Time passed in a hurry. Two hours later, the game was about to begin, but the audience at this time was significantly less than that in the morning.
One reason is that in the morning game, 16 strong players, favorites, Arthur, William, Deney, Jaguars and other extremely strong players have already watched the game, except for a limited number of people in the afternoon, basically nothing Watch it.
During the break, Chen Feng did not rest. He wanted to watch the game, to understand the strength of many players, or their moves, to accommodate the strengths of hundreds of families.
Chen Feng was not alone. He was accompanied by Tianying, Sanjie, and Ji Yun. This time they visited the Vatican and they subconsciously led Chen Feng.
There was no difference between the afternoon game and the morning. The sixteen strong players who were selected in advance won the game easily, and the players on the bench were not opponents in the first round at all. Tianying is like that. Effortlessly defeated a player from a certain European country and went straight to the second round of competition. After all, although Tianying was not as good as Chen Feng, his strength was beyond doubt.
Compared with Skyhawk, the Three Rings competition is not so easy and more laborious. In the game, he met a strong man, and the two fiercely fought dozens of rounds. The third ring still won the game, but it was a bit difficult.
“Hey, San Jie, aren’t you not interested in the game? Why did you work so hard and still win the game?”
Seeing Sanjie leaving the ring and walking towards the audience, Ji Yun couldn’t help but ask.
After all, they were four people coming this time. Tianying had already won. Not to mention Chen Feng, now that the Three Rings actually won the game, but he lost, and he was a little embarrassed.
“Haha, having said that, but how can I say that I also appeared on behalf of the Buddhism of China, if I lose, the monk will definitely not spare me when I go back.” Sanjie said with a smile, a little embarrassed.
Ji Yun rolled his eyes and said nothing.
Chen Feng smiled bitterly. To say which of the four of them had the highest martial arts talent, he was undoubtedly the three precepts. Three precepts could not help but have a high level of comprehension, and his research on martial arts was very thorough, except that he had the most martial arts not interested.
If Sanjie is devoted to studying martial arts, then his achievements will be immeasurable. The most terrifying thing about this genius is not strength, but you never know where his bottom line is. Maybe next moment he can break through the realm and become a peerless one. Master.
But even so, Sanjie’s current strength is not weak, and he definitely has a place among the younger generation of warriors in the world.
After the end of the third ring game, the fifteenth group played two more games. After the two games, the fifteenth group came to an end, and the sixteenth group was next. The first game was about to start. The players were Ron Chelfer and Li Changxi.

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