Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 715

Chen Feng knows a lot about Li Changxi. This is all based on the information released by Shi Pojun. The information shows that Li Changxi belongs to the Li family of the Giants of Korea.
The Big Mac family is the same as other families in Korea, with strong strength and profound background. Lee Chang-hee is the successor chosen by the family from the younger generation, and then the strongest of the Lee family personally teaches martial arts, kung fu, It can be described as training at all costs, focusing on training.
Lee Chang-hee broke through the stage of Huajin two years ago and became a master in the early stage of Huajin. He won the spot with his strength, and is he the only one to play this time?
“Wait a minute, I’m going to prepare!”
Li Changxi and Ron have already taken the stage, and the game is about to begin, and Chen Feng also got up and left the audience and walked to the players area. He was about to play the next game.
“Brother, are you serious? You still need preparation for this strength?” Sanjie asked puzzledly.
“That is, because your strength is not boring, the other fifteen strong men, and the other warriors, are not your opponents at all.”
Ji Yun also hurriedly agreed. Although Arthur, William, Deney, or Jaguar in the first few games have shown great combat power, he and Sanjie are not worried. They are very clear about Chen Feng’s Strength, after all, they have witnessed Chen Feng killing Chu He in the middle of Huajin! .
Even Wu Zhizhou, the elder of the Wu League, is very good for Chen Feng.
Chen Feng shook his head and smiled and left the spectator stand.
“Look, that Hua Guo Chen Feng has left the spectator seat!”
“Well, it seems that he is going to prepare, after all, he should be on the next game, and today’s game is nearing its end!”
As Chen Feng left the spectator seat, everyone’s eyes were suddenly attracted, and there was a lot of discussion.
Who is Chen Feng, what Chen Feng said before the game plus the hatred of the warriors against him, and everyone knows a little about Chen Feng’s past deeds, such a character is the focus of everyone’s attention no matter where he goes, and the audience The crowd on the Internet suddenly increased, and they wanted to see what strength this strong man from China would have.
It can be said that Chen Feng’s every move now affects the emotions of the audience.
Not only that, I’m just an ordinary audience. When Chen Feng left the spectator stand, the dozens of strong people also looked at them, expected, or hated.
These powerhouses are like spectators. They are looking forward to the wonderful performance of Chen Summit. With Chen Feng’s identity and deeds, even the Pope, Wu Zhizhou and other peak powerhouses in the VIP seats are watching. For a moment, Chen Feng became the focus of everyone. It was originally Ron and Li Changxi’s game. At this moment, everyone directly ignored the existence of the two of them.
In the scene before him, Ron saw that he was very dissatisfied with Chen Feng. At this moment, his killing intent was getting stronger and stronger. He wished that his opponent was not Li Changxi but Chen Feng at this moment, so that he could relieve his hatred.
Not only Ron had an opinion, but even Li Changxi looked unhappy at this moment, as if he was a little dissatisfied with Chen Feng’s stealing the limelight.
However, Chen Feng, who was in the eyes of everyone, did not show any abnormality. He didn’t care about the comments and gazes around him. He stepped toward the waiting area for the players, and soon left everyone’s sight.
As the referee’s voice fell, the game officially began.
At the beginning of the game, the two of you came and fought with each other. They fought together, and they couldn’t tell the winner for a time. Both of them were strong, not the kind of substitute, they were very strong, and there was no one side. Sling by rolling.
The shouts of the audience reached their peak for a time, and they all clapped their hands.
But this state didn’t last long. In the second round, Li Changxi couldn’t handle it. Ron found the flaw and kicked it out, hitting Li Changxi’s chest.
Li Changxi snorted, his figure retreated and finally fell to the ground.
“The game is over, Ron wins!” At the same time the referee’s voice sounded.
“Ok?” Chen Feng had been watching the battle. After seeing Li Changxi fell to the ground, he felt a little awkward. The next moment Li Changxi got up from the ground, without the slightest injury, Chen Feng squinted his eyes, and a light flashed in his eyes.
“Interesting, have we discussed it?!”
After a brief analysis, Chen Feng concluded that Ron and Li Changxi should be acting, and Li Changxi obviously lost the game on purpose.
Lee Chang-hee’s family is Goryeo’s Big Mac family. It can be said that his family absolutely occupies the top position in Goryeo. No other family can compare with it. Moreover, their family’s business is not limited to Goryeo’s own country, but also exists all over the world. Power, and Europe is an important center of their family.
You must know that the business is done to such a degree, it is no longer possible to look at it with ordinary eyes. It does not mean that a person can do it with strong or strong ability. To their super family, no matter what kind of person they are, they must contact, butler or It is the black forces, and they are all involved.
And the game just now was obviously intentional. It achieved the goal without hurting the two people’s face. It was a win-win situation with one stone and two birds.
“It seems that we have negotiated, will we deal with me together?”
This kind of thing is not difficult to guess. After summarizing the causes and consequences, you can guess a general idea, but Chen Feng did not show what to him. There is not much difference between a person and a group of people. Fragile.
Chen Feng is still thinking about it, but the audience is talking about it. The game just now is obviously a bit tricky, but at this moment, most people have already guessed the actions of Ron and Li Changxi.
“Okay, then we will start the next game. The two players are Chen Feng of China and Fedido of Pakistan!”
When everyone was discussing, the host came to the venue again, held a microphone and introduced loudly, and the words spread throughout the audience.
“Mr. Chen, it’s time for you to play next!”
A staff member of the World Martial Arts Organization came to the lounge to remind Chen Feng. .
“Okay thank you.”
Chen Feng thanked the staff with a smile, then stepped out of the lounge and appeared in the sight of everyone through the contestant passage.
“Hua Guo Chen Feng, he is out!”
As soon as Chen Feng’s figure appeared, an excited and agitated voice came from the audience. At this moment, they looked at Chen Feng and felt unspeakable in their hearts. They wanted to push Chen Feng behind and let him play quickly.
This battle is the last game of the day, and they are also looking forward to the strength of this famous Chen Feng.
It was six or seven in the afternoon, the sun was slowly setting, and the sky was full of red clouds. Even the Vatican was printed with red clouds. This scene was particularly sensational.
Although the sun was about to set, there were more people in the audience. At this moment, there were loud voices, and there were bursts of shouts. They shouted Chen Feng’s name, looking forward to his performance.
Under the gaze of everyone, Chen Feng slowly walked out of the passage, now on the edge of the field.

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