Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 716

“it is good……”
The audience saw Chen Feng’s lineup at this moment, and for a time the audience shouted loudly, overwhelming all sounds.
Chen Feng smiled slightly and clasped his fists in response to the surrounding audience. His move once again attracted the audience’s shouts.
After Chen Feng came out, the Ferdido player from Pakistan also walked out of another contestant channel.
His appearance did not attract the attention of the audience. This is normal. In this world-class martial arts competition, only the 16 strong players are the focus of everyone’s attention.
Chen Feng and Ferdido stepped onto the ring, and the audience’s voices gradually disappeared. After a moment of silence, their eyes widened for fear of missing important links.
After the two stood still, the middle-aged referee took the stage.
“You are Your Excellency Chen Feng, I am very happy to see you!”
Fedido from Pakistan looked at Chen Feng on the opposite side and said hello with a smile.
“Hello, Mr. Ferdido!”
Chen Feng responded with some good feelings about this Fedido.
You must know that Pakistan and China have a particularly good relationship. They can be called hard-core brothers. Therefore, the people of the two countries are also very friendly. Although this is a world-class martial arts competition, Feiddo is also very happy to meet Chen Feng. He has no hostility towards Chen Feng.
“Your Excellency Chen Feng, I know a little bit about your strength. I know it’s not your opponent, but I will try my best!”
Fedido was very humble in his words.
In contrast to Chen Feng, he shook his head and said: “Mr. Ferdido has been modest, and the martial arts competition is just a matter of learning, and each other has gained!
“Well, thank you!”
How could Fedido couldn’t hear what Chen Feng meant, so he quickly thanked him.
The referee came to the center of the ring and repeated the sentence again: “Do you two know the rules of the game? Do you need to repeat it?”
“no need!”
Chen Feng and Ferdido said almost at the same time.
“Well, in that case, I won’t ask more!”
The black-robed referee nodded, the figure stepped back, waved with one hand, and said loudly: “The game is now…beginning!”
“excuse me!”
Feiddo clasped his fists slightly, then stopped talking, and the figure quickly moved towards Chen Feng.
It’s just that Fedido’s speed is not very fast. Compared with the previous warriors, his speed is very slow, even ordinary audiences can see it.
This is not Fedido deliberately. His original strength was very weak, and he didn’t even break through during the energizing period. The reason why he was able to participate in the competition this time was due to the sudden increase in the number of places when the competition was about to start. Be regarded as a pool of places.
Not long after, Feidido came to Chen Feng’s side, turned his palm into a knife without hesitation, and slashed a hand knife straight to Chen Feng’s neck.
Chen Fenglue avoided this hand knife on his side.
Seeing a move before noon, Fedido did not stop and chased Chen Feng, swinging four or five hand knives in a row, but Chen Feng easily evaded them.
“What is the situation, Chen Feng was suppressed?”
“Is this a joke…”
The audience outside the venue exclaimed, obviously this scene is completely different from what they thought.
You know what Chen Feng said is also one of the 16 strong, and ranked fourth in the championship list.
The top few have outstanding performances. As soon as Arthur came out, he forced his opponent to surrender, while William directly smashed his opponent in a bloody way. Even Denny was not as good as the top two, but It was also hit by Ji Yun.
But they couldn’t accept the scene before them. Even if Chen Feng was not as good as the previous ones, he wouldn’t be forced to back down by a candidate.
Not only these ordinary people, but even those warriors or strong men who saw Chen Feng’s performance, were puzzled, did not know what happened to Chen Feng, it was so unbearable.
Although most of the people present hadn’t seen Chen Feng, they knew Chen Feng’s deeds. In their hearts, Chen Feng could do those things. Obviously, his strength would not be low.
Perhaps the reason for doing this at the moment is that there is some plan, if it is not at all I can’t figure it out.
“Thank you very much, Your Excellency Chen Feng, thank you for your tolerance for allowing me to fully perform the Bucky knife technique in the ring match!”
At this moment Fedido suddenly stopped attacking, and bowed to Chen Feng, his expression was very respectful.
The Bucky sword technique he just used was a sword technique created by a certain martial arts master in Pakistan. This sword technique is extremely powerful and can be regarded as a superior martial arts, but after all, he has not broken through the period of vitality, and he can’t make it. The subtle use of the sword technique unfolds, so it cannot cause damage to Chen Feng.
Moreover, he knew in his heart that Chen Feng had been defensive and did not make a move. If Chen Feng made a move, he would not be able to resist it.
All this is that Chen Feng didn’t want to let himself lose the game in embarrassment. It can be said that it gave him a lot of face. At this moment, he did not hide his gratitude to Chen Feng.
“You are polite, your strength has obviously improved, congratulations!” Chen Feng responded with a smile.
“Thank you for your tolerance in this competition. I will take you as the goal and work hard to practice martial arts.” Feidi once again clasped his fists to thank him, and then said to the referee: “I admit defeat!”
The referee is not an ordinary person. From the beginning of the game, he knew Fedido had lost. At this moment, he heard that the opponent had conceded and no longer hesitated to say “The game is over, Chen Feng wins!”
“What’s the situation?”
The referee’s words came out, and the audience was completely blinded, unable to react for a while.
On the other hand, those who are strong or the team leader seem to have known it a long time ago. They are not ordinary people after all. Chen Feng deliberately let Fedido wait until all the opponent’s moves are completed, how can they know.
“What the hell is going on? What are you playing with?”
“That’s right, then Hua Guo Chen Feng didn’t make a shot at all. Why did the game end? What happened to the referee?”
The audience was very optimistic about the game, but the game was over. They didn’t see the wonderful picture, so they couldn’t help but complain.
The match against Chen Feng, the fourth favorite to win this game, and it was the last game of the day. It can be said that their expectations are in a sense, more than the previous few games.
But in the end, they didn’t know what was going on. The number of Fedido and the end of the game wasted their feelings.
“Everyone be quiet, quiet, let me explain to you!”
Regarding the complaints and questions from the audience, the referee also has a headache, but he is a referee after all, so he has to explain.
“That’s it. Originally, Fedido and Chen Feng were in this state. Chen Feng never took a shot during the game because he wanted Fedido to show his martial arts skills!”
“In the end, after Ferdido used all his skills, he still couldn’t cause damage to Chen Feng, so Ferdido chose to admit defeat!”
When everyone complained, the referee was lucky to Dantian, and the voice rang like a bell, overshadowing the voices of the audience, and then explained.

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