Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 717

“Oh, I see!”
After the referee explained it, the audience suddenly realized that the grievances in their hearts disappeared slightly.
Instead, everyone agrees with Chen Feng’s approach, not only the audience but also many warriors.
Chen Feng obviously had an absolute advantage but he didn’t use it. Moreover, waiting for the opponent to display all his strength would give his opponent enough face. Compared with William’s bloody, Arthur’s humiliation of the players, Chen Feng’s approach is no different. Yu made everyone feel warm.
This is the demeanor of everyone, although it does not have the strength of a master, it has the bearing of a master.
However, people are different from person to person, and everyone has different ideas.
“Hmph, it’s not that simple. The reason why he didn’t want to make a move was because he was afraid of revealing his true strength!”
“Well, maybe to prepare for the next follow-up game!”
Some people in the stands analyzed the matter secretly.
While the audience was still analyzing, Ferdido once again held a fist to Chen Feng, and then the two left the arena together.
In some respects, this game can be considered unique, and both of them are very happy.
With the two people stepping down, the competition ended, and today’s game has completely come to an end.
The game on this day can be said to be extremely exciting. William relied on bloody means to frighten his opponents, making the players who were playing against him already retreat before they even started.
Arthur is also not bad. He crushed his opponent with his momentum to force his opponent to admit defeat. It can be said that the games of the 16 strong players have their own characteristics.
As for what Chen Feng did, most people agree with it, and a small number of people compare it and scoff at it.
Li Changxi, Hong Yi and Zuo Zhu are obviously among these few people.
“Huh, it’s a real life-and-death thing. It is a superficial assertion of Chen Feng’s strength. I will regret it at that time!!”
“Yes, when they really meet Chen Feng, it will be too late to regret!”
Ji Yun in the watching area, the three commandments of Buddhism heard those few people talking about Chen Feng, and couldn’t help but curse inwardly.
A little bit of time passed, and the next day came. The actual game on this day was not much different from the first day. In terms of strength, the 16 strong players were still crushing.
There was a match between William and African players. The African players trembled before the game started. After all, the bloody scene was still there yesterday. He had made up his mind and gave up at the beginning of the game, but William clearly saw his thoughts. At the beginning of the game, the opponent was killed instantly, and the opponent was not given a chance to admit defeat.
This time William’s cruel and bloody methods completely shocked everyone, and the players who have not yet competed saw William’s face retreat.
It seems that as William’s opponent, there is no other way but to die.
Compared with Arthur’s strength and William’s blood, Denny is still a martial idiot. Every time it’s his turn to play, he suppresses his strength to the same level as the opponent, and then a hearty battle is over. Full of addiction.
Ji Yun performed very fiercely in the second game. In the first game, he lost to Denny. At the beginning of this game, he used the momentum of the thunder to crush the opponent and beat him. It is considered to save some face and at the same time. Vent some depressed emotions.
The Skyhawks won the game very calmly, but in the next game he will have a duel with Bakago to compete for the qualifying places in the five groups.
In the 16th group, the audience agreed that the 15th group was more exciting. Yesterday Hong Yi directly defeated the strong in this group and directly replaced his place.
And Sanjie fought hundreds of rounds with another martial arts genius, and the winner was divided. The game that Sanjie won at the most was not easy.
The fifteenth group of Hong Yi is extremely strong, and he often defeats his opponent easily without more than ten moves.
After a bitter battle, San Jie defeated the strong in this group, which is a bit bigger than the opinions of the audience.
“Oh my God, he is also one of the 16 strongest players, and the defeat is too thorough!”
“Hua Guo Chen Feng didn’t show his strength at all yesterday. I don’t know what will happen today. Everyone is looking forward to Chen Feng’s test!”
The audience complained about the moisture of the strong first, and then secretly analyzed Chen Feng’s game.
“If I defeat Chen Feng or accidentally kill him, Ron, will you be angry?”
Li Changxi from the Lee family in Korea got up and smiled at Ron beside him.
It seems that Chen Feng’s judgment is not wrong. The Lee Chang-hee family from Korea has a good relationship with the Chelfer family.
Because of this, Li Changxi and Ron have actually known each other since they were young, and they agreed to hold a martial arts exchange every year to discuss the road of martial arts together, and the relationship was very good.
It’s just that Li Changxi lost a lot in this game, perhaps because he deliberately lost to Ron yesterday.
“Lee, my friend, I know your strength. If you really beat him, you will give him a chance. Let me kill him personally and let him know how stupid it was to refuse the union of the Chelfer family. I want Make him regret it a lot.”
Ron also injected Ruo gene drugs. He was very clear in comparison. Gene drugs can improve a person’s strength in a short period of time, and he can show his strength for a long time.
“That’s right, something self-righteous, dare to refuse the union of the Chelfer family, ignorant and fearless!”
“Don’t worry, I won’t kill him, I will give him to you!” Li Changxi’s words were full of confidence, as if Chen Feng had already accepted the defeat.
Then Li Changxi left the spectator stand and went to the players rest area.
At this moment, Chen Feng also walked to the rest area. What’s interesting is that he happened to run into Hong Yi.
After seeing Chen Feng, Hong Yi was shocked for a while, then his eyes were cold, and he snorted, seeing Chen Feng’s eyes full of murder.
However, Chen Feng didn’t pay attention to him, but directly ignored his existence.
Chen Feng’s behavior changed Hong Yi’s face, and he came directly to Chen Feng and said coldly: “What kind of pretense, I hope you will work hard not to die in the hands of others, it is best to meet me, and I will kill you personally! ”
“Hahaha!” Hearing what Hong Yi said, Chen Feng couldn’t help but laughed and said, “I want to know where your confidence comes from such waste? Is it because of the so-called genetic medicine?”
Chen Feng was a little puzzled. If Arthur or William said so, he would still understand. Xiang Hongyi and Li Changxi, Zuo Zhu such amusement, really didn’t know where their confidence came from.
“Ha, I will kill you!”
Hong Yi sneered and said, Chen Feng was right. He, Zuo Zhu, or Li Changxi and others had been injected with those genetic drugs. It was because of this that they were so arrogant that Chen Feng was not in the eyes.
It would be useless to talk to this kind of people, and Chen Feng didn’t bother to speak, and simply left.
When Ron saw Chen Feng walking by him, he moved in his heart. After thinking for a moment, he still resisted not attacking Chen Feng. If he did, he could kill Chen Feng. If he didn’t say anything, he would be attacked by the world. Learn to organize punishment.

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