Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 718

Time passed, it was time for Chen Feng to play again, and Chen Feng walked out amidst the cheers and shouts of everyone.
Li Changxi had arrived at the stadium long ago. Seeing Chen Feng coming out at this moment, his eyes swept coldly.
“Hua Guo Chen Feng, I heard that you have been to our country after escaping from Dongying last time? I also heard that you caused a certain range of panic!”
When Chen Feng came to the venue, Li Changxi said slowly, and his words were full of disdain: “Unfortunately, I couldn’t leave the customs and couldn’t meet you, but you should have fun. If you met me then, you will not survive today. !”
“Oh, listen to what you mean, if you met me at that time, you would definitely kill me?”
Chen Feng sneered. He was speculating about Ron’s relationship with Li Changxi. It seems that it should be like this now, and their relationship is pretty good.
Li Changxi nodded and continued: “But don’t be afraid, I will not kill you today, I will save your life and let Ron kill you himself!”
“Hahaha, it seems that I am still too benevolent and too low-key, so that you, unknown people, dare to bark in front of me!” Chen Feng’s eyes showed killing intent.
Chen Feng didn’t want to exert his full power on others. He originally planned to let the opponent move as much as possible except for the enemy, but he just avoided it. Since then, he has gained insights, and at the same time, it is also a kind of for the players who are playing against him. respect.
But right now, it seems that this plan is about to change. This Li Changxi dared to take the initiative to provoke him, and would definitely not spare him easily with Chen Feng’s character.
“What? Say it again!”
Li Changxi’s expression changed, and he didn’t expect Chen Summit to speak like this.
“Don’t you want to die? Don’t worry, I will fulfill you!”
Chen Feng replied in a cold voice, he was already murderous at this moment.
Chen Feng’s principle of life is to never be merciless to enemies and never disappoint his friends. This is his bottom line.
The only goal of Chen Feng in this world-class martial arts competition was to make all the enemies who besieged Ye Nantian die, but now he has changed his mind.
For example, in front of Li Changxi, Chen Feng didn’t know where he had offended him, but the other party was indeed extremely arrogant, and the virtue seemed to kill Chen Feng as if he was trying to get something.
In this way, Chen Feng was a little unhappy, and the other party’s wild words at this moment made Chen Feng completely murderous.
“Hahaha, isn’t it?”
Li Changxi seemed to have heard the funniest thing and made no secret of his disregard for Chen Feng, but then he did have this capital.
As the only heir in the family, Li Changxi has been taught martial arts by himself since he was selected as the heir of the family. It can be said that his martial arts road is extremely smooth.
Coupled with the fact that the Patriarch spent a great price to get him genetic medicine, he broke through the early stage of Huajin in a short time.
Since the injection of genetic drugs, his combat effectiveness and explosiveness have risen significantly, and this is not the end. The most frightening thing is that he has half-footed into the mid-Chemistry realm, all of which made him unable to help but look at himself. Is very high.
“Since you are looking for death, I will fulfill you. I originally wanted you to live a little longer. Now it seems that there is no need for this. You can die today!”
Li Changxi’s arrogant words spread all around, and almost everyone around him heard his arrogant words.
“No way, Li Changxi actually gave Chen Feng a statement of war, and it is still a life and death battle!”
“It’s incredible. Chen Feng’s strength and past deeds can be said to be well known. Where did Li Changxi come from and challenge him with confidence!”
Li Changxi’s arrogant words immediately aroused the sighs of the surrounding audience.
There was a lot of discussion around the audience, and they discussed in low voices.
As for Chen Feng, he didn’t speak any more, arguing with someone like Li Changxi who didn’t live or die. It didn’t make any sense. He simply turned his attention to the middle-aged referee and waited for the game to start.
Not to mention the ordinary audience around, even the middle-aged referees on the stage were a little confused at this moment. Unexpectedly, after hosting these many games, today it turned from a game to a life and death battle.
But he is also an ordinary person, and he said to everyone for a moment: “Quiet, quiet!”
“Chen Feng, Li Changxi, do you two need me to repeat the rules of the game?”
The referee looked at the two and asked.
“No need, this is a life-and-death battle, he can’t get off the stage alive!” Li Changxi sneered and spoke coldly.
The middle-aged referee frowned slightly when he heard this. He didn’t know where Li Changxi hadn’t started the game yet, where he was so sure, but the referee didn’t say anything, but looked at Chen Feng and waited for his answer.
Chen Feng did not answer, but his eyes were gloomy and shook his head.
“Okay, then the game officially begins!”
The referee seemed to retreat.
“Hua Guo monkey, take your life!”
Li Changxi yelled, his momentum rose, and he was full of murderous intent, but before he could finish speaking, Chen Feng had already rushed over.
Chen Feng didn’t have time to talk nonsense with him, as soon as he shot it was a killer move. You must know that Chen Feng’s physical strength matched his inner strength, and his speed had already reached its peak.
At this moment, ordinary viewers couldn’t see him at all, and even the ordinary warriors only saw an afterimage at this moment.
Dragon Spur, this is one of Chen Feng’s killer features. At this moment, he is already completely angry. Killing Li Changxi is also a good way to deter some xiaoxiao people.
Because of Chen Feng’s determination to kill Li Changxi, at this moment, this punch is matched with the strength of the physical body, the mysterious breathing method, and several layers of power are superimposed. This punch must be blasted to kill Li Changxi.
Because of this punch, Chen Feng mobilized the true energy in his body. At this moment, this punch whizzed with a sound of breaking through the air, and blinked his eyes and went straight to Li Changxi’s head.
You should know that Chen Feng and Chu He were in a life-and-death battle, and Chu He could not take it calmly in the face of this fist. Chu He was a warrior in the middle stage of transformation, he was like this, let alone Li Changxi, who relied on gene injection to improve his realm. People out.
“not good!”
With his fists roaring, Li Changxi’s heart trembled, and a strong sense of crisis rose. He hadn’t put Chen Feng in his eyes, but now he really felt the power of the punch.
I don’t know if he was unprepared in his heart. Faced with this punch and a sense of crisis rising in his heart, he was flustered and unconsciously opened his palm to greet him.
The palm of his hand and his fist met instantly, and Li Changxi’s palm shattered at a speed visible to the naked eye, showing a serious expression of fear.
Li Changxi screamed and the figure retreated violently, but how could Chen Feng give him a chance? Since he had a murderous intention, then the other party could not survive. The next moment, Chen Feng jumped up and kicked Li Changxi’s head.
Li Changxi’s eyes were round, his head shattered instantly and he died completely.

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