Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 719

A punch, just a punch, smashed Li Changxi’s head and sent him directly to the King of Hades.
The audience fell silent for an instant, and everyone was shocked by the scene in front of them. How did Li Changxi participate in the game on behalf of Goryeo, and he was very strong.
But even so, he was still dead. Losing his head, he also lost all his strength, and the corpse fell straight down.
“it is good!”
“Chen Feng Niucha, too powerful!”
The audience outside the venue shouted Chen Feng’s name loudly for a while, and the atmosphere reached its peak. The scene of Chen Feng’s killing of Li Changxi gave them as much shock as William.
Moreover, Chen Feng’s performance today is completely different from yesterday. Yesterday, he did not make a shot in the match with others, but let his opponent retreat. Although this approach won the praise of some people, more people sneered at it.
Today Chen Feng swept away his previous attitude. To the provocative Li Changxi, he killed the opponent without a single blow, completely shocking the Quartet.
“This is Chen Feng, and this is Chen Feng’s strength. If you don’t make a move, it must be a thunderous blow!”
“Then Li Changxi is also looking for death, so he dares to provoke Chen Feng!”
In the audience, many spectators talked a lot, not only that they were a little alarmed at Chen Feng’s combat power.
Now they fully understand why Chen Feng is ranked fourth in the championship. It seems that he is no worse than the other three powerhouses.
Moreover, Chen Feng was decisive in killing and cutting, and he did not procrastinate in the slightest. The simple killing by William of such a person is even more shocking.
“Impossible, how could this be!”
The team leader of Korea and Ron outside the field didn’t react until now, all of which uttered so fast that when Chen Feng turned and left, they murmured the incredible words.
Under the shining of the setting sun, Chen Feng’s body seemed to be dyed red, and his expression remained unchanged. It seemed that everything was easy for him.
Even the cameramen around were very nervous at this moment and took every link with the camera, and even Chen Feng’s expression of Gu Jing Bubo was preserved.
In just one day, Chen Feng’s performance was completely different. Yesterday was like a sheep, today is like a tiger. The contrast is too big and too fast.
As a result, all the audience was enthusiastic at the moment, and even Chen Feng’s fans, shouting his name loudly at this moment, were happy for him.
“Good, good, I don’t understand that Goryeo Lee Chang-hee didn’t take medicine this morning? You are asking Chen Feng for trouble, then you are not looking for death!”
San Jie was in the audience, and couldn’t figure it out.
You must know that Chen Feng’s past is so dazzling. Those achievements represent bloody massacres. Under such circumstances, Li Changxi dared to challenge Chen Feng. This is not because his head was squeezed by the door.
“Three precepts, don’t you understand it now? Isn’t the virtue of Korean people just being arrogant and arrogant, as if there is no one else in the world except them!”
Ji Yun saw that Sanjie was puzzled, so he explained.
Ji Yun’s family background is profound, and his eyeliner is spread all over the four places. He has a simple understanding of all the warriors who participated in the competition this time, but Sanjie and Tianying are quite different in this respect. They just practice martial arts with their heads covered. .
Listening to Ji Yun and Sanjie’s words, Tianying did not speak but looked at Chen Feng’s leaving back, his eyes hot.
Since the end of the competition, I believe that all young Chinese fighters will follow Chen Feng as an example.
Even if it is impossible to catch up with Chen Feng’s strength, Chen Feng’s existence is a benchmark for the younger generation of martial arts, as long as he is there.
The game was over, and Li Changxi’s cold body was still lying on the stage in the sunset. The staff of the competition organizing committee and the Gao Li team went up together and carried Li Changxi’s body down. Someone also did a simple cleanup of the venue.
Seeing Chen Feng’s departure, the leader of Gaoli was full of hatred, but under this hatred, there was still a trace of undetectable fear.
We must know that Li Changxi’s family is also very authoritative in the world, but now the heirs carefully cultivated by the Li family have died in the game, which is not good for him as the leader.
Although Li Changxi was not killed by other people using despicable means, but when the time comes, the head of the Li family will start a fire, and it is impossible to guarantee that he will not be shot against his team leader.
Thinking of this Goryeo leader’s expression is bitter, I don’t know what to do.
Amid the shouts of the audience, Chen Feng returned to the contestant’s study room expressionlessly. He was not allowed to carry anything during the game, so his free items were placed in the lounge, and he wanted to come and take it away at the moment.
“Your Excellency Chen Feng, you are so strong!”
In the lounge, Feiddo, who was about to play, saw Chen Feng approaching, and quickly got up to say hello, the speech was full of respect.
Chen Feng responded with a smile. The next moment he seemed to remember something and reminded Fedido: “This is just a game. Don’t force yourself until you finish it. The situation is wrong and it’s okay to admit defeat!”
The reason why Chen Feng said this is that one is that he has a good impression of Ferdido, and the other is Ron. He doesn’t understand Ron and doesn’t know his style of behavior, so he is afraid that he will kill Ferdido.
“I see, thanks for your reminder Chen Feng!”
Hearing Chen Feng’s instructions, Ferdido looked grateful. As soon as he thanked the other party for showing mercy to him yesterday, it was now the other side’s kind reminder.
In today’s confrontation between Chen Feng and Li Changxi, the latter did not even have the power to fight back. He was instantly killed, and Li Changxi’s strength forced him to be stronger. In this case, thanks to Chen Feng’s subordinates for being merciful yesterday.
“Well, come on!”
Chen Feng walked to the closet, opened the cabinet and took out his personal belongings, then greeted Fedido, and in the respect of the other, turned and left the lounge.
At the same time, in another lounge, Ron was about to play. At this moment, he lost the arrogance he had before. He was sitting on a chair with a gloomy expression. He didn’t expect Li Changxi to be in the hands of Chen Feng and he didn’t even leave for a round. He was immediately killed by a spike, how could he accept it.
Ron often exchanged martial arts with Li Changxi. It can be said that he knows Li Changxi’s strength very well, and the opponent has been injected with genetic drugs, and his combat power has been improved. It is impossible to lose so miserably.
He thought that even with the strength of the airport, Chen Feng would not be able to kill Chen Feng, but Chen Feng would still be injured to a certain extent, so that the injured Chen Feng would definitely die in the next game.
It’s just that all this is just a fantasy. Li Changxi was killed by a single move, and he didn’t even have a chance to fight back. At this moment, he was a little confused. He recalled the previous battle scenes in his mind and secretly analyzed what Chen Feng’s strength had reached. realm.

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