Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 720

As he was thinking hard, a shout came from the door.
Ron looked up subconsciously, and Thoreau Ruelfee was standing at the door.
Ron got up quickly, walked to the door, and rude to Solo.
Solo took a gloomy look at Ron and said, “What’s the matter? Was it affected by the battle just now?”
“Yes, Master, that Hua Guo Chen Feng can kill Li Changxi directly, and Li Changxi has no power to fight back at all, which is beyond my expectation!”
Ron looked ugly, although he didn’t want to admit it, he told the truth.
“Well, as expected!” Solo didn’t look surprised, as if everything were in his calculations.
“What?” Ron was stunned.
Ron didn’t understand, So Luo explained, “First, there is a certain gap between the strength of Li Changxi and Chen Feng, and Li Changxi underestimated the enemy at the beginning, and was not ready for battle. Second, Chen Feng’s speed was too fast and unexpected. In this case, it is not surprising that Li Changxi was killed!”
Ron nodded secretly, thinking about what the analyst Fu said.
“Let’s put it this way, if Li Changxi had been prepared from the beginning and stimulated the potential in the body, then Chen Feng would never have killed him so easily!”
Solo has been observing Ron’s expression, and continues to say at this moment: “If you increase your aura in your body from the beginning and adjust your fighting state, you can definitely win the opponent!”
“I see, Master!”
Solo’s words are very useful. At this moment, Ron’s heart has dissipated a lot of the shadow caused by the game.
Then Ron turned and left, ready to participate in the game, while Ferdido was already waiting.
At this moment Ron looked at his opponent, his eyes narrowed slightly. Yesterday he personally saw this Fedido and Chen Feng had a very happy conversation, and Chen Feng allowed the other to shoot himself in the ring. The relationship should be unusual. .
Thinking of this, Ron felt upset in his heart, especially when he saw the remaining blood on the stage, which made his dissatisfaction with Fedido even stronger.
“Fedido, please advise!”
Fedido took the lead in holding a fist with a question mark. Showed respect for Ron.
“Huh, advice? What qualifications do you have?”
Unexpectedly, Ron didn’t appreciate it, and instead ridiculed Fedido.
“…” After being so stunned by Ron, Feiddo didn’t know what to say for a moment. He also saw the unkind look in the opponent’s eyes. Thinking back to Chen Feng’s words, he was a bit hesitant at this moment whether or not to surrender.
“The game has officially started!”
The referee waved his hand to announce the start of the game. Xu was the referee who presided over such a game. He was a little impatient, so he didn’t ask the two people for their opinions and announced the game.
“This…I choose…!”
Ferdido remembered Chen Feng’s words, and combined with Ron’s killing intent, he was ready to surrender.
It’s just that Ron would give him a chance to admit defeat.
“Die to me…”
Ron roared, fisted with one hand and went straight to Fedido, vowing to kill him.
The fist wind howled, the momentum was like a rainbow, and the figure came to Fedido in an instant.
Fedido sank, a sense of crisis suddenly came to an end, his words came to an abrupt end, and he quickly responded.
Blinking Ron’s fist, like an arrow from the string, went straight to Ferdido’s chest. Ferdido reached out to take the attack from the opponent, but he and Ron’s strengths were so different that they couldn’t resist it. The fist instantly Hit his chest and his heart shattered.
The game was over and everyone was quiet. They didn’t expect this game to be the same as the previous one, with one move to control the enemy and one move to end the game.
“Why? Don’t even give me the chance to admit defeat? Why?”
Fedido’s heart shattered and blood flowed out of his mouth, asking questions in his heart as he died.
“Hmph, don’t blame me, blame you and Chen Feng for walking too close, my friend Li Changxi died in his hands, as for you, go and accompany him!”
Ron, with a bloodthirsty smile, took a step back.
Feiddo spouted blood fiercely and staggered back. His heart had been torn, and he had lost the supply of the heart. He shook it and fell to the ground, without a trace of life.
“Ron, you are looking for death!”
At this time, the audience hadn’t reacted yet, but there was an earth-shattering roar.
In the watching area, Chen Feng’s expression was gloomy, he stood up and shouted the words just now.
If Chen Feng just wanted to kill him before, now Chen Feng can’t wait to kill Ron a thousand times.
Fedido was dead, he died without confessing.
All this was only because Fedido had several conversations with Chen Feng, only this caused Ron’s discomfort.
And Ron brought everyone around him just because he was not pleasing to the eyes of Chen Feng. This madness and arrogance made Chen Feng completely murderous.
Had it not been for this match and a change of circumstances, Chen Feng would have rushed to kill Ron.
Some things can be tolerated, but too many things cannot be tolerated.
When Chen Feng’s words came out, all the audience in the field immediately turned their eyes to Chen Feng, and they felt the monstrous killing intent emanating from Chen Feng.
When Chen Feng stood in the audience, everyone could see his figure. His angry expression seemed to slash Ron with a thousand swords and five horses to divide his body to relieve his hatred.
“Huh? Hahaha! Interesting!”
Hearing what Chen Feng said, Ron was shocked and laughed, and then laughed: “Huh, Huaguo monkey, come on, I am waiting for you, I will not let you die quickly, I will torture you, let you live It’s better to die!” Ron waved his hand during the words, and shook off the flesh and blood on his sleeves without putting Chen Feng in his eyes.
“haha, really?”
Looking at Ron’s arrogant virtues, coupled with the appearance of Fedido’s tragic death on the ring, Chen Feng was so angry that he wanted to smash Ron’s bones. Chen Feng simply left the viewing area and jumped directly into the game. In the arena of the competition.
“What’s the matter? What is he going to do?”
Everyone was stunned, wondering what Chen Feng’s move represented.
Not to mention everyone, even Ron was stunned and laughed: “Hua Guo monkey, what? Are you so impatient to find death? If so, then I will fulfill you!”
Chen Feng didn’t pay attention to him, but went straight to Ron very quickly.
“Hua Guo Chen Feng, stop!”
Seeing this scene, the middle-aged referee frowned and shouted.
“I’m very sorry, Mr. Referee, I was a bit reckless just now!”
Chen Feng suddenly stopped and gave a fist to the referee on the side. Then, without waiting for the referee to respond, he said directly to Ron: “You are happy, bullying a warrior who is lower than your level. What a patience, you dare to be with me Do you have a life and death contest?”
Chen Feng’s voice resounded like a bell, and everyone heard these words, and everyone took a deep breath of Chen Feng’s move.
Just now, seeing Chen Feng leaping into the martial arts field, the audience guessed it, but at this moment Chen Feng directly announced a life-and-death battle with Ron, which surprised many people.

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