Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 721

Don’t talk about them, even the middle-aged man who has participated in countless competitions is a bit trapped at the moment, and for a while, he doesn’t know whether to stop the opponent from proceeding.
“Huh, it’s a wild monkey, remember that next year today is your anniversary!”
Although Ron did not directly agree, he could tell from his words that he accepted the challenge.
“Mr. Referee, please be a testimony with the audience. Today I am going to have a life and death battle with Ron!”
Chen Feng didn’t respond to Ron, but said with a fist to the referee on the side.
Chen Feng didn’t want to break the rules of the world martial arts competition, but Ron’s reckless virtue really angered him, so he said he was born and killed.
But Chen Feng knew that a simple game would not take the opponent’s life, because Ron could choose to surrender if something went wrong, so he said that he was born and killed. Only in this way can the opponent have no retreat.
And if it goes on like this, even if Ron is killed, the World Martial Arts Organization will not object to him.
“Huh, life and death, take your life!”
Before the referee could speak, Ron rushed over with a roar. He adjusted his aura to the best state. At this moment, his aura was like a rainbow, as if he was going to kill Chen Feng in one go.
“My referee this time, I will testify for you!”
The middle-aged referee hesitated for a moment, and did not stop the life and death battle between the two people, but directly opened his mouth to witness for the two people.
Originally Ron and Chen Feng’s match was tomorrow, but the sudden life-and-death battle at this moment completely disrupted the original arrangement, but the two were determined to fight for life and death, and it was not easy to interfere too much.
Although the sudden game at this moment will affect the subsequent arrangements, the impact is also within the acceptable range.
“it is good!”
“I thought I could only see the battle between the two people tomorrow, but I started now if I had no idea!”
“Yes, and it’s still a life and death battle. It’s really exciting!”
The middle-aged referee announced the establishment of a life-and-death battle, and the audience was boiled. I must say that they were the happiest. At this moment, they all yelled at their necks as if they had been doped.
The audience just want to see the exciting game, and at this moment, there is nothing that can be more noticeable in this life-and-death battle. There are no tickets and no waste. This is everyone’s idea.
Not to mention these ordinary spectators, even the martial artists around, there are spectators and participants, no matter what their identities, they are all attracted by the life and death battle between Chen Feng and Ron at this moment.
They were not surprised by the life and death battle between Chen Feng and Ron. Even Zuo Zhu or Hong Yi had a deep hatred with Chen Feng. The life and death battle was not surprising, but they didn’t expect the game to be advanced.
But Wu Zhizhou, who was sitting on the VIP table, was expressionless at this moment, and was not moved by the life and death battle between Chen Feng and Chen Feng.
However, not far away, Solo Ruelfei sneered at this moment, looking at Chen Feng in the field, as if he had seen Chen Feng’s tragic death.
“Both of them are masters, but I don’t know which of them can win?”
As soon as this problem came up, everyone discussed it.
“If you want me to see, Chen Feng must be the winner?”
“Well, yes, I think so too. Chen Feng can see his profound strength in his past deeds or the past few games!”
“No, no, I think it’s the opposite. To know Chen Feng’s deeds or strength, we all know, let alone Ron. In this case, the opponent dares to fight, which shows that he has great grasp!”
“Yes, it looks like this Ron”
Regarding this game, everyone held a heated discussion. On the one hand, they thought that Chen Summit would win, and on the other hand, they felt that Ron had the hope of winning, which caused a quarrel.
And those warriors were not idle at the moment, and made evaluations on the strength of two people.
It’s just that their views have also been divided. Some support Ron and some support Chen Feng, but in general, many people think Chen Feng can win.
Just when everyone was speculating about this life-and-death battle, Chen Feng moved. He didn’t attack Ron, but came next to Ferdido.
At this moment, the referee had agreed to the two-person game. Chen Feng was not in a hurry. He had to collect more bodies for Feidi before the game, and it was impossible to let his body lie here.
“Sorry, I killed you!”
Chen Feng slowly squatted down, his words were full of self-blame. Ferdido’s eyes were round to death, and Chen Feng raised his hand to close his eyes, and then said: “Don’t worry, Ferdido, your hatred, I’ll report it to you!”
Chen Feng picked up Ferdido’s body and walked towards the edge of the ring.
On the edge of the ring, the leader of Pakistan immediately stepped forward.
“What’s the matter? It’s not because you are afraid of death and want to run away?” Ron looked mocking, his breath at the moment has been adjusted to the best state, and he can take action at any time.
When the words came out, Chen Feng did not respond, but instead held Fedido’s body and prepared to hand it over to the leader of Pakistan.
“Huh, naive. At this time, I collect the corpse for a waste. I just don’t know who will collect the corpse for you after a while!”
Before the words were over, Ron suddenly rushed towards Chen Feng, apparently about to kill Chen Feng by surprise at this time.
Unexpectedly, Ron was so inhuman, he would not even have the opportunity to collect the body.
For Fedido, Chen Feng was ashamed. If it were not for himself, Fedido would not die. Since he was dead, he wanted to collect the body for the other party, but he thought so, but Ron did not give her a chance.
Seeing that Chen Feng’s anger had already broken through the critical point, after putting down Ferdido, he turned around and roared, “You are looking for death!”
Chen Feng stepped on one foot, cracks appeared on the ground, his speed reached the peak in an instant, and he rushed towards Ron.
“See who is looking for death!”
Ron snorted, clenched a fist with one hand and blasted out, and went straight to Chen Feng’s door.
Chinese martial arts can be described as a hundred flowers blooming, compared with Europe and the United States, focus on boxing and swordsmanship.
Regardless of Ron’s simple punch, this punch can have a lot of background. This is the “God of War” algorithm declared by Europe and the United States, but a master created it in the last century to accommodate Indian punches. Hongmen of China The Dharma boxing of Buddhism and Buddhism in India can be said to be founded by the strengths of hundreds of families, and the crisis is terrifying.
The most damage in the Ares Fist is Ares Blast.
Although the name is a bit vulgar, the power of this trick is not ordinary. It is rumored that the creator of the bomb saw the bomb exploded, imitated it, put the inner strength into the fist, and then directly blasted into the opponent’s body, and then destroyed the opponent’s body structure.
Ron was the strongest killer as soon as he shot it. All this was because Li Changxi’s death gave him a wake-up call. Don’t look at his words and ignore Chen Feng, but when he really fought against him, he raised the spirit of twelve points.
Li Changxi died because of being too arrogant, ignoring Chen Feng, and failing to adjust his body well, so Ron adjusted his state as soon as he played. At this moment, a shot is the strongest killer move.

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