Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 722

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”
Ron’s punch was extremely powerful, the fist blew, and the air burst.
Facing Ron’s so-called strongest killer move, Chen Feng did not dodge, but secretly adjusted his breathing method, adjusted his body, and then blasted out with a punch.
Under the shining sun, Chen Feng clenched a fist with one hand, his arms round like a long spear waiting to be played. This is the broken mountain and river created by Chen Feng. It seems that Ron’s multiple provocations thoroughly angered Chen Feng, and he also used it now. The strongest killer move.
Both of them are the strongest move, it can be said that the tip of the needle is against the wheat, the tiger on the mountain meets the tiger on the mountain, and they will not give way to each other.
In an instant, the fists of two people collided together, and a loud noise came, and the internal energy dispersed, forming a storm that swept away.
As for Ron and Chen Feng, who were in the central area, their clothes were blew and rattled.
Ron’s arm was stiff at the moment, his head was bleeding, and then his arm dropped unnaturally.
Obviously, under Chen Feng’s broken mountains and rivers, he did not resist, his center of gravity was unstable, and his body involuntarily withdrew back.
Ron couldn’t control his figure, he backed three steps in a row, and then stomped on to stop his figure.
But Chen Feng stood still in place at this moment, and the strength of the two people was revealed.
“Ron is not as good as Chen Feng!”
This is what everyone is saying at this time.
“No… impossible!”
Ron had already lost his arrogant smile at the moment, replaced by shock.
He studied martial arts since he was a child, and Solo taught his martial arts and exercises, and he was also injected with genetic drugs. He reached the mid-stage of rejuvenation within a short period of time, and his combat effectiveness has been unprecedentedly improved. At the critical moment, you double your combat effectiveness. Although this will destroy your body’s functions, you can still see its horror.
All this is his hole card, which is the reason why he dared to challenge Chen Feng, but he did not expect that he had already exerted his full strength, and even used the strongest killer move in the God of War, but not only did not kill. After Chen Feng, he was actually injured.
Although the injury is not too serious, it can’t match the shock in his heart.
“No way?”
The fist wind screamed in the distance, and Chen Feng shot again.
The killer move just now has already shocked the opponent. At this time, he took advantage of the instability of the opponent and killed him, and never kept his hands on the enemy Chen Feng.
At this moment, he was ready to kill Ron directly.
Seeing Chen Feng rushing over again, Ron was flustered. He was shocked by Chen Feng’s strength just now. At this moment, seeing the opponent bombarding him again, he subconsciously avoided, but he was hiding, his whole aura Directly suppressed.
On the contrary, Chen Feng’s momentum at the moment had already reached its peak. He just failed to make a hand knife, grasping his palm into a claw, and headed straight to Ron’s throat.
What Chen Feng attacked is what the opponent wants to see, which shows how much Chen Feng wants to kill him.
This grasp seems somewhat random, but in fact this is dragon claw skill. Every finger contains inner strength, and the nails are also extremely sharp at this moment. Not to mention that this claw is a flesh and blood body, even a stone. Can be broken.
Facing Chen Feng’s attack, Ron did not dodge, and attacked Chen Feng on the offense.
Compared with Chen Feng, he changed his moves again, spreading his palms and surging in front of him, preparing to take Ron’s moves.
Ron’s iron fist hit Chen Feng’s palm in an instant, but Chen Feng remained motionless. On the other hand, Ron was also shocked by the force of the counter shock.
It was here that Chen Feng moved. He used the Dragon Claw Technique again and directly grabbed Ron’s fist.
Ron hurriedly backed away, and his inner strength poured into his fist. With a shake, Chen Feng’s dragon claws were shaken away, but five blood marks were left on the back of his hand.
Before Ron could react, Chen Feng withdrew his palm, kicked it out, and went straight to Ron’s waist.
This move was the famous whip kick in Tan’s legs. This kick was so sudden that Ron could not react at all and was kicked.
It is necessary to know that the side of the waist is where the kidneys are located. If this part is hit hard, it will be paralyzed at the slightest level, and will die instantly.
Chen Feng did not stop, and took advantage of the situation to attack continuously.
“Son of a bitch!”
Ron whispered secretly and stretched out his arm to resist Chen Feng’s kick.
Chen Feng kicked Ron in the arm.
Ron’s body retreated. The reason why he used his arm as a pawn just now was to use this to increase the distance from Chen Feng.
Ron wanted to take this to slow down and then reverse the situation, how could Chen Feng not understand.
“You can’t run!”
Chen Feng shouted angrily, without giving Ron a chance to breathe, and launched a stormy continuous attack.
“Bang! Bang! Bang?”
The voices in the venue kept coming out.
At this moment, Chen Feng used his rich combat experience and strength to press Ron on this ring to retaliate wildly, and Ron can only keep defending at this moment.
Because the speed of the two people is too fast, the surrounding ordinary audience and some warriors with more strength can’t see the movements of the two at all.
“This Chen Feng’s strength is very strong, he almost fought Ron under pressure!”
At this moment, all the martial artists in the field, the stronger ones, or the players participating in this competition, looked at the two people in the field and came to a conclusion in their hearts.
Ron was not Chen Feng’s opponent at all.
“It seems that my big brother is really angry, and he has already shown his strength at this moment!”
Sanjie stared straight at the ring, couldn’t help but sigh.
“Yes, I think Ron is a human sandbag!”
I don’t know why, when talking about human flesh sandbags, Ji Yun subconsciously thought of the descendants of Buddhism in India.
“If Chen Feng kills, then Ron will definitely not be able to resist it!”
Tianying also spoke to the side at this moment, Ron no longer had the aura in the ring, and he was struggling at this moment. It was because Chen Feng hadn’t used the final move, or he couldn’t hold on at all.
With a muffled sound, Chen Feng hit Ron’s palm. Ron let out a scream, and his figure retreated. Chen Feng’s move just now was the dragon thorn in the broken mountain.
Ron’s palm shattered, flesh and blood flew all over, and his palm was completely lost.
Even so, Chen Feng didn’t let go, and he was chasing after Ron once again.
Ron’s heart trembled with a sense of crisis. At this critical moment of life-threatening, relying on his fighting instinct, he avoided Chen Feng’s fatal attack sideways and wanted to distance himself from Chen Feng.
From the very beginning, after the two men made the strongest blow, Ron was suppressed. Facing Chen Feng’s stormy attack, Ron could only hide. His blood was unstable and he didn’t have time to exert his full strength .
What’s more important is that his palm has been broken by Chen Feng, and his combat effectiveness has been greatly reduced. If he doesn’t distance himself from Chen Feng at this moment, he will only end up with death.

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