Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 723

Therefore, this kind of moment must not be recklessly, and the body function must be adjusted through breathing method. Only in this way can we give full play to our strengths and have the opportunity to reverse our weakness.
So Ron retreated violently and wanted to buy time for himself to recover. As long as his body recovered, he would have a certain amount of initiative.
But how could Chen Feng make him do what he wanted.
“Did you escape?”
Seeing Ron retreating, Chen Feng yelled, quickly approached, and went straight to Ron’s heart, vowing to kill the bastard.
Ron noticed Chen Feng’s figure, and even felt the other party’s killing intent. At this moment, the sense of crisis became more and more serious. Seeing Chen Feng’s dragon claw attack, he did not dare to let the other party catch him again.
However, Ron was not an ordinary person until now. At this critical moment, although he was a little frightened, he did not show any panic.
I saw him supporting the ground on one foot, spinning on the spot like a top. When Chen Feng came, he kicked it on his side and kicked back and forth.
At this moment Ron was desperate, and there was really no other way to counterattack at the beginning. Although his body’s breath was unstable at this moment, this move was too sudden, and unexpectedly, he might have a different harvest.
It’s just that this trick might be useful to others. To talk about whip legs, Chen Feng’s self-created Broken Mountain and River has whip legs. It can be said that Chen Feng has already practiced whip legs to the point of proficiency. Using this trick in front of him is really amazing Luban saw wood in front of the door.
Seeing Ron kicking over, Chen Feng didn’t rush to avoid the attack, and then before the opponent took it away, Chen Feng turned his palm into a knife and slashed at the joint of his thigh.
This hand knife contained Chen Feng’s internal strength, which was extremely powerful, not to mention a thigh, even a slate could be split.
A hand knife slashed directly on Ron’s thigh, and the internal energy surge broke through Ron’s defense, and the thigh snapped.
Ron couldn’t help making a scream like a pig. At this moment, he couldn’t conceal the fear in his heart. Chen Feng’s strength was too strong. He was already in a mess. At this moment, Chen Feng had his thigh cut off.
Ron knew what it meant to lose the thigh.
He lost his thigh and his mobility was blocked, and he would no longer have the power to fight back. Not only that, he couldn’t even dodge, and only death was waiting for him. He would become the fish on the chopping board and let Chen Feng kill him.
At this critical juncture, how could Chen Feng let him go? At this moment, while Ron was surrounded by pain due to a broken knee, Chen Feng took a step, clenched a fist with one hand, blasted a fist, and went straight to Ron’s stomach.
Ron spouted a mouthful of blood, and his internal organs were already shattered by Chen Feng’s fist. Due to inertia, Ron’s body was involuntarily blown up, and he was now surrounded by blood mist.
“It’s over, Ron is over!”
At this moment, everyone in the audience had such an idea.
After losing a hand, Ron could no longer stop his hand, his fate was already clear.
Even if he could fight, he wouldn’t go to Chen Feng’s opponent in his heyday, let alone the incomplete situation now.
“has it ended?”
Ron’s body flew up due to inertia. After a few seconds, he seemed to lose his strength and fell from the air involuntarily. Even though he felt a sense of crisis, Ron could not react at all at the moment, and his body did not listen.
When Ron’s body was about to touch the ground, Chen Feng moved. He suddenly lifted his left foot and kicked it out. Zhengxiong Ron’s body, this foot contained Chen Feng’s internal energy, and the internal energy rushed into Luo. En body, destroying his body tissue, also cut off his last vitality.
Ron spouted blood again, his life was completely ended, and he fell from the sky with a bang, lifting up a piece of dust, and his death was extremely miserable.
At the end of the game, Ron died tragically. He was crushed and beaten by Chen Feng from the beginning. Chen Feng pressed on step by step and did not give him any chance to fight back. He did not reverse the situation until his death.
The game was over, but no one thought that it would end the game in this way, and Ron also ended his life, he did not expect that his life would end there, and his previous declaration became a joke.
“it is good!!!”
At this moment, the audience is boiling, and everyone is screaming. This game can be said to be the most exciting game so far.
This was a life-and-death battle, and Chen Feng solved his opponent with an overwhelming advantage. The impact of this vision made everyone scream like blood, boiling over it.
Chen Feng thoroughly demonstrated his strength. The previous battles were nothing more than modesty, but moderation does not mean weakness.
“I thought the two people were almost the same in strength, but I didn’t expect it to be a crushing game!”
“Yes, Ron didn’t have a chance to fight back at all and was hanged and beaten by Hua Guo Chen Feng!”
“It seems that this is Chen Feng’s strength, so it is in line with his past deeds!”
In the audience, everyone couldn’t help but talk in a low voice.
In today’s game, there were two duels between Chen Feng. The first match was against Lee Chang-hee from Goryeo. Then he was angered by Ron, signed a life and death contract, and then beheaded Ron. This proud record shocked everyone. .
“It seems that Chen Feng is not only strong but also very experienced in combat!”
“Yes, if it was said that Li Changxi was careless in the last duel and Chen Feng was not prepared until Chen Feng succeeded, then this is a real strength duel, Chen Feng should not be underestimated!”
Ordinary audiences are looking at superficial things, and there is no shortage of powerful warriors here. They have seen the duel between Chen Feng and Ron very thoroughly, and at this moment cannot help analyzing Chen Feng’s strength.
“Don’t say it, Chen Feng launched a ruthless attack, it’s really scary!”
Sanjie in the watching area looked at Chen Feng’s back and couldn’t help but sigh.
“It’s not that Ron is a lifeless thing that has angered Chen Feng, or else he would end up like this!”
Ji Yun agreed. He had some misunderstandings with Chen Feng. It can be said that Chen Feng was a bit unpleasant, but after seeing Chen Feng beheading Chu He and showing his great strength, he decided to sit down with Chen Feng as a friend.
Ji Yun is not a fool. For someone like Chen Feng, there is no limit to the future, and this time they have come to the Vatican to fight on behalf of China, which happens to be a moment to ease the relationship.
At this moment, only Tianying didn’t speak, his eyes flickered, his strength was a bit stronger than Sanjie, Ji Yun, what he saw was Chen Feng’s aura, with a strong fighting spirit.
It can be said that he also has this fighting spirit, but compared with Chen Feng, he lacks the unrelenting determination and perseverance.
“This Chen Feng is really too strong, and Ron has already broken through the mid-level of kinetic energy. He didn’t expect to die in his hands like this!”
The other players were also discussing at this moment, sighing at Chen Feng’s strength.
At this moment, the audience’s attention was concentrated on Chen Feng’s figure, and the noise in the audience was also discussing Chen Feng’s strength.
Of course, some people are happy and some are worried. At this moment, Zuo Zhu, a martial arts genius from Dongying, or Hong Yi, the descendant of Hongmen Hongtianba, feels a bad feeling at this moment.

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