Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 729

“Don’t be influenced by the outside world. Li Changxi and Ron from Korea were injected with genetic drugs like you, but they all died in the hands of Chen Feng. This matter has an impact on your mentality!” Hong Tianba knows himself too well. My apprentice is now, and I’m going to clarify the words directly.
“Yes, Master, I was a little shaken before, but what you said to me later made me regain my determination and confidence!”
Hong Yi didn’t conceal it, and said what was in his mind.
“There are two reasons for the deaths of Li Changxi and Ron. One is that their original combat experience is not as good as that of Chen Feng’s bastard, and the other is that they did not use genetic drugs to improve their combat effectiveness during the battle!”
Hong Yi nodded secretly, he thought so.
“So you don’t make the same mistake, you can’t take it lightly, and improve your combat effectiveness at the beginning of the game, but when the combat effectiveness is completely improved, it will consume very quickly, so you have to kill him in the shortest time!”
Hong Tianba analyzed the previous battle in detail, and paid attention to how Hong Yi’s next battle proceeded.
“Master, don’t worry, I must kill this so-called Hua Guo Tianjiao in the game the day after tomorrow, and I will step on his body to the top!”
Hong Yi was confident and clenched his fists.
The group competition is over, and the next is the real strong confrontation. The sixteen players are divided into the upper half and the lower half.
Chen Feng, Munir, Arthur, and Dongying martial arts talent Zuo Zhu were assigned to the upper half of the game. As for William, Lovesky, and the martial arts talent Luan from the Indian tribe, they were assigned to the game. The lower half.
In addition, the Skyhawk from China defeated the genius from Egypt in the game and was also one of the top sixteen strongest players in Baka. He was also assigned to the upper half of the competition.
The sixteen players were divided into eight matches. The first match was a duel between Chen Feng and Hong Yi, which was in full swing.
In these matches, the duel between Chen Feng and Hong Yi is undoubtedly very attractive.
Everyone is well aware of the grievances between Chen Feng and the organization behind Hong Yi.
And Chen Feng said in the last game that two people are endlessly dying, maybe only one of them can step down.
The game officially started at around nine o’clock in the evening of the second day, but the venue was already open to spectators after six o’clock. As usual, there are staff from the World Martial Arts Organization and people from the Vatican to all those who enter the venue. Check.
On this day, it can be said that the audience is already overcrowded. It can be seen that everyone attaches great importance to this game. This is the first of eight games and a highly anticipated one. After all, the battle of life and death can be described as bloody and exciting.
“Look, William!”
I don’t know who shouted, and everyone looked around, and saw that William was still dressed and wearing a ghost mask. He was very mysterious.
In this martial arts competition, William was the god of death in everyone’s hearts. Two of the three people who fought with him died directly. The only one who was alive was more clever and quickly surrendered to avoid being killed.
“Interesting, although I don’t know William about him, he didn’t come to watch the game at all in the first few games. What happened today!”
“Listen to me to give you some real news!” One of the audience coughed and attracted everyone’s attention, and then said: “At the beginning, Chen Feng’s senior brother Ye Nantian was besieged by several powerful men such as Augustus. , And William was the leader of the blood kill organization and participated in this matter. If Chen Feng is promoted in this competition, then he and William will have a battle!”
“This brother is wrong!” A middle-aged man in the crowd stood up and said, “Let’s not say whether Chen Feng can defeat Hong Yi. Even if he wins Hong Yi, there will be Dongying martial arts genius Zuo Zhu behind. , And some of Chen Feng’s mortal enemies, stepped back and said that even if he had defeated all of them, don’t forget, he still has to fight Arthur!
Chen Feng played against Arthur, I am still optimistic about the captain of the guard Arthur! ”
Not long after William got out of the station, everyone started talking, and Arthur also appeared in the voice of everyone.
As someone shouted, the audience looked up. Today’s Arthur didn’t wear armor, but a robe, and came to the stadium slowly at this moment.
“Interesting, William and Arthur are here!”
“This is not surprising. Obviously, Chen Feng’s previous battles were too exciting and strong. These strong men could not help but come here to learn about Chen Feng’s strength in person!”
Time passed, and when it was close to nine o’clock, the Saintess Tiffany, Pope Zeus, Wu Zhizhou and other strongest players came to the arena.
The few people trusted everyone’s exclamation as soon as they showed up.
“Unexpectedly, the pope is here, enough to show that the importance of the game is worthy of the final contest of the strong!”
“You must know that except for the pope who just appeared at the beginning, he will not be there at all in the subsequent games!”
“Today’s first game is the first match of eight games, and it is also the road to the strong!”
“Hey, the saint is really as beautiful as a god, shocked as a god!”
Everyone studied in private with different purposes.
This game is destined to be different. At this moment, everyone is in place, but the two protagonists, Chen Feng and Hong Yi, have not yet appeared. Everyone looked around for them.
“Come!” I don’t know who shouted, and everyone looked around.
Accompanied by Master Founder, Wu Zhizhou and others, Chen Feng, Ji Yun and Tianying were present.
“Chen Feng, it’s all up to you next, the bastard Hong Yi actually injured the three precepts like that, don’t let him go!”
Ji Yun gritted his teeth and said, at this moment, he can’t wait for him to fight Hong Yi last time. Although the possibility of losing him is a bit high, he is still full of fighting spirit. It is a pity that he has already lost in the group stage and did not play. Opportunity.
Before Ji Yun spoke, Tianying, Master Fang Zheng and others all looked at Chen Feng.
“Don’t worry, I will definitely make Hong Yi pay a heavy price in this battle!” Chen Feng said murderously.
The Three Precepts have not recovered from the coma until this moment. Chen Feng couldn’t help the anger in his heart when he thought of this. In case of any change in the Three Precepts, it would be the same for the Hua Guo martial arts circles, and he is Chen Feng’s good brother. .
As for the reason why Master Fang Zheng came here, it was because he wanted to see Hong Yi, who wounded his lover, and what the final result was like.
Hearing Chen Feng’s statement, Master Founder nodded.
“Chen Feng’s battle is not only to avenge the Three Commandments, but also to rejuvenate the reputation of our Hua Guowu academic circle!”
Ji Wudao said with a serious face, and then left this place with Cang Bo, Wu Zhizhou and others and returned to their original seats.
And Chen Feng also went to the contestant’s Hussein room to wait. He first put his belongings in the cabinet. There was a bottle of mountain ginseng ointment in the belongings. This is a powerful medicine, but Chen Feng would not use it easily, or at present. No one can let him use it yet.

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