Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 730

The game is about to begin. The host once again stepped on the stage to announce the general process of the game, and then interacted with the audience for a while, and then announced in earnest: “Next, let us invite Hua Guo Chen Feng and the United States Hong Yiliang with warm applause. A player comes on stage!”
“Okay!” As soon as the host’s voice fell, the audience applauded.
After hearing the host’s words, Chen Feng cleaned up briefly, left the Hussein room and walked to the playing field.
“Chen Feng is out!”
“Chen Feng, we must win!”
The audience’s voices reached their peak in an instant, and the deafening overwhelmed all the sounds. Chen Feng was ranked fourth among the sixteen strong, and in the first two games, he killed Li Changxi and Ron, completely making everyone truly truly Feel the horror of Chen Feng.
Especially the exciting and exciting performances in the life and death battle made some audiences who were not very good-looking to Chen Feng also change their minds.
After Chen Feng took the stage, he clasped his fists to the surrounding audience, and he went straight to the center of the arena.
Not long after Chen Feng came to power, Hong Yi also walked out of the lounge.
“Here, Hong Yi is also out!”
When Hong Yi came out, the audience still shouted and cheered, but compared with Chen Feng just now, the atmosphere at this moment is far less lively.
Hong Yi didn’t care about all of this. He secretly adjusted his aura at this moment. He had already thought about it. At the beginning of the game, he would use his real strength to try to kill Chen Feng in a short time.
Hong Yi’s pace was slow and steady. At this moment, walking towards Chen Feng step by step, his aura also changed. When he was less than 50 meters away from Chen Feng, his aura reached its peak in an instant.
But this is far from over. At this moment, he secretly passed the genetic medicine in the inner strength body, his aura climbed again, and the whole person was a little different in an instant.
He could feel the majestic air radiating from him when he stood there far away, and even his eyes became extremely sharp at this moment, like a knife.
“What’s going on? How can Hong Yi change so fast!”
“That’s right, his aura at this moment is really different from just now, and his whole person has improved to a level!”
“I can’t help but I am the real Hong Yi, he didn’t use all his strength in the previous game!”
Due to the changes in Hong Yi, people in the field started to talk, and there were many warriors participating this time.
Under everyone’s gaze, Hong Yi turned around and fisted to the referee and said: “In this match, I will have a life and death battle with Hua Guo Chen Feng, please witness!”
Hearing the battle of life and death again, the referee frowned slightly and looked at Chen Feng and said, “Chen Feng, can you agree?”
“I agree!” Chen Feng answered.
When the referee heard that there was no objection from both sides, he stopped to say more, waved his hand and said: “The game, the official start…”
“Go to death, little bastard!”
Almost as soon as the referee’s voice fell, Hong Yi yelled, and his figure disappeared from the spot instantly, his speed reached the extreme in an instant, and he went straight to Chen Feng.
Hong Yi knows that using genetic drugs to stimulate the body’s potential is very exhausting. He hasn’t killed Chen Feng before the effect of a genetic drug disappears, so death is waiting for him.
Therefore, he was the strongest strength as soon as he shot, and he was quick to kill Chen Feng by surprise.
The so-called genetic medicine is because anyone wants to make themselves stronger no matter what. In this case, the Dark Council secretly convened extremely top scientists and biologists to develop the organization of the human body. Research, continuous use of drug trials, and constant replacement of test products.
In a sense, it can be said that this is a great experiment, but some people disagree with this kind of experiment, but no matter what the result is, this kind of genetic medicine is finally researched out.
And this genetic medicine can change the user’s genes in a short time and stimulate the body’s potential at the same time. This is equivalent to an ordinary speed of 10 meters per second, and it can reach 15 meters or even 20 meters after injection of genetic medicine , We can see its horror.
At this moment, Hong Yi’s figure rushed towards Chen Feng like lightning, but at this moment he thought he would go forward, but he suddenly stopped.
I saw that he held his left hand as a claw, and his right hand raised five fingers and clasped them together. At first glance, it looked like the sharp mouth of some kind of animal. Hong Yi unexpectedly resorted to a combination of tiger and crane moves.
Hong Yi knows that if he fights hard with Chen Feng, he might not be an opponent. After all, Li Changxi and Ron’s death are in front of him. There is no absolute certainty.
Therefore, his attack is a killer move. Both tiger and crane are both offensive and defensive. He wants to kill Chen Feng in the shortest time to eliminate the fear in his heart. At the same time, he wants to prove that all the Hua Guo Tianjiao are vulnerable in front of him. .
Of course, he still has another task to suppress the Chinese martial artist, fight for his master, and thoroughly wash away the shame of the year.
Thinking of this, Hong Yi climbed upwards and rushed towards Chen Feng like a tiger going down a mountain. At this moment, he has exhausted all his strength. The audience can feel the majestic aura emanating from Hong Yi at a distance.
If Hungry Hong Yi is fighting against the Three Precepts at this moment, the Three Precepts will have no power to fight back. After all, the Three Precepts and Hong Yi are still quite different.
Hong Tianba has put a lot of effort into his apprentice. At this moment, Hong Yi’s shot is the momentum of thunder, and the momentum is like a rainbow.
This scene fell in the eyes of everyone present. There is no shortage of people of insight here. At this moment, Hong Yi’s combat effectiveness far exceeds Ron.
Moreover, although Hong Yi said it was the mid-phase of transformation, the combat power he showed at this moment was infinitely close to the strength of the mid-term, which showed that the general mid-stage warrior was not his opponent at all.
In the face of Hong Yi’s move, if ordinary people would definitely avoid the edge for a while, they would not head-on, but it was someone else.
Because of Chen Feng’s character, he definitely wouldn’t dodge. He also rushed into his arm with no energy, and slammed out with a punch. With this punch, he wanted to try how strong Hong Yi was injected with genetic drugs.
Chen Feng’s momentum climbed. This punch was not easy. You could vaguely see a mad dragon, not weaker than Hong Yi in momentum. One dragon and one tiger collided with the blink of their eyes.
With a bang, the breath exploded in an instant, a gust of wind scattered around the two of them, and the two people’s clothes were blown with slaps, showing how strong the blow was by the two of them.
It’s just that although the first attack was strong, the two of them counteracted each other’s hunger and force. Chen Feng and Hong Yi hadn’t moved at the moment, and the first time they played against each other, they won no difference. negative.
Chen Feng didn’t show anything. From this blow, he roughly judged how strong Hong Yi was.

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