Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 731

Compared with Chen Feng’s calmness, Hong Yi was shocked. He didn’t expect Chen Feng to be indifferent to him. Although he was not a trick, it was second only to a trick, but he didn’t expect Chen Feng to accept it. It’s down, and it doesn’t seem to take much effort, how this didn’t let him calm down.
We must know that he is the heir of ancient martial arts, which is not at the same level as the current martial arts.
Modern martial arts are somewhat opportunistic. Many martial artists break through forcibly before reaching the standard and enter the next level. Everyone who does this is trying to create a false name.
Even if he broke through the middle stage of Huajin, if he meets the early stage of Huajin of ancient martial arts, it is not an exaggeration to say that the former will be hanged.
There is no opportunism in the ancient martial arts, every step in every realm is very strictly forbidden, and only after this stage is thoroughly consolidated, will it enter the next realm.
The former Li Changxi and Ron can’t be compared with Hong Yi at all. Otherwise, his master Hong Tianba would not have enough confidence to let Hong Yi sweep the younger generation of Chinese martial arts circles.
Hong Yi is a descendant of ancient martial arts and has reached the realm of the middle stage of Huajin. He originally thought that he could completely kill Chen Feng, but at this moment it turned out to be a tie. How could he accept it.
Hong Yi hadn’t reacted from the shock just now, suddenly there was a sound of breaking through the air, showing the strength of this attack.
When Hong Yi was in a daze, Chen Feng wouldn’t miss such a good opportunity, and directly lifted it with a whip, with extremely strong strength.
For enemies like Hong Yi, Chen Feng would not hesitate to so-called worldly views, he could kill the opponent by any means.
Hong Yi was attentive for a while, and quickly moved to block. After the two touched, Hong Yi only felt that there was a very strong force, his hand was numb, and Hong Yi took this opportunity to shake off the power of the whip leg.
After stopping the figure, Hong Yi rushed towards Chen Feng again in an instant, almost blinked and came to Chen Feng’s side, with his right hand half-claw clasped and went straight to Chen Feng’s heart.
If this is clawed to immortality, it will be disabled.
It’s just that he is facing Chen Feng. Chen Feng’s combat experience is extremely profound, far beyond his imagination. Chen Feng casually slapped Hong Yi’s hands, directly changing his attacking edge, and then Chen Feng clenched a fist with one hand. Although he didn’t use the ultimate move of breaking mountains and rivers, this move was also a killer move, and he went straight to the point of Hong Yi.
Hong Yi had a sense of crisis suddenly, and the surging of internal strength improved his speed, and he wanted to avoid the key.
He completely lost his initiative in this retreat, and Chen Feng’s grasp of the battle situation was extremely clever. Seeing Hong Yi retreat, he rushed to the other side. The two retreated and advanced, attacked and defended. Chen Feng reversed the battle and mastered the situation. In order to gain initiative, he launched a stormy attack on Hong Yi.
Chen Feng has many moves, and he is extremely light and pressing every step of the way. He does not give the opponent a chance to breathe. The ordinary moves are varied in his hands, and the dazzling audiences can’t see his moves for a while.
On the other hand, Hong Yi stepped back and was beaten by Chen Feng. Although he was not as embarrassed as Li Changxi and Ron, he was not much stronger at this moment.
Hong Yi gritted his teeth and resisted the attack with difficulty. Although Chen Feng’s attack did not cause serious damage to him, he was pestering him at this moment. He had no time to do so, let alone counterattack.
A little bit of time passed, Hong Yi’s mentality became more and more restless, and the situation continued to deteriorate. He had been injected with genetic drugs, and he had already raised his momentum to the peak level before the war, but even then he could not directly kill Chen Feng. .
The situation is very bad. Genetic medicine is a prerequisite for stamina to improve combat effectiveness, and there is a time limit. Waiting for the loss of the stimulation of genetic medicine, then he will have no other way but to die.
Hong Yi is very clear about the present situation. If he can’t get rid of Chen Feng’s entanglement, then he will not escape today. Thinking of this, Hong Yi shouted and directly used the strongest killer move.
This trick is Hong Yi’s real killer. It is extremely powerful, and he wouldn’t do it so quickly if he wasn’t forced to do so.
Combining Dragons and Tigers is a martial arts school, the founder was a master-level powerhouse and also a martial arts genius.
He researched for a long time before he created this jerk. You must know that creating martial arts moves is not something ordinary people can do.
Even if Chen Feng used it for a long time, he couldn’t do it. It was just a combination of the strengths of various families to stabilize the mountains and rivers, which shows how difficult it is to create martial arts.
In order for his apprentice to help him wash his shame, Hong Tianba taught him this unique school at all costs. Ordinary disciples never had the opportunity to touch this level of martial arts.
At this moment, Hong Yi’s hands were in claws, and he looked closely at the slight difference between the two hands. His body was half squatting like a bow and arrow being charged.
At this moment, his aura is restrained, not as powerful as before, but the degree of danger is far greater than before.
He has perfectly put the dragon and the tiger on display.
Hong Yi was full of murderous intentions. He was determined to kill Chen Feng. Who knew he was at a disadvantage as soon as he played against him. He was so angry that the anger and humiliation in his heart at the moment were overwhelming. This blow was the strongest killer move. , Chen Feng must be killed.
On the other hand, Chen Feng was not moved by Hong Yi’s strongest blow. Instead, he was extremely calm. At this moment, he secretly adjusted his breathing, and then the internal energy surged into his arm, using one of the tricks to cut the dragon.
The two men waved their arms to attack each other as they had just opened, but at this moment, both of them made the strongest blow.
The two met in an instant, and the storm formed again, centering on the two of them, spreading outwards, and even the ground under their feet appeared to be cracked, and the dust was suddenly lifted, which shows how powerful the two people are.
During the storm, Hong Yi was the first to be shaken back, and there was a sharp pain in his palm, as if his bones were broken.
Although he was not injured, his heart was shocked. He did not expect that he used his ultimate move. Chen Feng was still not killed. Moreover, Chen Feng stood still and did not move a bit, perfectly taking over his strongest ultimate move. How about this? Can calm him down.
Hong Yi looked unbelievable at this moment, and couldn’t accept this fact in his heart. Not only him, but his master Hong Tianba in the stands also had a surprised expression at this moment.
As the head of the Hong Sect, Hong Tianba is too aware of the power of the dragon and the tiger. In this kind of move, neither the mid-term peak nor the great perfection can be used to force this move, but Chen Feng It’s just that at the beginning of Huajin, it happened.
You must know that Hong Yi’s realm is one level higher than Chen Feng, and he has been injected with genetic drugs to increase his combat effectiveness. In this case, Chen Feng cannot be killed, and he can’t even severely wound the opponent.
After the two confronted each other, Chen Feng did not stay but pursued the victory. His inner strength surged with his left hand to make a fist, and his right hand was half-clawed towards Hong Yi and went away.

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