Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 732

Hong Yi hadn’t reacted from the scene just now, Chen Feng approached his fist again, and Hong Yi had no time to react.
Two people, you come and I fight, they are happily fighting, maybe they are too fast, except for the powerful warriors, ordinary people can’t see the moves of the two people at all.
“What’s the matter? Can you see his moves clearly?”
“I can’t see clearly, I can only see the afterimages on the field. As for the moves of the two people, I can’t see clearly!”
“Then which of them has the upper hand?”
“do not know!”
During the battle between Chen Feng and Hong Yi, the peripheral audiences whispered. Most of the audience present were ordinary people. There were also some warriors who were too low-level to see their moves. It can be said that there are no people who can see clearly here. How many.
“Hmph, Hong Yi has already revealed his defeat, and it won’t take long for Chen Feng to kill him!”
“Ok!” Ji Yun and Tianying were sitting in the spectator stand to analyze the game. Ji Yun could not wait for Chen Feng to immediately kill Hong Yi’s beast to avenge the Three Commandments.
As for Tianying, he was more calm, just nodded and said nothing.
At this moment, the duel between Hong Yi and Chen Feng attracted everyone’s attention, and Arthur and William, who were the champions of the game in the distance, were also paying attention to this wonderful duel.
Arthur looked gloomy and watched the game with a serious face. He was a little shocked. Chen Feng’s strength had exceeded his original cognition.
As for William, the shock was the same, except that he was wearing a mask, so that outsiders could not see his expression.
Although the two of them are far apart, they can clearly feel the aura of the two on the field.
Whether he is Hong Yi or Chen Feng, the strength of the two of them is infinitely close to them.
But what Arthur and William are most concerned about is Chen Feng. Chen Feng’s control and analysis of the battle situation has reached the point of perfection.
Chen Feng’s combat experience can be said to have reached the point of proficiency, even Arthur and William are not as good as this.
“How is this possible? Chen Feng is only in the early stage of Huajin, how can he be evenly matched with Hong Yi in the middle stage of Huajin!”
“Equally divided? Humph, Hong Yi is already at a disadvantage at this moment, and Chen Feng has the upper hand!”
“It’s incredible. Hong Yi is the real mid-stage of Huajin, the heir of ancient martial arts, with unfathomable internal strength, and was actually crushed by Chen Feng. Then what level of Chen Feng’s strength has reached!”
Most of the people watching the game here are ordinary people, and the dozens of strong can be said to be very thorough. They can’t imagine that Chen Feng is only in the early stage of transformation, with limited internal energy, and the physical body cannot be compared with the mid-stage. But at this moment, the situation was reversed, making Hong Yi retreat steadily, without the strength to fight back.
“Chen Feng deserves to be the outstanding Chu among the younger generation in China. The defeat of Hong Yi is already clear. Congratulations, Elder Wu!”
A strong man from Tsarist Russia on the VIP table said that he is the deputy of the martial arts organization this time, and he is extremely powerful.
He was the representative of Tsarist Russia in this competition. With his strength and status, he naturally knew that Hong Yi was injected with genetic drugs, which improved his combat effectiveness in a short time.
He also knew that Hong Yi was already at the end of the battle, and he would undoubtedly die when the gene drug lost its effect. The representative of Tsarist Russia was so happy because their camps between Tsarist Russia and Hong Tianba were opposed.
Some people were happy and some were worried. On the other side, the representative from the United States, the deputy of the military organization, looked very ugly after hearing the words of the representative of Tsarist Russia.
They are all people of the same level. Seeing Hong Yi’s defeat at this moment, I felt very uncomfortable.
“Well, Chen Feng from China is not simple, but he is extremely powerful at a young age. What is rare is that he has such a wealth of combat experience. This is very good. I believe no one in the same realm can take him!”
At this moment, even the chairman of the martial arts organization, the Holy See Emperor Zeus, couldn’t help but praise Chen Feng.
As soon as the words of the Holy See Emperor fell, both the deputy of Tsarist Russia and the representative of the United States were silent, while Wu Zhizhou Wen responded with a smile.
Chen Feng is a warrior of China, and he can be praised by the chairman of the martial arts organization at this moment. He is a representative of Huaguo martial arts with a very face.
As soon as the words of the Holy See Emperor came out, even the saint Tiffany around him changed his face slightly. At this moment, the eyes looking at Chen Feng were different. You must know that the Holy See Emperor Zeus would not easily make comments, and he would be full of praise. Poor Chen Feng’s performance this time was extremely wonderful.
While everyone was paying attention to Chen Feng, Hong Tianba stared directly at Hong Yi from the spectator stand. At this moment, because of his anxiety, he stood up and stared at the stadium intently.
As time passed, Hong Tianba was extremely anxious. He knew very well that Hong Yi’s genetic medicine was about to expire. After time passed, Hong Yi would only die.
Hong Tianba clenched his fists tightly at the moment and wanted to directly replace Hong Yi and then fight Chen Feng, but this was just an idea.
“What should I do!”
Hong Tianba is like an ant on a hot pot. If Hong Yi fails, he will not only lose his apprentice, but most importantly, all his previous efforts will be in vain.
At this moment Hong Tianba was already panicking, let alone Hong Yi who was fighting at this moment.
In the face of Chen Feng’s stormy attacks, Hong Yi was overwhelmed and difficult defense. As a result, he was at a disadvantage. As time passed, Hong Yi was inadvertently kicked by Chen Feng.
Hong Yi couldn’t control his body to retreat. This blow was extremely powerful, and he almost spewed a mouthful of old blood.
“Hong Yi is defeated!”
At this moment, almost everyone has such an idea in their hearts.
“what happened?”
Hong Yi was already unable to support it. After receiving the blow at this moment, he only felt that his physical strength was lost and his combat effectiveness was reduced, as if his body had gone from youth to twilight in an instant.
Hong Yi’s heart sank. Perhaps he had known this result since the first time the two played against each other. At this moment, he only felt that his body had lost his body temperature, and he felt a little cold. I don’t know if this coldness is due to the loss of the effect of genetic drugs or Because of Chen Feng’s presence.
“Asshole, you dare to speak arrogantly to the Huaguo martial arts world!”
A loud roar came, and Chen Feng came quickly with an angry figure.
At this moment, everyone’s attention was focused, and everyone’s eyes were on Chen Feng. Just now, Chen Feng’s roar resounded through the world, and everyone present heard it.
At this moment, Hong Yi had no peace in his heart. Seeing Chen Feng’s attacking figure, he deliberately dodged, but his body was not controlled and could not be avoided. boom!
Chen Feng kicked Hong Yi’s side with a whip, Hong Yi screamed, and his body rolled backwards.

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