Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 733

Huh! Huh! Huh!
It took Hong Yi more than ten steps to stop the figure, which shows how strong Chen Feng’s foot is.
From the roar just now, to when Chen Feng kicked Hong Yi with his leg, there was less than two seconds between them. At that moment, Hong Yi only felt that it was a tiger, an angry tiger, who was leaping towards him. .
Hong Yi’s original genetic medicine in his body was about to expire, and his physical strength was already exhausted. At this moment, he was hit hard by Chen Feng, and he no longer had the strength of his peak period.
“it is good!”
After a short silence, thunderous applause erupted from the audience, as well as the shouts of everyone.
Just now Chen Feng’s passionate words affected everyone’s emotions, and everyone was extremely excited at this moment.
“It’s so fucking vent, beautiful job!”
Ji Yun stood up directly from the audience, clenched his fists, and his body was shaking uncontrollably. This was an expression of his excitement.
Chen Feng’s performance just now is undoubtedly the same as that in front of people from all walks of life in the world, making a name for Huaguo’s martial arts, and at the same time, he severely trampled Hong Yi under his feet.
“Good! Good! Good!”
At this moment, a taciturn Skyhawk couldn’t help but yelled three times. The performance of Chen Feng, also a Chinese, was really long-faced.
In the last match, San Jie was seriously injured by Hong Yi, coupled with Hong Yi’s verbal insults, all the Chinese people here were holding a sigh of relief. At this moment, Chen Feng used an absolute advantage to rectify the name of the Chinese martial arts circle.
Not to mention the younger generation, even Wu Zhizhou, Fang Zheng and others in the VIP table were extremely happy, quite a pleasant feeling. Among them, Master Fang Zheng was particularly excited. He knew that what Chen Feng did was to avenge the Three Commandments.
There were cheers and shouts in the audience. Compared with the lively audience, some warriors were silent. The words that Chen Feng roared just now moved them, but also made them a little embarrassed and envied.
They admire Chen Feng, and they also hope to fight for their country in the ring like Chen Feng and make a name for their country.
To know that being born, who does not want to be famous, who does not want to attract attention, Chen Feng’s tall and straight body stands on the ring at this moment, facing the sun giving people a different feeling.
This feeling is very flavorful after careful consideration.
Watching this scene, more powerhouses chose to be silent, and no one dared to look down upon Chen Feng.
Originally thought that Chen Feng was only the early stage of Huajin, at best, the outstanding Chu in the initial stage of Huajin, but he did not expect that he first killed Li Changxi and Ron, and Hong Yi was not his opponent at this moment.
At first, when he killed Li Changxi and Ron, everyone was surprised, but many strong men were not moved, thinking that Chen Feng had taken a quick word and an unexpected heavy blow.
The battle with Hong Yi at the moment, but the strength of the battle, and Hong Yi can be regarded as a powerhouse in the middle of the phase, even so, it is still not Chen Feng’s opponent, how can this calm everyone.
The most important thing is Chen Feng’s aura of rivalry and selflessness, which ordinary people don’t have. From this point, we can see the gap between everyone and Chen Feng.
“This son is not bad, very good. It’s a blessing for Wu elder to have such a martial arts school in Huaguo!”
In the VIP table, the Czarist Russian deputy said the words just now almost after Chen Feng hit Hong Yi. In addition to complimenting Wu Zhizhou, he also wanted to detract from the representative of U.S. martial arts. It kills two birds with one stone.
It’s just that when he saw Chen Feng, he sighed inwardly, if Chen Feng was a warrior of Tsarist Russia, it would be great.
As soon as the voice of the Tsarist deputy’s voice fell, the expression of the representative of the U.S. martial arts changed drastically. It was very uncomfortable in his heart, but he couldn’t say anything.
As for Wu Zhizhou, he was smiling and did not speak, but he was extremely pleased and proud.
As for the Pope did not say anything at this moment, but his eyes did not leave Chen Feng, and his eyes gradually brightened.
He served as the chairman of the World Martial Arts Competition this time, and also has the purpose of choosing a partner for the Holy See Saint Tiffany, in order to work together for the Holy See.
At this moment, Chen Feng’s wonderful performance and momentum made the pope’s heart moved, and he had the idea of recruiting Chen Feng as his son-in-law, but he did not show anything from beginning to end.
We must know that although Chen Feng is in the early stage of Huajin, his combat effectiveness far exceeds that of Chen Feng. In contrast, although Arthur has a higher realm than Chen Feng, he is not as good as Chen Feng.
The reason for saying this is because Chen Feng is still in the early stage of Huajin. When he is out of the middle stage of Huajin, who can be his opponent?
The Pope seemed to see the moment when Chen Feng would shine in the future.
At this moment, even the beautiful eyes of Tiffany, the saint of the Holy See, showed off his love for Chen Feng.
Saint Tiffany knew in her heart that the purpose of the pope who asked her to come here to watch the battle was to find a mate for herself, otherwise she would not come here at all.
At this moment, Chen Feng’s performance was seen in her eyes, and the strong were a high-profile presence no matter where they were. Even if Tiffany was a saint, he was without exception deeply attracted by Chen Feng.
In every woman’s heart, she hopes that her other half is a hero, a man who stands up and down, so that she can shelter her from the wind and rain.
The words and performances that Chen Feng shouted just now were deeply remembered by Tiffany.
While everyone was still immersed in Chen Feng’s performance, a muffled noise attracted everyone’s attention, and Hong Yi could not help but retreat. Then his right foot slammed on the ground, cracking the ground, stopping the retreat. Silhouette.
At this moment, he has become the end of the crossbow. He has not been able to kill Chen Feng at his peak, and he is even less likely to be Chen Feng’s opponent.
Originally, Hong Yi had injuries in his body. At this moment, after being kicked by Chen Feng, his injuries aggravated again. In the previous blow, he used the qi in his body to withstand most of the injuries, but there were still cracks in the waist bones, and even the kidneys appeared. Damage.
Hong Yi’s aura in his body was unstable, his strength plummeted, and it was impossible to fight back. However, Hong Yi felt even more uncomfortable in his heart than the physical damage. He couldn’t accept that Chen Feng was so tough.
Originally, with his strength in the middle of Huajin coupled with genetic drugs, it can be said to be full of confidence, but he did not expect to be unable to resist the repeated attacks of Chen Feng in the early stage of Huajin. This hurt his self-esteem, even the heart of Wuxue. Already shattered, there is no desire to win.
“You despicable villain, you are definitely not in the early stage of transformation. You must have used some means to make you seem to have only the initial stage, but the strength is in the middle stage!” Hong Yi’s defense line has collapsed at this moment, and he cannot accept the failure. He didn’t believe that he could not even beat Chen Feng in the early stage of Huajin, but was injured like this by the other party. So he said what he said just now. He thinks Chen Feng is definitely covering up his realm, and only in this way can he get him Make an excuse for your failure.

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