Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 734

Hearing Hong Yi’s unwilling words, Chen Feng’s face was frosty, and his heart moved. This Hong Yi no longer had the heart to be a warrior. At this moment, he was so pitiful that he placed his hope on a few words.
“If I’m in the middle of the dynamism, it will only take a moment to kill you!” Chen Feng said coldly, before his voice fell, he moved again and walked towards Hong Yi.
Hong Yi was trembling with Chen Feng. He did not expect Chen Feng to despise him so much, but for some reason he felt that Chen Feng did not lie to him. From the beginning of the game, the two were evenly matched, but in the middle and late stages he showed defeat. Wasn’t it more appropriate to directly defeat him from the very beginning.
Hong Yi didn’t think that Chen Shengeng’s subordinates were merciful. Only one of the two of them could go on alive. Therefore, after thinking about it, it was confirmed that Chen Feng’s words were not false and that he was indeed in the early stage of Huajin.
“Only in the early stage of Huajin can kill the strong in the mid-term. If he waits for the mid-term, what kind of terrible existence will I be his opponent by then?”
Among the warriors watching the game, William and Arthur had an idea in their hearts.
The people in the audience fell silent for an instant, and everyone was silent at the moment, staring at Chen Feng intently.
Chen Feng walked towards Hong Yi with a steady and strong pace. Hong Yi saw in his eyes and panicked in his heart. Every step Chen Feng took was like stepping on his heart, Chen Feng was an ordinary god of death who walked out of hell.
Chen Feng’s mysterious breathing method combined with his steps made the whole person’s steps full of different power.
Hong Yi couldn’t help but stepped back, almost Chen Feng took a step, he took a step back, the two of them moved in and back.
At this moment, Hong Yi is free from the arrogance and madness before the game, and some are just endless panic, but after all, he is also a powerhouse in the mid-stage of vigour, and immediately adjusted his mood after the broken heart.
When Chen Feng was less than ten steps away from him, Hong Yi moved. He grasped his palm as a claw, and walked towards Chen Feng’s door.
At this critical juncture, he wanted to make a bet, but at this moment he no longer had the strength at his peak. This combination of dragons and tigers weakened most of the strength, and after the battle just now, his mood has been shaken. It’s the final counterattack.
Facing Hong Yi’s combination of dragon and tiger attack, Chen Feng did not insist on it as he did at the beginning of the game. Instead, he moved his body and evaded the move. Then Chen Feng clenched a fist with one hand and rushed straight like lightning. Hong Yi left.
Hong Yi’s strength was greatly reduced. Facing Chen Feng’s counterattack, he had no power to fight back. At this moment, he watched Chen Feng’s iron fist coming.
With a click, the bone on his arm broke. Chen Feng didn’t stop holding his other hand half-clawed. He grabbed Hong Yi’s arm and violently pulled it. He lost the bone support and his arm was abruptly torn off.
Hong Yi let out a scream like a pig. The pain almost made him faint, but the desire to survive made him subconsciously counterattack, and clenched his fist with his other hand and went straight to Chen Feng’s head.
Regardless of Hong Yi’s current reduction in combat effectiveness, if this punch hit Chen Feng’s head, it would still break Chen Feng’s head.
It’s just a hypothesis. In his heyday he couldn’t hurt Chen Feng, let alone now.
Seeing Hong Yi’s fist coming, Chen Feng didn’t rush to break his left arm with a fist with one hand, and then pulled it again, breaking the other arm in the same way.
Hong Yi screamed again and again. He hadn’t reacted to the pain of his broken arm just now. At this moment, his other hand was torn off again. This pain made him crazy.
It’s just that his screams were interrupted by Chen Feng as soon as he heard. Chen Feng kicked Hong Yi’s knee with strong force and directly kicked the knee to pieces. After Hong Yi lost his support, he half-kneeled. At this moment, his expression was painful and he could no longer shout. This kind of pain was the first and last time he experienced this kind of pain in his life.
When Hong Yi knelt on the ground, Chen Feng did not let him go. Instead, he took turns and slammed his back on Hong Yi’s back. He knelt on both knees with pain. All this happened so quickly. As for everyone, they didn’t see clearly.
All of Chen Feng’s actions were almost completed in the blink of an eye, and the audience saw Hong Yi kneeling on the ground.
“What’s the matter? Did you see clearly?”
“I don’t know, what happened just now?”
“This Chen Feng is too fast, we didn’t see it clearly!”
“What Chen Feng is going to do!”
There was a lot of discussion, and most of them lamented that Chen Feng was too fast, but they still didn’t know what Chen Feng did all this for.
“Back then, my senior brother Ye Nantian was besieged by the so-called strong man, and your master Hong Tianba was also in it, and eventually disabled my senior brother. Today you will apologize to my senior brother for your master!”
As soon as Chen Feng’s voice fell, he drove directly to Hong Yi’s side and knocked his head to the ground, but Chen Feng didn’t control his strength, and knocked down one head, Hong Yi’s face was directly injured, blood flowing.
“Boom! Boom! Boom!”
Chen Feng pressed Hong Yi’s head and knocked his head three times. At this moment, Hong Yi was completely unrecognizable, and the blood had covered his face.
“Asshole, you…you killed me!”
Hong Yi gritted his teeth bitterly. When did he receive such insults, he wanted to die now.
Hong Yi’s arms were broken, and even when he retired, he couldn’t practice martial arts and was completely degraded.
Listening to Hong Yi’s death begging, Chen Feng ignored it, but turned and left the arena and walked to the lounge.
“I will save you life, I want you to die!” Chen Feng did not look back.
“Kill me, kill me!”
Seeing Chen Feng turned and left, Hong Yi yelled heartbreakingly. He knew in his heart that this life was abolished. Instead of living like this, it would be better to die clean, but Chen Feng did not kill him.
At this moment, he was left alone on the ground, like a disabled dog, extremely embarrassed.
“it is good!”
“Chen Feng, great!”
After a short silence, roars broke out in the audience again. Today’s battle was extremely exciting, and everyone was feasting their eyes.
“His grandma’s, so hateful!”
Ji Yun’s mood at the moment was beyond words, and she stood up again excitedly, venting her emotions loudly.
Tian Ying also stood up from his seat, his mood was equally excited, and he was extremely proud at the same time, because Chen Feng was a Chinese and his companion.
“Chen Feng, you deserve to be Chen Feng, and only Chen Feng can have such strength!”
“That is, now it seems that Chen Feng’s strength is much stronger than the rumors!”

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