Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 735

“Chen Feng is really good. He treats his friends boldly and ruthlessly to his enemies. If he can become Chen Feng’s friend, this life is enough!”
The audience beside Tianying and Ji Yun couldn’t help discussing at this moment, and the words were all admiration and respect for Chen Feng.
The strong are always respected by everyone.
Even the expressions they looked at Ji Yun and Tianying when they were discussing were slightly envious, because they wanted to get acquainted with a strong man like Chen Feng and a person who values love and justice.
“Chen Feng, this kid is not easy!”
“Yes, it is not easy to beat Hong Yi, who is at the peak of the middle stage of the transformation, with the strength of the early stage of Huajin. If there is no accident, he will win the championship in this world-class martial arts competition!”
“Chen Feng can be the first person among the younger generation!”
The discussion just now was just about some low-strength warriors and ordinary people, and now even the contestants can’t help but talk.
In the final analysis, Chen Feng was too brilliant in the game, and his strength could not be ignored. At this moment, everyone did not dare to despise Chen Feng.
Chen Feng actually killed the middle stage of the transformation with his strength in the early stage of transformation, so when he breaks through the stage of transformation, what kind of terrifying state he will reach, it is not known…
But it is precisely because of this that Chen Feng is more important to everyone, because you never know what strength such a person will explode in the next moment.
At this moment, everyone in the audience was talking about Chen Feng, and the deeds that Chen Feng hoped to break through the dark hall of the East and the West successfully broke through the power of the blockade of a country. After all the deeds were helped by the people, they gradually became known to everyone.
They believe that if Chen Feng goes on with his current strength, he will become the first person in this world in the future, and he will become the existence that all warriors admire.
Most people are talking, but there are exceptions, that is Hong Tianba.
Hong Tianba’s eyes were dull at the moment, and he watched the heirs he had worked so hard to cultivate. At this moment, an ordinary crippled dog was pushed on the ring. He couldn’t accept this fact until now.
Back then, Chen Feng broke into the branch of the Qinghong organization in China, and also killed the other three apprentices of Hong Tianba, Mo Dao, Hong Lie, and Lei Jue.
In the end, Qing Hong organized an emergency meeting to discuss the attack on Chen Feng, and finally unanimously decided to let Hong Yi kill Chen Feng. Hong Tianba was very supportive of this decision.
Because Hong Tianba knows very well about the strength of his apprentice Hong Yi, Hong Yi is already extremely powerful, coupled with genetic drugs that can improve combat effectiveness in a short period of time, the two can be said to be even more powerful. In the early days, Chen Feng should be stable, and not only that, Hong Tianba would also train Hong Yi to become stronger, so that he would directly become the first person in the younger generation.
From Hong Tianba’s point of view, this wish is right in front of him. After killing Chen Feng, Hong Yi can immediately become famous, which is extremely beneficial to Hong Tianba himself.
But I didn’t expect that all opportunities would be lost at this moment, and Hong Yi was dead.
This battle has exceeded Hong Tianba’s expectations. Even if Chen Feng killed Li Changxi and Ron before, he did not have any fluctuations. In his opinion, Chen Feng was a coincidence and coincidence, and at that time Li Changxi and Ron were together. He didn’t have a chance to stimulate the genetic medicine in the body. For various reasons, he didn’t think his apprentice could not beat Chen Feng, and comforted his apprentice to give him the confidence to fight.
It’s just that looking at Hong Yi lying on the stage at this moment, all my hard work has been shattered. I don’t want to admit this fact, but the shouts and cheers of the surrounding audience remind him of the truth in front of him.
And he also noticed that the eyes of many powerful people on the VIP table swept at him from time to time, and those eyes made him feel complacent. His meeting was completely lost, and he wanted to dig a big hole and get in.
He knew that those eyes were full of sarcasm and ridicule.
Hong Tianba took a deep breath, calmed down, and then the figure moved at an extremely fast speed, and almost instantly turned into an afterimage, and jumped down from the stands, the figure was like an ordinary swallow, extremely light.
Almost when Hong Tianba just left the stands, four figures moved at the same time, very fast.
These four figures were Wu Zhizhou, Ji Wudao, Fang Zheng and Cang Bo. Behind them there were Tianying and Ji Yun. They were heading straight to the ring at a very fast speed.
Wu Zhizhou and other extremely powerful people have never left Hong Tianba’s eyes to prevent his dog from jumping the wall. At this moment, seeing him leave, everyone’s heart moved to prevent Hong Tianba from attacking Chen Feng.
At this moment, there was a figure that was faster than everyone else, and he came to Hong Tianba in the blink of an eye. Everyone looked intently and found that the black figure turned out to be Osius. He was organized by this world-class competition. The vice-chairman is a very important person. The pope arranged for him to stare at the arena to prevent anyone from attacking the junior warriors.
“You stop, please don’t break the rules of this game!”
Osius stretched out his palm and signaled Hong Tianba to stop, and at the same time a word came to remind him.
When Osius’ voice came out, Hong Tianba stopped, and the audience in the audience also stopped talking in a tacit understanding, and all looked at Hong Tianba.
“I don’t mean anything else, I just want to take my apprentice away!”
Hong Tianba looked ugly. At this moment, being watched by so many people, he couldn’t wait to leave here, saying that he also thought about killing Chen Feng, but doing it here was equivalent to ignoring the World Martial Arts Organization, and he couldn’t bear it.
Besides, there are many masters here, let alone Osius in front of him, he is the vice president of the World Martial Arts Organization, his strength is extremely terrifying, Hong Tianba is not sure that he can kill Chen Feng under his interference.
“Well, so the best!”
Osius breathed a sigh of relief, then side of his body, motioned for Hong Tianba to pass.
At this time, Wu Zhizhou and others who came with him also gave a sigh of relief, but they surrounded Chen Feng and did not leave him for half a step.
Hong Tianba’s eyes were full of viciousness, and he couldn’t wait to tear Chen Feng alive, but this was just an idea, Hong Tianba retracted his gaze and turned to his apprentice Hong Yi.
“Master, I’m sorry, I am incompetent!”
Seeing Master Hong Tianba approaching, Hong Yi said weakly with tears in his eyes.
Hong Tianba didn’t say anything, and leaned over to help Hong Yi up.
“Master, don’t worry about me, you kill me!”
Hong Yi’s words were full of despair, and he begged Master to end his life.
When Hong Tianba heard the disciple’s plea, he had a meal. He had experienced this scene twice.
The first time was the battle between his big apprentice Lei Jue and Chen Feng. In the end, Lei Jue was maimed by Chen Feng. At that time, Lei Jue also begged Master to end his life in this tone. At this moment, Hong Tianba encountered this again. For this kind of thing, Hong Yi has also followed the old path of senior brother.

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