Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 736

Hong Tianba had already suppressed his emotions just now. Hearing Hong Yi’s words at this moment, his inner anger was aroused again. Even though Hong Tianba was already in the category of a master, he couldn’t help his temper at this moment.
“Chen Feng, you bastard, I’m not at odds with you!” Hong Tianba roared, completely venting the emotions in his heart, and then grabbed Hong Yi to speed, he didn’t want to stay here for a minute.
After Hong Tianba dropped these words, everyone present was stunned. They didn’t expect the strong man on the god list to say such words with such a lack of grace.
Just remembering that several of Hong Tianba’s apprentices were all maimed by Chen Feng, and that even Qing Hong’s branch in China was also taken over, everyone was relieved, the feud between them was too deep. There is no possibility of mediation at all.
“Xiaofeng, don’t take it to heart. In this game, I will not allow anyone to touch you at other times except for the game!”
Wu Zhizhou took a few steps forward and comforted Chen Feng. As the leader of the Wu League, Wu Zhizhou was also the representative of the Hua Guo martial arts circle. If Chen Feng had a little loss, then his representative would be shameless.
Based on Wu Zhizhou’s understanding of Hong Tianba, the other party was obviously forced to say such things, because it is inevitable that the other party would make some crazy actions.
He was afraid that Chen Feng would have scruples in his heart and would not be able to fight with all his strength in the next game, so he comforted.
“Yes, with people like us, no one dare to move you!” Master Fang Zheng also comforted.
Chen Feng originally wanted to say something, but he still swallowed the words. Hong Tianba didn’t despise what he said, but he didn’t care too much.
With Chen Feng’s character, he would not take this threat to his heart, otherwise he would not be able to go today. The concern of Wu Zhizhou and others made him feel warm and did not say anything.
In this way, accompanied by Wu Zhizhou, Ji Wudao, Fang Zheng, Cangbo, Tianying, Ji Yun and others, left the arena, followed by the Pope and Saint Tiffany.
The reason why the Pope and the saint came here today is because this is the first of the eight strong matches. It is the opening ceremony. Otherwise, they would not come as two people.
The saint supported the pope and walked side by side. The pope said, “Tiffany, that Chen Feng is good!”
The Pope continued with a smile but a smile: “This young man is good, strong, and he can become a strong man in the future, and he is extremely loyal to relatives and friends. This kind of person is rare!”
Before the pope’s voice, Saint Tiffany’s face was already red like an apple, a little embarrassed, he pondered for a moment, he said shyly: “Not only that, this person gives people a very mysterious feeling, and the temperament is very outstanding. People want to know everything about him!”
“I just don’t know the next match between Chen Feng and Arthur. Who will you support?” The Pope looked at the saint beside him and asked.
“Your Majesty the Pope!”
Saint Tiffany nudged the Pope. She knew that the Pope was teasing her. At this moment, she chuckled and showed hope, wanting to know everything about Chen Feng.
Some were happy and some were sad. In another viewing area, Arthur looked gloomy and clenched his fists. He just saw the pope and the saint leaving. Although the distance is a little far away, the martial arts practitioners have excellent eyesight. Arthur relied on the Pope and The changes in the expressions of the saints, and the changes in their lips, have already understood the meaning of their words.
It was because of this that Arthur was furious and extremely angry.
“Huh, I will let you know that Chen Feng of China is nothing, I am the best of the younger generation!” Arthur gritted his teeth, clenched his fists, and revealed his murderous intentions. He wanted to prove himself, he wanted to be a saint. Tiffany hit Chen Feng in front of him, allowing the Pope to see who is the strongest.
And William on the side also felt Arthur’s killing intent. After looking at him, he turned his gaze to Chen Feng. At the beginning, Augustus asked him to kill Arthur, but William had already put Arthur behind. He He wanted to kill Chen Feng.
“Next game, don’t let me down!”
William murmured and turned to leave.
Rome Umberto I was a medical institution and a hospital with extremely strong teaching staff. This hospital has a history of a thousand years, and there are many outstanding doctors in Europe.
The Rome Umberto I Hospital can accommodate thousands of people in hospital at the same time. It can be said to be extremely large. This hospital can only accommodate two patients in one ward, and is taken care of by medical staff throughout the day.
It is precisely because of this that the world-class martial arts organization has designated the Rome Umberto I Hospital as the designated hospital for the competition. If a player is injured, he will be sent here as soon as possible.
San Jie was in this hospital. At that time, San Jie was sent here as soon as he was seriously injured. After the match between Chen Feng and Hong Yi, it was convenient for Wu Zhizhou, Fang Zheng and others to come to the hospital, and they were found immediately. The attending doctor of Sanjie.
“There is good news, your friend Sanjie has now regained consciousness, and the internal organs have been healed automatically. It is incredible!”
The attending doctor immediately told Chen Feng and others about the good news.
“Yes, thank you so much!”
After Chen Feng heard the good news, he was very excited and thanked him again and again.
Chen Feng knows that the three precepts can wake up because of his own strong resilience, but the hospital also played a very good role. The three precepts are Chen Feng’s brother. Now the three precepts are awake, and the excitement in Chen Feng’s heart can no longer be expressed. expression.
“You’re polite, we didn’t do anything. It relies solely on the patient’s recovery ability. I have been a doctor for so many years, and this is the first time I have seen such a resilient person!
Speaking of the physical fitness of the three precepts, the attending doctor could not help but praise.
Chen Feng nodded and thanked the doctor again before turning to leave.
Wu Zhizhou and the others waited early, and when Chen Feng came by, everyone gathered around and waited for Chen Feng’s answer.
“How’s it going?” Fang Zheng couldn’t wait to see Chen Feng coming over, so he asked quickly.
Because the doctor spoke Italian, only Chen Feng could understand it, so Chen Feng was allowed to negotiate.
“Don’t worry, the doctor said…” Chen Feng first comforted everyone, and then repeated the doctor’s words.
Everyone heaved a sigh of relief. In the conversation between Chen Feng and the attending doctor just now, everyone looked at his expression and guessed a general idea. At this moment, when Chen Feng said the words of peace, everyone was extremely happy. This is the best time this time. Happy event.
You must know that since the Three Precepts were seriously injured, everyone’s mood was not very good, and the injuries were very serious at the beginning, and almost life was hanging by a thread. If it weren’t for the tenacious vitality of the Three Precepts, it would have been useless on stage.

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