Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 737

After sending Sanjie to the hospital, the doctor also said that it was life-threatening, and the news was like a huge rock weighing on everyone’s hearts.
At this moment, the three precepts have regained consciousness and their injuries are improving. Everyone is very happy.
Not long after, the light in the intensive care unit went out, the door of the ward opened, and Sanjie was pushed out.
“Haha, monk, I knew you would definitely not die!” Seeing Sanjie being pushed out, everyone surrounded him, Ji Yun looked excited and couldn’t help but ridicule.
“Maybe I haven’t completed my merits yet, the Buddha let me go back to the world to practice!”
Although Sanjie’s voice was a little weak, his complexion returned to blood, and it seemed that his injury was improving.
As soon as the words of Sanjie fell, everyone laughed. Recently, he was really worried about his injury.
“It’s all like this, and I’m still silly!” Master Fang Zheng stepped forward and pretended to be angrily. Only looking at the appearance of Sanjie at the moment, Master Fang Zheng couldn’t bear it, and comforted: “Recover well and don’t think about anything else. , I have taken the best medicine to help you recover. I believe it won’t be long before you can recover!”
“it is good!”
San Jie’s heart trembled, and Fang Zheng’s words warmed his heart, and his eyes were a little moist. Don’t look at his usual feeling of cynicism, but he knew in his heart that Master Fang Zheng was very kind to him.
They are more like a father and son than they are teachers and apprentices. Although Master Fang Zheng often teaches him, he still cares a lot about the Three Precepts. Just like the Three Precepts was seriously injured this time, Master Fang Zheng almost couldn’t bear it. I’m going to kill Hong Yi’s bastard.
Sanjie is his apprentice, the bottom line in Master Fang Zheng’s heart.
“Three Commandments, take good care of your injuries, Chen Feng has already avenged you!”
At this moment, Tianying also opened his mouth and said calmly. Who knows that his voice has not yet fallen, Ji Yun on the side came to his mind, and immediately followed Tianying’s words.
“Three commandments, don’t you know that Hong Yi is too crippled. Two arms were torn apart by Chen Feng, and even his leg was interrupted by Chen Feng. It can be said that life is better than death!”
Ji Yun became more excited as she spoke.
“He met Chen Feng, he was unlucky!” Sanjie smiled slightly, he knew that everything Chen Feng did was to help him get revenge.
At this moment, the expression in his eyes when he looked at Chen Feng revealed his gratitude. Although it was not so obvious, San Jie had already taken this matter to his heart.
The three precepts are not the kind of person who is good at expressing, especially for feelings, so he simply said one sentence, keeping the rest of the words in his heart and cherishing it deep in his heart.
Holy See Royal Palace.
A voice came from Saintess Tiffany’s room, “Saint, the information you need has been sorted out and sent to your mailbox!”
A nun in a black shirt salutes Tiffany.
“I found it so soon?” Saint Tiffany was a little surprised.
When Saint Tiffany accompanied Pope Zeus back to the palace, she sent a message to her nun, asking her to help check all the information about Chen Feng, but she didn’t expect the nun to be ready soon after she came back.
The nun saw Tiffany’s doubts and explained, “That’s the case. Chen Feng is already very famous and the favorite to win this competition. All the information about him has been collected for a long time, but this kind of information is basically the same. It’s obvious. As for Chen Feng’s privacy, there should be no matter, but I will make arrangements to let the intelligence department collect all his information!”
“Well, you did this very well!”
The saint Tiffany couldn’t help but praised the nun, and then waved her hand to indicate that the other party should withdraw first. The nun bowed again and turned to leave.
After the nun left the room, Tiffany couldn’t wait to turn on the computer, and then clicked on the mailbox to find the information that belonged to Chen Feng. It was very clear about Chen Feng’s gender, age, nationality, experience, and marital status.
When Saintess Tiffany saw the column of marital status, her brows frowned slightly, which said married.
“He actually got married!”
Tiffany’s face was tight, and it was written that his wife was Xia Mengyao, just watching Tiffany gradually change from surprise to shock.
“How did he manage to break into Dongying alone with one person, and finally retreat with his whole body!”
Tiffany is really hard to imagine how he did all this. She has read all the materials of Chen Feng not long afterwards. After that, the saint Tiffany couldn’t calm down for a long time. Even in her capacity, it was incredible to experience it at this moment.
“Why on earth does he rely on strength? Probably not. If you know that Dongying also has hidden peerless powerhouses, it is by luck? Probably not!”
Saint Tiffany couldn’t understand how she thought about it. Because of this, he became more and more curious about Chen Feng. She couldn’t wait to come to Chen Feng and ask all the questions.
In a hotel in Guangming Plaza, Takeno Miyamoto from Toyo looked at the information about Chen Feng’s last game with a serious face at the moment.
The above clearly describes all the links in the last game, Miyamoto Takeno’s face is gloomy, and Zuo Zhu is going to defeat Chen Feng in this way, which is not small.
After thinking again and again, he called his apprentice Zuo Zhu over, ready to discuss it.
“Boom boom boom!”
At first there was a knock on the door, and then left to build and push the door in.
“Master, are you looking for me?”
Zuo Zhu looked respectful. He was a genius in the Eastern martial arts circle. Although he had been missing for a while, Miyamoto Takeno was still his master for him.
“The last game is over, the strength of that guy is beyond my expectations!”
Miyamoto Takeno didn’t hide anything, but said truthfully.
“Well, now the hotel is talking a lot!”
Zuo Zhu’s expression is very calm. Compared with his master, he has no mood swings at all, which is nothing to him.
“Don’t underestimate the enemy, take the strongest blow at the beginning, and then stimulate the genetic medicine in your body!” Seeing Zuo Zhu’s expression, his master was afraid that he would underestimate the enemy too much and eventually lost his life.
“It’s okay, it’s not difficult to kill Chen Feng!” Zuo Zhu still had the chance to win.
“You…” Takeno Miyamoto was a little angry. He couldn’t think of what Zuo Zhu had to rely on. After all, his master knew too much about his strength.
Xu Ye saw the master’s thoughts, and Zuo Zhu said faintly, “I have thoroughly understood Polangzhan!”
“What?” Takeno Miyamoto stood up directly with a look of shock.
The supreme mastery of the East Ying martial arts world, breaking the waves.
There are no more than three people who can practice this trick of Polangzhan, two of them are ancient, the founder and his descendants, and the third is the martial genius Zuo Zhu. It can be seen how significant this move is.
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