Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 738

What a character Miyamoto Takeno was, he was recognized as the god of war in the Eastern martial arts circle, but even he was shocked to learn that Zuo Zhu had trained as Polangzhan.
You must know that breaking waves is not an ordinary martial arts, it is a peerless martial arts that has been circulated in ancient times.
The Tianjiao who created this fascinating knowledge back then, with this move, almost swept all the warriors, not only Dongying, but also the warriors of other countries were also aware of Breaking Waves.
In the era of closed information, the ability to have such a reputation shows the talent and fierceness of the creators.
It’s just that this move was short-lived in the arena back then. After the creator, only his descendants used this move. After his descendants passed away, no one knew the mantra of this move.
Today, Dongying’s martial arts genius Zuo Zhu once again completed the practice of this move, and he will use this move to fight the other warriors.
Miyamoto Takeno was no ordinary person. He was shocked for an instant, then recovered calmly and asked, “Is it the Ninja Emperor who taught you?”
Zuo Zhu nodded and said nothing.
The Emperor Ninja is the supreme figure in the martial arts world of the East, and only he can have this strength, and only he can have this experience, and only he can teach Zuo Zhu the unique knowledge that has been lost for hundreds of years.
At that time, Zuo Zhu mysteriously disappeared, and outsiders did not know it, but Miyamoto Takeno knew that after Zuo Zhu disappeared, he was taken away by the military, and then the emperor Ninja taught martial arts himself. Of course, if the emperor did not know this move, Then I believe no one in the world knows.
“Master Ninja said that after learning to break the waves, the chance of winning the championship in this competition will increase by 30%!” Zuo Zhu said confidently.
“Well, since Ninja Emperor said it, that’s right!” Miyamoto Takeno nodded his head with a smile, and the worry just now was wiped out.
In Miyamoto Takeno’s opinion, whether or not he can win the championship is of secondary importance, as long as Chen Feng is killed. From the current situation, it is no problem to kill Chen Feng.
“Go get ready, this afternoon is your battle with that Hua Guo Tianying!” Miyamoto Takeno looked at Zuo Zhu with a very different expression at the moment.
Hearing what the master Miyamoto Takeno said, Zuo Zhu smiled dismissively: “Does the Chinaman Tianying need to prepare to kill him? I slap him into a dead eagle!”
“Hahaha!” Miyamoto Musashi laughed, but didn’t say anything, because at this moment he already thought Zuo Zhu had the capital to dominate the crowd.
As time passed, the sunset was over the mountains, and the evening glow spread across the sky. Chen Feng, Wu Zhizhou, Master Fang Zheng and others came to the competition ground to watch the next Tianying battle.
This game depends on who can win Zuo Zhu and Tianying.
The rest of the players have already advanced, and Arthur, William, and Deney all won the game and became the real favorites in this game.
The three of them are still the same as before. Arthur’s momentum is like a rainbow and instantly defeats his opponent. As for William, he is also decisive and killed in one shot. Although Dunney’s players will not lose their lives, everyone will have a blue nose and swollen faces when they leave the field. , Extremely embarrassed.
Compared with the ease and ease of the three of them, the secret weapon Munir from the United States and the secret weapon player from Tsarist Russia, although the two of them did not instantly defeat their opponents, they also defeated each other within eight moves and successfully advanced.
In so many games, in addition to Chen Feng’s game, which was more enjoyable, there was one person who went to the warrior Luma from the Indian tribe to play against the genius Charlie from the Eagle King.
Charlie ranked seventh in the championship, but it was very difficult to play against Ruma.
The two of you came and went, and they played happily. For a while, it was difficult to distinguish between each other. The audience liked such a wonderful game. They recruited dangerously on the court, but shouted repeatedly outside the court.
The two played dozens of rounds. After a few hundred moves, Charlie, a martial arts genius from the Eagle King’s room, lost the battle and lost the game.
It’s just that Ruan, the warrior of the Indian tribe, is not much better. Although he won the game, his hand was seriously injured, which will affect the next game, or in the next game, he will have no chance of winning.
Because he was already seriously injured, he couldn’t play his peak strength at all. The most important opponent was William. With William’s brutal and bloody way before, almost everyone thought that Ruma would surrender early.
William’s game can be said to be the least to watch, because since he participated in the game every time he was killed, everyone was a little surprised at the beginning, but it has been a little numb.
Therefore, William’s game was a little less exciting.
However, Denney and Arthur’s opponents were the secret weapon of the United States and the secret weapon of Tsarist Russia. Their battle should be very exciting.
However, what everyone is looking forward to most is still Chen Feng’s match, Chen Feng against Dongying martial arts genius Zuo Zhu.
From the first appearance of Chen Feng to the mid-term Li Changxi, Ron’s arrogance and rampantness, and finally let Chen Feng directly killed, you must know that the two of them are also good, these two battles completely attracted everyone’s attention.
The most exciting thing is to talk about the battle between Chen Feng and Hong Yi. Hong Yi has reached the peak of the mid-term Huajin. Even so, the battle against Chen Feng still fell into a disadvantage and was finally abandoned by Chen Feng.
All of this made everyone’s eyes look at Chen Feng, expecting him to appear, and as long as Zuo Zhu wins Tianying, then the next duel with Chen Feng.
You must know that Chen Feng had a fight in Dongying before and killed many people. Dongying had already pursued and killed Chen Feng. In addition, Zuo Zhu was a genius in Dongying martial arts. He disappeared for ten years and suddenly appeared. , Once again pushed this battle to a climax.
Due to Chen Feng, the afternoon match between Tianying and Zuo Zhu was obviously more attractive than the others.
When Chen Feng and several people came to the stadium, the stadium was already overcrowded, crowded with people, and there were bursts of noise and discussions.
Chen Feng, Wu Zhizhou and others were walking side by side. Wu Zhizhou seemed to remember something, and said, “Tianying, this battle must not be taken carelessly. Hua Guo and Dongying were not in harmony. Last time Chen Feng was in Dongying again. We had a fight and killed many warriors, which made the Dongying martial arts community extremely hate our martial arts community. I think their goal is not the so-called champion, but a shame!”
Wu Zhizhou spoke with a dignified tone and continued: “During the game, you must never promise a life or death battle. If you are uncertain, don’t be arrogant. Even if you don’t surrender, you have to find a reason to end the game, such as lying on the ground. Play dead!”
Tianying lost his voice. He never thought that the dean of the Chinese martial arts world, the elder of the military league, would let himself end the game in this way, and the game has not yet started. This is tantamount to cultivating others’ aspirations and destroying his own prestige.

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