Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 739

Seeing what Tianying wanted to refute, his master Cangbo said: “Xiaoying, Elder Wu is right. He is for your safety. The dignity of Huaguo’s martial arts world is defended by a strong man like Chen Feng. Don’t think too much, don’t feel pressure, you need to know that you are still young and the road ahead is long, and don’t lose your life for the so-called dignity!”
Cangbo knew very well that since Dongying sent Zuo Zhu out of the mountain to kill Chen Feng, they must have some understanding of Chen Feng’s strength. Under this circumstance, they still dared to take action, indicating that Zuo Zhu should not be underestimated and his strength must be. Above the Sky Eagle, we must never let Sky Eagle die.
“Know it!”
Tianying’s face was ugly, so Wu Zhizhou was just talking. Cangbo didn’t dare not listen to what he said, but he was extremely frustrated, his fists clenched, and his heart wrestled secretly.
After Tianying’s performance Wu Zhizhou, Cangbo looked worried, and if Tianying challenged him in such a state, it would be more fortunate.
And what the two of them said just now didn’t work. Instead, Tianying made up his mind to defeat Zuo Zhu, which really pushed things into a bad situation.
At this moment, Chen Feng, who had not spoken, also saw that the situation was a bit bad, and immediately said to Tianying: “Do you remember what you said to me that day?”
Tianying was stunned. He didn’t know what Chen Feng meant, but he still said what he said when participating in the selection: “I look forward to fighting you!”
Of course, what he called a battle was a battle when two people were of similar strength, not to mention Tianying, even Wu Zhizhou, Cang Bo and others were taken aback, wondering what Chen Feng meant.
“Nothing can underestimate the opponent. I understand your strength. You are very strong, but this match is not a life or death feud. If you can’t defeat your opponent in the battle, then it’s nothing. The most important thing is to protect yourself! ”
Chen Fengyu earnestly persuaded Tianying: “Your and mine fight is not only a battle, but a lifetime. I will wait for you, and don’t let me down!”
“Okay!” Tianying nodded heavily, sweeping away the unhappiness just now. Chen Feng’s words aroused his fighting spirit and made him look forward to future battles with Chen Feng.
Because in his heart he still regards Chen Feng as his opponent and benchmark. Even though Chen Feng is already very strong today, Tianying did not give up. He decided inwardly that one day he would have to fight Chen Feng happily. .
Wu Zhizhou and Cang Bo looked at each other, and both could see the smile in each other’s eyes. Chen Feng’s words completely made Tianying give up his determination to fight Zuo Zhu, which was exactly what they wanted.
Although Tianying’s life was saved, thinking of Chen Feng’s agreement, both Wu Zhizhou were silent, because in this world-class martial arts competition, if Chen Feng wins the championship, then Tianying and Chen Feng’s The gap will get bigger and bigger, and Chen Feng will become an insurmountable mountain in Tianying’s heart.
It’s just that everything has changed. One day in the future, the two of them recalled what they said today and felt ashamed.
After calming Tianying’s mood, Chen Feng, Wu Zhizhou, Cang Bo and others walked to the arena. As soon as they arrived, the audience immediately cheered, and most of them were calling Chen Feng’s name.
They are looking forward to the battle between Chen Feng and Zuo Zhu, which must be very exciting.
Regarding all this, Chen Feng’s expression remained calm, and his mood was not at all disturbing. Chen Feng, Ji Yun, Tianying and others waited for the contestant Hou Sai area.
Wu Zhizhou and the other seniors also walked to their seats.
There were endless cheers and some whispered comments, most of which were discussing the battle between Chen Feng and Zuo Zhu.
When Chen Feng walked over, many people greeted and waved in greeting again. In contrast, Chen Feng did not hold the shelf, but responded to everyone one by one with a smile, appearing very approachable.
When Chen Feng took his seat, the host took the microphone with a smile on his face and walked onto the stage.
“Ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon, everyone. Now the game is in the late stage, and the situation is getting more and more exciting. Now the top eight players are Hua Guo Chen Feng, Tianying, Zuo Zhu, William, Arthur, and Lu Ma, Munir, Lovsky, then the next step is the China Skyhawk, against Dongying Zuozhu. Who do you think will win the final victory?”
The host is still like this, standing on stage to mobilize everyone’s mood, when his voice just fell, there was a noise from the audience. Some people think that Zuo Zhu is a genius that Dongying has not made for many years, coupled with the previous fighting strength. Extremely strong.
There are also some people who think that although Tianying was not selected as one of the top sixteen at the beginning of the game, he was extremely sharp in the middle of the battle, and even one of the sixteen strong fighters was defeated by Tianying. It can be described as not to be underestimated.
But most people still think Zuo Zhu can win. Compared with the battle between the two of them, everyone still looks forward to the duel between Zuo Zhu and Chen Feng.
The host knew everyone’s thoughts on the stage, pretending to be an exaggeration: “Unbelievable, do you all think Dongying Zuozhu can win this game? Okay, then we will invite two players to play next. Now, who can win the game this time!”
I have to say that the host will improve everyone’s mood. As soon as the voice fell, the audience couldn’t wait to watch the game and expressed their emotions loudly.
Tianying was the first to appear. He was wearing a black robe with a cold expression, like a sharp sword waiting to be unsheathed, and he wanted to walk on the stage calmly.
Although Tianying was the first person to defeat one of the top sixteen, his appearance did not arouse the shouting and interaction of the audience, but he did not care.
Unlike Tianying, as soon as Zuo Zhu appeared, the audience shouted loudly that Zuo Zhu would win, but Zuo Zhu did not respond.
Zuo Zhu helped a piece of white cloth on his head, wearing a white samurai uniform, his eyes were like a sword, and he scattered towards Tianying, showing his murderous intent. He was full of hostility to everyone in China, especially the warriors.
I saw Zuo Zhuqi sinking his dantian, and suddenly he shouted: “Shina man, do you have the guts to fight with me for life and death!”
Zuo Zhu’s shout completely overwhelmed all the voices in the audience and became the only voice at the moment.
Zuo Zhu’s scheming is very deep. As soon as he took the stage, he took the lead in talking about birth and death before the referee could speak.
“Life and death battle!”
“Life and death battle!”
The audience shouted one after another, and it was not too big to watch the excitement. They thought that only Chen Feng’s battle would have a life-and-death battle, but they didn’t expect to see the life-and-death battle right now, and they couldn’t help shouting one by one.
Tianying frowned and did not answer.

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