Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 74

Xu Feirong was in a complicated mood at this time. She was already in the same place and was rescued twice by Chen Feng.
Xu Feirong sighed faintly, that person in the past could be deceived. When did he possess such monstrous energy? Even Gu Dongchen, a world-headed snake who is fearless and fearless, is willing to sacrifice his life for him.
And this time, he also offended the Jinling Bai family because of himself. What should she do to pay back this favor?
“Miss Xu, should I take you to the hospital first?” Gu Dongchen asked tentatively. Xu Feirong’s injuries were not serious, but because of Chen Feng’s relationship, he had to be cautious.
“No, I’m fine.” Xu Feirong shook her head, she was not so delicate yet.
As soon as the words fell, Xia Mengyao and Chen Feng rushed over.
“Fei Rong, are you okay!” Xia Mengyao couldn’t help being shocked when she saw Xu Feirong’s bloodshed.
“Mengyao, I’m fine.” Xu Feirongqiang smiled and shook her head. Her beautiful eyes were a little red. After all, she was just an ordinary girl. In the face of the situation just now, how could it be possible that nothing happened at all? .
Had Chen Feng not let Gu Dongchen rush over, I’m afraid she would have been a corpse now.
“Fei Rong, did he do it?” Xia Mengyao looked at Gu Dongchen with an unkind complexion, thinking that it was Gu Dongchen who was unwilling to die, and then started on Xu Feirong.
Hearing this, Gu Dongchen’s expression changed drastically, and said, “Miss Xia, you are wronged…”
“Mengyao, it’s not Master Chen, it’s Master Chen who led someone to save me.” Xu Feirong shook her head hurriedly. It seems that Xia Mengyao still doesn’t know that it was Gu Dongchen ordered by Chen Feng.
“Ah?” Xia Mengyao opened her mouth in shock. Gu Dongchen rescued Xu Feirong. What the hell was going on, could it be…
Xia Mengyao shifted her gaze to Chen Feng, except for Chen Feng, she could not think of anyone else.
“Meng Yao, he is the friend I said.” Chen Feng smiled bitterly.
“Friends?” Xia Mengyao was even more confused. How could Chen Feng and Gu Dongchen become friends? Didn’t he just teach Gu Dongchen in Golden Age last time?
“Yes, yes, I and Mr. Chen… are friends.” Gu Dongchen almost missed the conversation and called Mr. Chen Shao Chen.
Xia Mengyao was even more suspicious. How did she feel? Gu Dongchen looked at Chen Feng’s eyes with a little fear, and he was not like a friend at all.
“Mengyao, send Fei Rong to the hospital first, I think she seems to be hurt.” Seeing that Xia Mengyao seemed to have the intention of breaking the casserole and asking the end, Chen Feng hurriedly spoke and changed the subject.
“Well, Feirong, let’s go to the hospital.” Xia Mengyao also reacted, Xu Feirong is still injured.
“Okay.” Xu Feirong said softly, but when she left, she glanced at Chen Feng deeply, as if she wanted to see something from Chen Feng’s face.
Chen Feng was expressionless.
Seeing the two leave, Gu Dongchen wiped the cold sweat from his head, and finally heaved a sigh of relief.
“Chen Shao…” Gu Dongchen smirked. This is the third time he has seen Chen Feng. Every time he sees Chen Feng, his heart will thump, of course, he is frightened.
“This is a good thing, I owe you a favor.” Chen Feng smiled faintly, said.
“Chen Shao, you are too serious. I don’t dare to be impersonal. It is my blessing to be able to help you.” Gu Dongchen smiled charmingly. Although he still doesn’t know what Chen Feng’s identity is, he can make Han Long willing. Being a dog is definitely not easy.
Chen Feng shook his head and said, “If you have any trouble in the future, you can call me.”
“Yes, Shao Chen.” Gu Dongchen nodded hurriedly, then looked up again, Chen Feng had already left.
After sending Xu Feirong to the hospital, Xia Mengyao insisted on staying and taking care of her, and Chen Feng could only go home alone.
In the ward, Xu Feirong sighed, glanced at Xia Mengyao, and couldn’t help asking: “Mengyao, do you really understand Chen Feng?”
“Ah? Why do you ask that?” Xia Mengyao curiously asked. In the past, Xu Feirong would choke on Chen Feng every time she met Chen Feng. She felt that she and Chen Feng were a couple, but now, Xu Feirong. When I saw Chen Feng, he meant to dodge.
“Meng Yao, I used to blame Chen Feng…” Xu Feirong said.
Xia Mengyao frowned.
“Chen Feng is not as useless as others said. On the contrary, he is a very courageous and unique man.” Xu Feirong’s expression is very complicated. Today Song Jun’s betrayal made her fully aware of the previous How stupid she is.
A man is not worthless, not just looking at the small things in life, but looking at his choices when encountering major events.
Song Jun, who had high hopes for her, abandoned her without even looking back at a critical time.
And she has been scornful and useless, but saved her twice in succession.
“Fei Rong, why do you say that?” Xia Mengyao became more confused. When Xu Feirong saw her in the past, she must speak ill of Chen Feng in front of her. This time, it is impossible that she took the wrong medicine.
Xu Feirong shook her head and smiled: “It’s nothing, you must cherish Chen Feng in the future. If you miss him, I’m afraid you won’t meet another such good person.”
Xu Feirong did not say that she is actually a little envious of Xia Mengyao, she is envious of Xia Mengyao, she can meet a man who treats her as the world’s favorite.
“Definitely.” Xia Mengyao raised a sweet smile at the corner of her mouth, “By the way, Fei Rong, your boss is not young, you should consider lifelong events. I’m still waiting for you to be a bridesmaid.”
“I’m not in a hurry, when you have a baby, I will consider getting married.” Xu Feirong blinked.
Xia Mengyao blushed. The biggest progress she has made with Chen Feng up to now is only to kiss Chen Feng, and she still takes the initiative to have a baby, it is still far…
Early the next morning, Chen Feng bought breakfast and came to the hospital early.
But walking in the corridor of the hospital, Chen Feng discovered a strange thing. Many people pointed at him, and even a few nurses blushed after seeing him.
Chen Feng was a little confused, could he be handsome?
Chen Feng didn’t know until Xia Mengyao took out her mobile phone when she arrived in the ward.
It is not that he has become handsome, but in the live broadcast last night, the video of him playing the piano and the video of beating Shen Junwen’s bodyguard circulated.
In just one night, these two videos became popular in the circle of friends in Cangzhou.
Almost to the point where everyone knows.
Many people were convinced by Chen Feng’s “To Alice” and became fans of Chen Feng, calling Chen Feng the Little Piano Prince.
Many people were shocked by Chen Feng’s skill. They were able to beat a dozen bodyguards to the ground. Is Chen Feng really as unbearable as the Cangzhou Daily said?
For a time, many people vindicated Chen Feng, and even a few girls of the right age who were waiting to marry, threatened to marry Chen Feng and let Chen Feng play the piano for her every day.
This allowed Xia Mengyao to overturn the vinegar jar, leaving several blue marks on the soft flesh of Chen Feng’s waist in the morning.

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