Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 742

This shows that everyone attaches great importance to the match between Chen Feng and Zuo Zhu, and Arthur and William, the two favorite warriors who have won the championship, also came to the arena.
When the distance was less than two sticks of incense, the Pope and Saint Tiffany of the Holy See of the Vatican also came to the arena, accompanied by the secretary general of the world-class martial arts organization Modric, their arrival caused a sensation.
Arthur and other players walked to the players area, and the Pope walked to the VIP seat accompanied by Saint Tiffany and Secretary-General Modric.
“This game should be very exciting. What do you think of Modric?” The Pope suddenly asked the Secretary-General beside him while sitting on the VIP seat.
Secretary General Modric thought for a while and said: “His Majesty the Pope, I think Zuo Zhu of Dongying can win this game!”
“Oh? How did you come to the conclusion?” Secretary-General Modric’s answer was beyond the Pope’s expectations, and he couldn’t help asking why.
“From the current point of view, Chen Feng of Hua Country has already revealed his strength. He first killed Li Changxi and Ron, and then confronted Hong Yi. Obviously he has exhausted his best, but Zuo Zhu is not. Dongying, a martial arts genius who has never met in a century, came out this time to kill Chen Feng!
Secretary-General Modric unhurriedly expressed his views, “After seeing Chen Feng’s methods, Zuo Zhu still had to fight him, and he was afraid that Chen Feng would withdraw early, and he did not hesitate to provoke him. To express his position, so I think Chen Feng is not Zuo Zhu’s opponent!”
Secretary-General Modric was very detailed. Before the pope could speak his words, Saint Tiffany said: “Mr. Secretary-General, do you know that the so-called Li Changxi, Ron, Hong Yi and others, each Before the opening, they all looked arrogant and domineering, but they still lost to Chen Feng.
And as far as I know, there are too many forces who want to marry Chen Feng’s life, but in the end Chen Feng was unscathed, but those people left the world early! ”
“Well, it seems that I am ignorant. Listening to the analysis of the saint, I have been shaken by Zuo Zhu’s idea of winning!” Secretary-General Modric said with a smile, but his heart moved, he didn’t know the saint Why did the woman know Chen Feng so much, and he said that Chen Feng would not win? The saint’s face was obviously a little unhappy, there was a problem in it.
“Haha, Tiffany is right, I also think that Chen Feng is more likely to win!” At this time, the pope looked at Saint Tiffany with a smile, as if he had seen through the other side’s thoughts.
The saint Tiffany’s face was reddened, and she was silent, her beautiful eyes kept sweeping towards the court, looking for the figure.
Even people of the pope and saint’s level are discussing the game, not to mention others. The whole audience is discussing the results of the game without exception, whether it is warriors, players, upper-class people or ordinary people. Some people think that Chen Feng is famous and strong and will win. Others think that Zuo Zhu is a genius that Dongying has never met in a century. He was sent to kill Chen Feng and he must be very strong.
Many people were discussing, and they even quarreled loudly, and the venue was very lively for a while.
The venue was very lively, and Zuo Zhu, one of the protagonists, was sitting in a black car at the moment, and the vehicle stopped.
Miyamoto Takeno smiled and said, “Zuo Zhu, don’t worry, Chen Feng will be here soon!”
Before the words were over, a business car drove in the distance, and both Miyamoto Takeno and Zuo Zhu knew that Chen Feng was sitting in that car.
“Master, don’t worry, I will definitely use Chen Feng’s blood to wash away our Dongying’s shame!”
Zuo Zhu looked at the approaching vehicle with a sneer. He waited for a long time that day.
In order to deal with Chen Feng, he had studied Chen Feng’s information early, until Chen Feng was a person who liked feelings, and he had nothing to say to his brothers, so he was fighting against Chen Feng. In order to prevent Chen Feng from admitting defeat, he also pulled Tianying in, making Chen Feng had to fight.
And now that Chen Feng is here, then the two of them will fight a life and death battle, which is in line with Zuo Zhu’s idea.
“Zuo Zhu everything is not to be careless. Although you have mastered Polang Slash, there should be no problem with killing China Chen Feng, but that kid is also very experienced in combat. Don’t be careless!”
To be safe, Miyamoto Takeno couldn’t help but reminded Zuo Zhu.
“Master, don’t worry, it is not difficult to kill him!” Although Zuo Zhu’s words were short, he was full of confidence, and looked like he was determined to win, as if Chen Feng was already dead in his eyes.
Seeing Zuo Zhu’s self-confidence, Miyamoto Takeno wanted to remind him a few more words, but he was afraid that he could not grasp his words and then hit Zuo Zhu’s self-confidence, so he didn’t say anything, and asked Zuo Zhu to wait in the Hussein room.
At the same time, Chen Feng and Wu Zhizhou, Cang Bo, Master Fang Zheng, Ji Wudao, Ji Yun and others saw Zuo Zhu and his master in the business car. Ji Yun couldn’t help asking: “Chen Feng, then The little devil spoke provocatively before, why didn’t you respond?”
“The Tianying that should be said has already been said, I don’t have the time to repeat it again!” Chen Feng said blankly.
Hearing Chen Feng’s words, everyone was stunned, and remembered what they said when Tianying was defeated yesterday: “When you fight with Chen Feng tomorrow, I hope you will be as arrogant as you are now. If Chen Feng will give it to you, I will judge myself in public! ”
Everyone was silent. At this moment, there was a car at the rear that was extremely fast, and almost immediately passed the commercial vehicle and stopped directly in front of the commercial vehicle.
The driver of the commercial vehicle hurriedly stepped on the brakes, this sudden scene made Ji Yun frowned.
“How do you drive, you don’t have eyesight!” the commercial driver couldn’t help cursing.
I saw the car door opened and Tianying jumped out of the car wrapped in sand belt.
Cang Bo took the lead to get out of the car, and hurriedly stepped forward, reproaching him: “Tianying, don’t you take care of your injuries in the hospital, why are you running here!”
“Today is a match between Brother Chen Feng and that little devil. I want to see Brother Chen Feng knock him out!”
Tianying’s words were full of killing intent and expectation.
Chen Feng is not surprised when Tianying came here. Although Tianying talks few words, he is also a rebellious person in his heart. He lost too badly, and Chen Feng and Zuo Zhu’s battle could not be less. he.
But having said that, although Tianying is jumping on one leg at the moment, although it looks simple, it can jump so far and so steady that most people can’t do it, even some professional athletes.
In order to witness Zuo Zhu being beaten to death by Chen Feng, he ignored the instructions of the doctors and nurses, jumped to the entrance of the hospital with one leg, and then took a taxi and came here as quickly as possible.
“Well, since I’m here, I can’t let you go back!”
Cangbo did not insist on letting Tianying go back because he knew too much about Tianying’s character. Although Chen Feng had enlightened him, Tianying still had a knot in his heart. After watching this game, maybe Tianying’s heart The knot opens naturally.

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