Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 743

“Haha, Tianying is the best here, you know my character, I say one thing exactly!”
Chen Feng got out of the car, smiled and walked towards Tianying, patted him on the shoulder, the words seemed to point.
Tianying naturally knew that what Chen Feng said was the promise made to him yesterday.
Everything is clear, Tianying nodded, and then followed Cangbo and the others to the auditorium, while Chen Feng was waiting for the game in the Hou Sai area alone.
When Tianying and the others came to the stadium, the seats in the stadium were full. At a glance, there was a crowd of people, and there was a burst of noise. Everyone was very excited. They had waited too long for this game. .
From the early stage and mid-term of the match, Chen Feng’s wonderful duel completely attracted everyone’s attention. It can be said that even if Chen Feng did not win the championship, his reputation has already overwhelmed everyone.
When Chen Feng came to the arena, Zuo Zhu had already been waiting, and he seemed to be anxious to kill Chen Feng and thoroughly wash away Dong Ying’s shame.
Zuo Zhu was still wearing a white samurai uniform and sitting cross-legged. When Chen Feng entered the arena, his eyes were swept across.
“Oh, who is that and how did it jump!”
“I don’t know, who told you not to watch the game yesterday? It was the Huaguo Tianying who lost to Zuo Zhu yesterday. He was interrupted by a leg!”
“Hahaha, it looks so funny!”
As soon as Tianying arrived, the surrounding audience heard sighs. Most of them were laughing and watching the excitement. Tianying ignored this and jumped to his seat.
At this moment, Zuo Zhu seemed to have noticed, opened his eyes violently, and mocked: “You weak and incompetent Chinese, are you here to judge yourself in front of me?”
“Hmph, little devil, let me see how you were beaten to death by Chen Feng!”
After saying that, Tianying ignored him and turned back to his seat.
“When I get the results of Chen Feng, I will come to you again!”
Zuo Zhu stood up with a sneer, and the host in black came to the arena.
“Hello everyone, and welcome to the world-class martial arts competition. The game has been played for more than half of the time. Now it is the most exciting quarter of the game. This game is Hua Guo Chen Feng vs. Dongying Zuozhu. The last one William was promoted because the Indian tribe Ruuma was injured, so what will happen to this game?”
The host is quite good at selling things off, and continued: “I think everyone has been looking forward to this game for a long time, Dongying Zuozhu is ready, then I will invite Chen Feng to play!”
“it is good!”
As soon as the host’s voice fell, cheers from the audience rang out. Everyone shouted loudly and accompanied by whistles. Chen Feng slowly walked from the contestant channel.
“Come out, Chen Feng!”
“Chen Feng, Chen Feng!”
When Chen Feng’s figure appeared, the audience’s shouts reached its peak, like thunder, and deafening. Some people admired Chen Feng, and some people placed their bets on Chen Feng.
Regardless, Chen Feng responded with a fist while smiling to the shouts of the crowd. He was approachable and proud, and everyone felt the respect that Chen Feng gave.
In this regard, Zuo Zhu from Dongying looked gloomy and said nothing. The game has not yet started. In terms of popularity, he has already lost a bit.
Originally seeing Chen Feng not pleasing to his eyes, Zuo Zhu, who was even more unhappy at the moment, ridiculed: “Shina bastard, last time you committed a heinous crime in Dongying, although you finally got away with a fluke, today you will undoubtedly die!
Chen Feng sneered and said, “You rubbish have nothing else to say? The person who talked to me like this a few times ago is dead!”
“Hahahaha!” Zuo Zhu laughed loudly, as if he had heard a big joke, and then sarcastically said, “You won’t take the opportunity to fight against me for life and death, right? You kneel down and beg you and say Maybe my heart is soft and I will spare your life!”
“I have killed a lot of rubbish like you, but I will not kill you today. I will keep your dog’s life and let my friend kill you personally!” Chen Feng said blankly.
The Tianying sitting in the audience heard Chen Feng’s words and clenched his fists involuntarily, breathing quickly. He knew that Chen Feng was encouraging him and at the same time gave him plenty of face, and his heart couldn’t help but warm.
Zuo Zhu stunned, then turned his head and pointed at Tianying, taunting: “You are not talking about that waste, are you?”
“Hahaha!” Zuo Zhu laughed again, his voice full of sarcasm, and then said: “Even if that waste is practiced for a hundred years, I can still stop him!”
After hearing Zuo Zhu’s taunt, Tianying looked gloomy, and his fists clenched loudly.
“You rubbish, I didn’t dare to fight with me for a long time. You are really rubbish!” Seeing that Chen Feng has not responded to the life and death battle, Zuo Zhu instinctively thought that Chen Feng was afraid of him. , So I am full of confidence.
“What’s the matter? What happened to Chen Feng today?”
“Yeah, something is wrong, this is not Chen Feng’s character at all!”
“Chen Feng won’t be really scared, or else he would not respond to Zuo Zhu’s ridicule!”
Seeing that Chen Feng did not answer, the audience in the venue could not help but talk in a low voice, because today’s Chen Feng is indeed different from the past.
At this moment, the referee wearing a black robe suddenly said: “Both sides are ready, the game…”
“Cina trash, do you dare to fight with me for life and death!”
Before the referee announced the start of the game, Zuo Zhu suddenly roared.
“Mr. Referee, I took the life-and-death battle that the other party said!”
Chen Feng didn’t have the opportunity to build left, but said to the referee on his side.
“Hahaha, you still agree with China’s trash!” Zuo Zhu laughed loudly, as if taking a big advantage. As soon as his voice fell, his aura suddenly rose, and his aura reached its peak in an instant, accompanied by killing intent.
“Chen Feng, Zuo Zhu, you can agree to a life and death battle!” Seeing this, the referee confirmed to the two of them.
Chen Feng and Zuo Zhu responded in unison.
Seeing that both of them agreed that the referee had nothing to say about the life and death battle, after announcing the start of the game, they walked off the ring.
“Life and death battle!”
“Chen Feng kill him!”
After the referee stepped down, the shouts of the audience came again, deafening for a moment, and everyone had been looking forward to this game for a long time.
Faced with the cheers of the audience, Zuo Zhu sneered. Although he was a little unhappy, he ignored him. Instead, his momentum rose and he rushed out in an instant.
Although Chen Feng killed Li Changxi, Ron and Hong Yi, Zuo Zhu didn’t care. In his opinion, the rubbish was incomparable to him. He was extremely confident in his own strength and did not use the genetic drugs in his body.

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