Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 744

To say that Zuo Zhu’s strength is really good, even if he didn’t use the genetic medicine in his body to improve his combat effectiveness, his speed was extremely fast at this moment, and it turned into a ghost in an instant.
In the sun, Zuo Zhu’s figure was as fast as lightning, and he slashed it with a hand knife. Although this trick is very common, many warriors have used it, but Zuo Zhu’s trick is not. This trick is called Wave Slash.
Hailangzhan was a determination made by a strong man in the ancient times of Dongying passing by the sea and seeing the waves beating against the rocks. It can be said that it was extremely tough at the time. It was not until one day that another Wu Xuetian was born. Defeating the waves and cutting, the fame spreads far and wide.
Zuo Zhu had mastered both of the two faculties of Dong Ying’s death. At this moment, he used Hailang Slash.
Zuo Zhu has thoroughly understood the waves and has reached the point where humans and swords are one. You must know this step is a realm that many swordsmen dream of but can’t reach.
The blade wind howled, directly splitting the air in front of Zuo Zhu, with a feeling of despair.
There was no shortage of experts in the audience, and all felt the power of Zuo Zhu’s sword at this moment, and he was indeed Dongying’s martial arts genius.
Zuo Zhu at this moment is completely different from the previous duel with Tianying, his aura has risen to a terrifying point.
Zuo Zhu kept his hand because he was worried about exposing his strength to Chen Summit’s resistance, so he concealed his true strength. Otherwise, Tianying had a great chance of dying on the stage when he faced off against Tianying that day.
Facing Zuo Zhu’s fierce move, Chen Feng didn’t panic, but propped on the ground with one foot, turned around, used his waist to pass his inner strength to his shoulders, and then made a fist with his right hand.
This is not Chen Feng’s ultimate move, but a cannon punch. Although it is not an ultimate move, Chen Feng has perfectly integrated the true energy in his body with his physical body.
The two collided in an instant, and Chen Feng’s inner strength rushed towards Zuo Zhu along his fist as if to destroy everything about him.
However, Zuo Zhu’s hand knife sent a wave-like aura, constantly weakening Chen Feng’s destructive power.
The two breaths exploded in an instant, and a wave of air spread around the two of them.
Even the stone bricks on the ground were shattered, and some rubble was rolled up by air waves.
From a distance, the two of them were equally imposing. In this first collision, the two were tied, and neither of them backed away.
Although it looks evenly divided on the surface, Zuo Zhu only felt severe pain in his arm, trembling slightly, and he was usually burned by a soldering iron.
Chen Feng was not much better, his arm was stiff, he felt sore and even a little painful.
This situation shocked the two of them, and both were a little unbelievable.
Zuo Zhu’s heart was shocked. Although he didn’t use his unique skill, Wave Slash, Hailang Slash was also a very powerful move. Not only did Chen Feng seem to be unresponsive, he was almost injured, how could he not be shocked.
Chen Feng was also shocked. From his point of view, Zuo Zhu’s inner strength was extremely strange. Normal waves were generally wave after wave, and wave after wave was stronger. If he were not aware of it, he would be hurt by the opponent.
All of this was slow to say, but in fact it happened between electric light and flint, and the two thoughts also flashed by.
Chen Feng did not hesitate, his inner strength poured into his leg, and he directly raised his foot to Zuo Zhu’s calf.
Zuo Zhu didn’t react slowly. He pulled away and escaped the blow, then took a step forward, and once again slammed a hand knife into Chen Feng’s head. This hand knife was more powerful than the previous blow.
Facing this blow, Chen Feng still did not evade, but raised his left hand to block, clenching his right hand and banging towards Zuo Zhu’s door.
Chen Feng’s move is to kill one thousand enemies and lose eight hundred, but Zuo Zhu does not dare to bet, even if he slashes Chen Feng’s left hand with a knife, he is not sure whether he can hack at this moment. In Chen Feng’s head, but Chen Feng’s punch will definitely hit him in the face.
Zuo Zhu yelled, not daring to fight hard, his figure flashed out of the attack range, facing Chen Feng’s desperate style of play, he was really scared.
Although he wanted to kill Chen Feng, he would pay for himself. This was definitely not going to be done. When he opened the distance, Chen Feng suddenly attacked.
Chen Feng is like a tiger at this moment, his right hand is half clenched into claws, and he uses Xingyiquan. Although Chen Feng’s martial arts is a bit mixed and integrates the strengths of hundreds of families, he belongs to Xingyiquan. At this moment, he went straight to Zuozhu temple. go with.
You must know that the temple is an extremely fragile place for the human body, and it can also be said to be a dead spot.
Even a warrior can use the true energy in his body to protect the dead spot, but in the face of an attack of the same power, he dare not hold it.
Zuo Zhu naturally knew this, and hurriedly withdrew and retreated, not daring to take it hard.
“Where to run!”
Chen Feng shouted, and went straight to Zuo Zhu at extremely fast speed. His speed reached the extreme in an instant, and the storm-like attack completely suppressed Zuo Zhu.
It can be said that at this moment Chen Feng’s rich combat experience has been revealed.
“You die for me!”
Zuo Zhu was pressed and beaten by Chen Feng, and he was also angry, and slammed a hand knife.
This knife was an authentic wave breaking, and it was also Zuo Zhu’s ultimate move. He used this move extremely cleverly. In Chen Feng’s stormy attack, he suddenly countered.
Breaking the waves can become Dongying’s supreme martial arts, and it is by no means a vain name. As soon as this move is made, all the breath of the world is condensed in Zuo Zhu’s hand. With his wave, a strong wave The shadow of the knife gradually transformed, splitting from the sky.
At this moment, Chen Feng only felt that there was only the huge knife shadow left in the world, the audience disappeared, and Zuo Zhu also disappeared, leaving only the horrible knife shadow.
Chen Feng’s mind was at a glance, but he didn’t expect that the Wave Breaking War was not only a momentum, but also Nie’s mind.
Slowly speaking, but extremely fast in fact, Chen Feng seemed to be frightened by Zuo Zhu in the sun, and went to meet the knife shadow.
“It’s over, Chen Feng is over!”
At this moment, such an idea emerged in the hearts of the audience.
Although the audience didn’t know what Zuo Zhu’s move was called, but they could feel the power of this knife. Facing this knife, Chen Feng seemed to be in a daze. He didn’t dodge or dodge, and there was no sign of blocking. Will be beheaded.
Zuo Zhu sneered. He seemed to have seen the scene of Chen Feng’s tragic death on the spot, and he couldn’t help but move his heart.
With this knife, he wants to completely kill Chen Feng. If other warriors face this move, they will undoubtedly die. It can even be said that as long as they do not master powerful martial arts in the middle of Huajin, they will end up with death.
But what he faced was Chen Feng. Even though Zuo Zhu was a martial arts genius, he was also a young martial artist who had not met in a century. He reached his current strength at a young age, but he was still a lot worse than Chen Feng.
Regardless of strength, Chen Feng’s experience over the years is not comparable to Zuo Zhu.

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