Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 745

Moreover, Chen Feng has encountered many life and death crises, all of which have been cleverly resolved by him. He has full combat experience. It can be said that among the younger generation, there are few who can compare with Chen Feng in terms of combat experience. Even if there is, Zuo Zhu also Not among them.
At the critical juncture, Chen Feng suddenly shouted, with only one word, there was war, and Chen Feng regained his mind in an instant. He clenched his right hand and went straight to Zuo Zhumian door.
At this moment, Chen Feng was invincible like a god of war.
The crisis just now made Chen Feng subconsciously use the ultimate move “Slash the Dragon!”
In the previous few matches, whether facing Li Changxi or Ron, Chen Feng used the trick of cutting the dragon to reverse the situation. What will happen this time?
Chen Feng’s fist wind whistling, although it has not yet collided with Zuo Zhu’s hand knife, the fist wind continues to weaken the opponent’s strength.
In an instant, the two ultimate moves collided, Chen Feng’s breath was devastating, and Zuo Zhu’s breath of breaking waves was also extremely strong, the two breaths instantly collided with the breath, the storm swept through, and the debris was splashed.
In this storm, Chen Feng snorted, his fist was bounced, blood flowed.
Huh! Huh! Huh!
Chen Feng retreated five steps in a row. Due to the unloading of force, each step fell, and the ground shattered by one point. Until the fifth step, Chen Feng stepped out of a hole directly on the ground.
On the other side, Zuo Zhu didn’t lift it back, but stood upright on the spot, wounded with blood stains, this blood belonged to Chen Feng.
Chen Feng was injured. This is the first time Chen Feng participated in the World Martial Arts Competition.
At this moment, Chen Feng’s right hand was cracked, blood was still flowing between his fingers, and his right arm was numb, and he almost lost consciousness.
The most important thing is that at this moment, Chen Feng’s aura is rolling, and his internal organs are aching. Although he has protected the vital points with his true Qi for a while, he is still injured in his internal organs.
Chen Feng’s heart was shaken at this moment, he had to admit Zuo Zhu and Qiang, you must know that he integrated the strengths of a hundred families, created the dragon, this move is to mobilize the internal energy in the body to condense in the arm, and blast out in a short time. In order to destroy the enemy.
Chen Feng had few opponents in the move of Slashing the Dragon. Even if he was a descendant of ancient martial arts, as long as he was similar in strength to Chen Feng, Chen Feng was not difficult to win with his rich fighting skills.
However, today, at this moment, he faced Zuo Zhu and used Dragon Slash. Not only did he not kill the opponent, but when he was injured by the opponent, how could he not be shocked.
“What…what’s going on!” Compared to Chen Feng, Zuo Zhu was also shocked.
Zuo Zhu’s head is buzzing at the moment, his face is incredible.
Others don’t know the power of Polangzhan, but he knows it very well.
Breaking the waves, it was famous at home and abroad that year, and it was very terrible. If it were not for the last loss, the warriors of Dongying would definitely be stronger after learning this trick.
And the characteristic of Wave Breaking is to mobilize the internal energy in the body, and burst out extremely strong destructive power in an instant, completely destroying the opponent, acting on the advantages of the waves, one layer is stronger than the other layer, so that the opponent has no power to fight back. The important thing is that after using this trick, the opponent can be in a trance for a moment, so don’t underestimate this effect.
To know that the master duel, even if it is almost the difference between life and death, even if a strong man like Chen Feng lost his mind at that moment, fortunately, even if he wakes up, it will be fruitful.
Zuo Zhu knew the power of Wave Breaking. It was because of this that he couldn’t believe it. Chen Feng actually blocked this powerful attack. Zuo Zhu’s mood at this moment no longer knows how to describe it.
“No, Chen Feng was actually injured!”
“Yeah, Chen Feng has been invincible from the game to now, what’s going on today!”
“It seems that Dongying Zuozhu’s strength is stronger than Chen Feng!”
While Zuo Zhu was shocked, the audience was also talking in low voices, as if the scene of Chen Feng’s injury shocked them.
However, most of these audiences are ordinary people who have not clearly seen the scene of the two people fighting, they just saw the last scene of Chen Feng’s right hand bleeding.
Unlike them, there are many warriors here, many of them with advanced strength, but they clearly see the whole process of the game.
Just now Zuo Zhu’s shocking stab, they all felt that Chen Feng was bound to die. They couldn’t dodge this move, but they didn’t expect Chen Feng to escape, and only suffered some minor injuries.
They asked themselves from another angle, they might not be able to live.
“How could it be, how could he have avoided it!”
Miyamoto Takeno in the audience was shocked. Others didn’t know him but knew the power of Wave Slash. To be on the safe side, he even let Zuo Zhu perform it in front of him.
It can be said that he, like the others, believes that Chen Feng is absolutely bound to die, but at this moment Chen Feng has only suffered a small injury, which makes him unacceptable.
On the other side, Wu Zhizhou, Fangzheng Mage, Ji Wudao, Cangbo, Tianying, Ji Yun and others were all incredible.
They also knew Chen Feng’s strength, especially the power of Queen Slaying Dragon, which was extremely powerful, but Chen Feng and Zuo Zhu were at a disadvantage when fighting against him. No one of them could accept this result.
“Well, it deserves to be the famous wave breaking slasher, not bad!” Pope Zeus suddenly praised him, but he is one of the strong men in this world who is already at his peak.
He also discussed martial arts with Dongying’s strong men back then, and knew a little about Dongying’s production martial arts, so when Zuo Zhushi came out, he had recognized it.
Before the words of Pope Zeus, Wu Zhizhou on the side moved his heart, breaking the waves and cutting the supreme martial arts of Dongying. He also knew about it in books, and Yan Huang was full of praise for this martial arts before, thinking it was the most powerful in the world. And one of the dexterous martial arts.
“This… Your Majesty the Pope, is this wave breaking cut really that terrifying?”
The saint Tiffany beside the pope asked with a worried expression on her face.
“Yes, Wave Breaking Slash is extremely powerful, comparable to the sword of the God of War of the Holy See!”
Pope Zeus narrowed his eyes and said slowly.
The sword of the God of War in his mouth is the peerless martial arts of the Holy See. It can be said that it is also extremely strong in the European continent, and the sword of the God of War is a martial arts that is not spread.
In the Holy See, apart from the pope, the saint, the archbishop and the paladin, no one will be passed on. In contrast, it can be seen that Pope Zeus has a very high evaluation of the waves.
Upon hearing the Pope’s words, Saint Tiffany’s expression suddenly changed, she subconsciously looked at Chen Feng and said: “According to your wishes, is it possible that Chen Feng will lose or be killed in this game?”
The voice of Saint Tiffany was getting farther and farther, her little hand clutching the corner of her dress.
“It’s too early to discuss victory or defeat, but Chen Feng’s situation is a bit bad next!” Pope Zeus responded.
Wu Zhizhou’s complexion changed and his pupils shrank sharply. By this time of the game, it had exceeded everyone’s expectations. Wu Zhizhou originally thought Chen Feng’s opponent was Arthur or William, but he did not expect to lose out here in Zuo Zhu. Potential.
Moreover, Wu Zhizhou knew very well that Zuo Zhu had also been injected with genetic drugs, but he obviously did not use them just now. In this case, Chen Feng could be injured. If he turns on the genetic drugs in his body, what will happen after he improves his combat effectiveness. It was terrible, Wu Zhizhou could not imagine, nor dared to imagine.
Just now Pope Zeus said that it is precisely for this reason, otherwise, although the wolf slash is extremely powerful, it only injured Chen Feng.
“Zuo Zhu, don’t try to wait for when, don’t underestimate the enemy!”
At this moment, Takeno Miyamoto and Master Zuo Zhu in the stands suddenly stood up and roared, their voices spread all over the stadium.
At this time, Zuo Zhuru was awakened from the dream. Although he didn’t think it was necessary to use all his strength, Master said, he didn’t dare to go against it. The surge of internal energy would stimulate the genetic medicine in the body to improve combat effectiveness.
In fact, Zuo Zhu knew in his heart that if he was unable to kill Chen Feng by his own strength, he thought that his strength was enough before the match, until Chen Feng just abruptly took over his trick, he would kill Chen Feng. Changed my mind.
At this moment, after stimulating the genetic medicine in the body, after enhancing the combat effectiveness, he must immediately kill Chen Feng.
“No, it’s too exaggerated, Zuo Zhu actually hides his strength!”
“Looking at Zuo Zhu’s aura rising rapidly, what will be waiting for Chen Feng?”
“Hey, Chen Feng can be regarded as a character, I didn’t expect that he would die here today!”
Everyone heard Miyamoto Takeno’s words very clearly. Seeing Zuo Zhu’s momentum at the moment, he couldn’t help but talk.
“Hey, it’s a pity that Chen Feng is. I respect his character, but I didn’t expect to lose my life today!”
At this moment, not only the general audience and the low-level warriors are talking, but even the players think that Chen Feng’s life is unsafe today. After all, Chen Feng just seemed to have barely caught the opponent’s moves. Now Zuo Zhu’s combat effectiveness is increasing, and Chen Feng will undoubtedly die.
“The situation is not good, Chen Feng is in danger!”
Ji Wudao subconsciously uttered a sentence, while Cang Bo on the side, Master Fang Zheng did not speak, obviously agreeing with Ji Wudao’s words.
“Hmph, even with this strength, I dare to show ugliness. I don’t know what your Majesty and the saint are interested in. With his strength, only one move is needed to kill him!”
Arthur stood above the audience with a sneer, talking to himself, maybe his words were a bit exaggerated, but he also thought that Chen Feng would definitely die.
As for William on the side, he didn’t speak, but he shook his head again and again. He was obviously not satisfied with Chen Feng’s strength, and it was a pity that he couldn’t kill the opponent himself.
“His grandmother, how could this little devil be so perverted!” Ji Yun in the audience couldn’t sit still, and couldn’t help but scream in secret. Originally, Chen Fengcheng used his thoughts to crush his opponent as before, but Chen did not expect Chen Feng turned out to be at a disadvantage and was injured.
“I believe Chen Summit will turn defeat into victory!” At this moment Tianying suddenly spoke. He had this confidence because he saw Chen Feng’s upright body and calm expression on the ring.
Standing on the ring, Chen Feng had a calm expression, tightened his mind, and secretly used the true energy in his body to restore the blood on his arm. After a while, his arm regained his intuition and his combat effectiveness was not greatly affected.
“Cina trash, you realize, you won’t have any chance next!”
Zuo Zhu roared, his momentum rose to the extreme in an instant, and the whole person gave a very strange feeling. At this moment, Zuo Zhu was infinitely close to the late Huajin stage.
It can be said that if Zuo Zhu reaches the current state with his own strength, then he can be called the first person in the late stage of Huajin.
Seeing Zuo Zhu’s figure moved, he disappeared in place instantly, almost sooner than the blink of an eye, his figure went straight to Chen Feng.
Zuo Zhu knows that there is a time limit for using genetic drugs to improve combat effectiveness, so he doesn’t want to waste time, and one shot is a killer move.
Zuo Zhu’s figure appeared next to Chen Feng in an instant. When the person arrived, he swung a hand knife and cut it with the waves.
It has to be said that Zuo Zhu is indeed a genius who has never met in Dongying in a century. He is much better than the so-called Yana Chuan Ren and other martial arts geniuses. Not to mention Zuo Zhu’s strength and careful thought, he is also extremely experienced in the analysis of the battle situation. Breaking the waves will consume a lot of internal energy, so it will never be used until the critical moment.
Because I thought that Chen Feng would never be able to beat the Wave Breaking Slash, he didn’t expect Chen Feng to be forced to follow suit, and only suffered some minor injuries, so he was not completely sure but would not make a unique move.
After Zuo Zhu’s aura increased, the waves he used were comparable to the power of the waves breaking, which shows how terrifying he is after he has increased his combat effectiveness.
There were shouts from the audience. Although they didn’t understand martial arts skills, Zuo Zhu’s aura at this moment, even if he couldn’t see it, he could feel the waves of aura with his body.
William narrowed his eyes, revealing a look of interest, and it was obvious that Zuo Zhu’s combat effectiveness was somewhat surprising even for him.
In the face of Zuo Zhu’s thunderous blow, Chen Feng didn’t make it as hard as before, but avoided Zuo Zhu’s attack very deftly.
“Trash, I think you can avoid it a few times!”
Zuo Zhu sneered and launched an attack. The hand knife turned into a shadow pair. Without a single stroke, a strong aura spread. In this way, Chen Feng retreated and Zuo Zhu chased him like a ghost.
Chen Feng has never made a move, but instead used his physical skills to dodge. It has to be said that Chen Feng’s combat experience has reached the point of proficiency. When Zuo Zhu makes a move, he can predict in advance and then dodge.
Two people attacked and the other avoided. Zuo Zhu still failed to hit Chen Feng for more than a dozen rounds, and he didn’t even touch a single hair on him.
“Trash, rubbish, do you dare to fight me head-on?” After a dozen consecutive strokes failed to hit Chen Feng, Zuo Zhu was obviously angry and a bit irritable.
“Hmph, in the same level, killing you is like pinching an ant!”
Chen Feng kept dodge, fighting is not head-to-head, and requires skill. If the realm is similar, then skill is very important. At this moment, Chen Feng wants to use words to provoke Zuo Zhu, making him unsure, and using Waves to consume his physical strength.
“go to hell!”
Before Chen Feng finished speaking, Zuo Zhu was really irritated. He roared and approached Chen Feng, his inner strength surged and swung out a hand knife, and used Wave Breaking Slash again.
An extremely strong breath swept across, and the air in front of him was instantly separated, and Chen Feng was so close. He used his combat instinct to escape the critical point. The sword air swept Chen Feng’s coat and his clothes were instantly torn.

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