Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 747

But since Chen Feng said that Zuo Zhu should pay the price, he couldn’t just leave it alone. The death penalty is unavoidable, and the living sin cannot escape.
At the beginning of the game, Zuo Zhu’s strength really exceeded Chen Feng’s expectations. The opponent used his own strength to use Wave Breaking. The power threatened Chen Feng’s safety, and then the opponent activated the genetic drugs in his body to make combat effectiveness. Has been an unprecedented improvement.
Chen Feng was not a fool, he didn’t face it hard, but constantly weakened the opponent’s strength. When the inner strength and aura in Zuo Zhu’s body gradually weakened, Chen Feng’s ordinary beast attacked and turned the battle around at once.
“go to hell!”
At this moment, Zuo Zhu let out a violent shout, and came to meet Chen Feng, raised his hand knife, and performed Wave Breaking Slash again.
Although he was beaten back with a punch by Chen Feng just now, and the breath and blood in his body were unstable, he couldn’t take much care of him at this juncture.
When the game is here, he has lost his reason. At the beginning of the game, he was full of confidence, thinking that Hailang Slash would be able to kill Chen Feng, but he did not expect that even Wave Slash could not kill the opponent, just let the opponent suffer. Some minor injuries.
How he could accept this, what made him even more angry was that later he inspired the genetic drug in his body to increase its combat effectiveness to a terrifying stage, but even so, Chen Feng still avoided it.
Now that the two people are fighting, Zuo Zhu has used all the moves he can perform, and still can’t bear to treat Ruo He. This is a heavy blow to his self-confidence, and his combat effectiveness is slowly declining.
So at this moment, he had forgotten any technique, just wanted to kill the opponent as soon as possible, regardless of the aura in his body, he used Wave Breaking Slash again.
This time facing Zuo Zhu’s Breaking Waves, Chen Feng did not dodge anymore, but clenched his fists and pulled them back, ready to fight.
Chen Feng clearly sensed that Zuo Zhu’s aura was less than two-quarters of the peak transition, and the rate of aura decline continued, he would immediately fall to his original strength.
This kind of strength is not a big threat to Chen Feng.
The two moves collided again, Zuo Zhu snorted, his body was shaken back, his mouth was bleeding, his arms were numb and almost unconscious.
On the other hand, Chen Feng stood still and did not move the slightest, which was in sharp contrast with Zuo Zhu’s violent retreat.
This kind of contrast can be seen clearly by the insiders, but the laymen in the upper class can’t understand it. They don’t understand why the game has reached this point, and the roles of the two people are suddenly shut off. How can Chen Feng have the upper hand.
“Well, Chen Feng turned defeat into victory. According to the current situation, Chen Feng will win the game!”
At this moment, whether it was William, Arthur, or Denny, such a thought suddenly appeared in the heart.
Zuo Zhu’s breath is unstable, his strength is declining, and there is no tendency to stop, then this game Chen Feng will definitely win, Zuo Zhu is completely over.
The world-class martial arts competition, everyone wants to see the wonderful competition.
Strictly speaking, the first few games of the game did not have any exciting content, because the weak were limited in strength and the strong wanted deterrence, so they all had one move to control the enemy, just like Arthur and William defeated their opponents with lightning speed. He was very enjoyable, but the audience did not enjoy it, so the audience in the first few games was very small. It was not until Chen Feng came to the stage to fight Li Changxi to reverse the situation.
You know, if there are no spectators in a world-class game, what will it become? It was a joke. At this moment, Li Changxi wanted to kill Chen Feng, and suddenly attracted everyone’s attention.
Originally, Chen Feng’s deeds had already made everyone look forward to it. When they played against Li Changxi, their game could be described as a wonderful, life-and-death battle, it was either you or me.
This game gave everyone a new understanding of Chen Feng. When Chen Feng played for the second time, he faced Ron. Ron was better than Li Changxi, but he was still beaten into a dead dog.
And the third match was to face Hong Yi, Hong Tianba’s hope, Hong Tianba’s hope to wash away the shame of the year, only after encountering Chen Feng, the match between the two was also very exciting, but in the end it was lost. In the hands of Chen Feng, Chen Feng was completely abolished. From this game, everyone’s eyes were completely focused on Chen Feng. People who were not optimistic about Chen Feng originally changed their minds in that game.
It can be said that Chen Feng has become the focus of the world martial arts competition. Although Arthur and William are also very strong, their fighting style is very boring to the audience. On the contrary, Chen Feng is different from the two of them.
In today’s game, it can be said that many spectators who had already had several games came here today to watch this wonderful game.
Hua Guo and Dongying were originally at odds, but before Chen Feng broke into Dongying alone, saved his beloved, and killed many warriors, it can be said that it has upset Dongying, and it will be useless to dispatch the strong of the gods. , And finally forced Zhantang to go out.
I thought that with the strength of the battle hall and the intelligence network, Chen Feng would definitely not escape, but who would have thought that Chen Feng would have left Dongying quietly.
These legendary deeds soon spread, and some young warriors secretly took Chen Feng as a benchmark to practice martial arts.
When the martial arts genius Zuo Zhu, who had never met in Dongying in a century, came here to compete, everyone knew that Zuo Zhu and Chen Feng would never die.
At the beginning of the game, the two sides were evenly divided. When Zuo Zhu used Wave Breaking in the mid-term, everyone thought that Chen Feng was going to die this time.
Unexpectedly, the world was unpredictable. Chen Feng turned the situation around completely with his own strength and combat experience, and he was about to win the game.
All of this is admirable. To be honest, even Arthur moved in his heart at that instant, but was overwhelmed by the fighting spirit in an instant.
“It’s lost, it’s over!”
The Miyamoto Takeno in the stands was pale, as if he had lost all his strength, and was paralyzed on a chair. With his strength, he had already seen that Zuo Zhu was at the end of a strong crossbow at this moment, gritted his teeth.
Moreover, he understands that Polangzhan is judged based on the depth of the player’s inner strength, and Zuo Zhu’s inner strength can only be used four times.
And now he has used it four times, the last one is unstable, and his power is very different from before. Breaking the waves is Zuo Zhu’s trick. At this moment, all the tricks have been exhausted. The enemy is not dead, so his fate is As you can imagine.
“This… how is this possible!”
Miyamoto Takeno understands, but Zuo Zhu, the protagonist on the field, understands better in his heart that he doesn’t have the slightest internal energy in his body at this moment, and he can kill him even in the early stage of Huajin.

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