Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 748

Zuo Zhu’s face was ashamed, desperate, shocked, and unbelievable. He knew that it was a bit dreamy now, and he did not want to accept this reality.
But Zuo Zhu didn’t want to, he had to accept it at this moment. The pain that came after his body fell to the ground reminded him that everything in front of him was real.
Zuo Zhu was defeated, even if he understood the two highest martial arts in Dongying martial arts, Hai Lang Slash and Break Wave Slash, and injected genetic drugs, he still failed.
He was not defeated in the hands of seniors, he was defeated by Chen Feng in the same rank, which made it difficult for him to accept.
“Why… how could this happen!”
Zuo Zhu looked at his hands, his eyes dull, unable to understand.
At this moment, there was a whistling sound, and Chen Feng did not let him go. An iron fist approached and wanted to teach him some lessons.
At the moment of the crisis, Zuo Zhu Meng raised his head and subconsciously blocked it with his hands, but his physical strength at the moment was no longer able to keep up, and he had no internal energy, like an empty shelf, how could he be able to stop Chen Feng.
Chen Feng’s eyes narrowed slightly, Zuo Zhu’s movements at the moment were extremely slow in his eyes, he seemed to remember something, his figure appeared in front of Zuo Zhu’s eyes in an instant, his fists spread out and turned into palms, and he slapped him.
There was a clear voice.
Zuo Zhu was slapped on the left face by Chen Feng. He has no internal energy at the moment, if it weren’t for the internal energy to protect him to reduce damage.
Zuo Zhu let out a scream, the bones of his left face were cracked, half of his face had collapsed, and the blood and blood was extremely miserable.
Don’t look at Zuo Zhu as such, it’s just that Chen Feng noticed something wrong and didn’t use the internal energy in his body. If it wasn’t for Zuo Zhu, his face collapsed, he would have lost his life.
“How…what’s the situation?”
The audience in the venue was blindfolded and didn’t know what happened. Just now, Chen Feng was too fast, and only felt that when Chen Feng’s figure moved, Zuo Zhu fell to the ground and his left face collapsed.
Some spectators have watched many warriors’ games, but this is the first time they have seen this kind of scene. Chen Feng beat Zuo Zhu to an ordinary Lao Tzu who taught his disobedient son.
Who is Zuo Zhu? He is a genius who has never met in the Eastern martial arts school in a century. His aptitude has been revealed since he was a child, and he was finally favored by Miyamoto Takeno to teach him martial arts.
All of this made him think that he was superior, a strong man in the younger generation, but he did not expect to suffer such a big humiliation today. This type of humiliation, especially in front of so many people, he could not accept and endure.
As the saying goes, hitting people don’t slap them in the face, cursing people don’t reveal shortcomings, and today his last night was completely slapped by Chen Feng.
Feeling the humiliation in his heart, Zuo Zhu yelled, struggling to stand up and fight Chen Feng desperately.
But when he just got up, Chen Feng’s eyes were quick and his hands were quick, and he suddenly kicked out and kicked Zuo Zhu’s calf.
“Kneel down!”
Before Chen Feng’s words fell, Zuo Zhu’s calf bones shattered with a click, his body lost support and he knelt down.
Just now after Zuo Zhu was pulled down, he felt a great insult. He just wanted to struggle to stand up, but he didn’t expect to be kicked off by Chen Feng again. He knelt down in front of tens of thousands of spectators.
Although he was kneeling on the ground, Zuo Zhu was a man, enduring the pain, he wanted to stand up and defend the Bushido spirit of their Dongying.
Chen Feng never relented to the enemy. Seeing Zuo Zhu about to stand up, Chen Feng kicked again.
Zuo Zhu knelt on the ground again with a grunt.
With this kick, Chen Feng already controlled his strength, but Zuo Zhu’s blood flowed from the ground due to inertia.
“Bad son, what else can you do besides opportunism? If you have the ability, you can fight me head-on!”
Such a big humiliation gave Zuo Zhu a chance to vomit blood. He struggled and wanted to stand up, but Chen Feng directly stepped on his neck with his foot, pressing him, making Zuo Zhu unable to move.
Chen Feng said with a sneer, he had made up his mind that since he couldn’t kill the opponent, he would completely suppress the opponent’s self-esteem and so-called pride, leaving him with a shadow.
Since the other party is not convinced, let the other party be completely convinced.
“You…you don’t dare to fight me head-on, just… only dodge, you…what are you!” Zuo Zhu was trembling because of his anger.
“Hahaha, I didn’t expect that Zuo Zhu, the so-called martial arts genius who had never met in Dongying in a century, would find such an excuse to comfort myself after losing the game at this moment!”
Chen Feng’s words were full of irony and continued: “Since you are not convinced, let’s talk about it. First, I played head-to-head with you at the beginning of the game, and before the end of the game, we still played directly. , Why not be a face-to-face confrontation?
Second, competition strength is important, but dodge skills are also part of martial arts. Who said that fighting can only be hard to avoid?
Third, if you hadn’t been injected with genetic drugs to increase your combat effectiveness, you would not even have the qualifications to tie me in the early stages! ”
In fact, what Chen Feng said was right. The match was extremely dangerous, and in martial arts, there were basically dodge skills no matter what the moves, and there were few brain attacks, because dodge was the most basic of martial arts.
Because if you can’t avoid it, you must die the fastest. Only by avoiding the opponent’s attack can you kill the opponent.
For a warrior, if it is extremely powerful, facing a low-level warrior, he will win with absolute power.
However, if the strength of the two warriors is not much different, then the most important thing is skill, that is, combat experience, and dodge is one of them. This is not a speculation. If you have the ability to directly hit the other party, you don’t need to find such a reason.
At this moment, Zuo Zhu was already angry and talking nonsense. He was confused but the audience was extremely sober.
“Hey, I didn’t expect this Zuo Zhu to be so unmeasured, it’s really shameful!”
“Yes, I thought he was a man, but he didn’t admit it after losing the game. I really look down upon him!”
“This Zuo Zhu keeps saying that Chen Feng is a coward, which is a shame to the Huaguo martial arts academy. According to the current situation, this Zuo Zhu really loses the face of the Dongying martial arts academy!”
The audience talked a lot, they were all mocking Zuo Zhu’s reluctance to lose the game. The ridiculous words fell in Zuo Zhu’s ears, causing him to swallow in the words he was about to say, and he knew that the winner was defeated. , The words of the loser are so pale and weak, no one will look at you more, no one will listen to a word of you.
“Hey, look at how pitiful you are now, you didn’t expect it to end like this before the game!”
Chen Feng sneered, and said sarcastically: “I said it a long time ago. In the same level, I can kill you as easily as an ant!”

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