Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 749

In the face of Chen Feng’s ridicule, Zuo Zhu said nothing, and was completely silent. After all, he was defeated. This is a fact, and all the words have no meaning.
And he didn’t know what was going on. He subconsciously thought that Chen Feng was not wrong. If he was in the same realm as Chen Feng and did not inject genetic drugs, he would not be able to handle even Chen Feng’s tricks.
Thinking of this, Zuo Zhu’s heart became more and more bitter. After practicing martial arts for so many years, he had hardly met an adversary, and promoted to the outside world that he was a martial arts genius who had never seen him in a century, and stepped on the top of the pyramid among the younger generation.
Talking too much, the lie has turned into the truth, Zuo Zhu has even separated himself from others in his heart, he already considers himself the first person in his class, the first among the younger generation in the martial arts world people.
But Chen Feng, who he originally despised, had beaten him in such a miserable manner at this moment. He was too suffocated and his face couldn’t hold back.
This doesn’t blame others, just blames him for talking too much and too publicly during the game, and because of his indifference, the audience is not very friendly to him.
At this moment, Zuo Zhu was kneeling on the stage, looking extremely desolate, but he asked for all this.
“Don’t worry, I said that I won’t kill you. I will keep my promise, but the death penalty is unavoidable, and the living sin cannot escape. We have time. We have to settle this account carefully!”
Chen Feng looked frosty and walked towards Zuo Zhu, continuing to say: “Yesterday you relied on your strength to insult my brother Tianying. You also interrupted one of his legs, and you did not inferiorly insult my Hua Guowu academic circle. Pay it back today!”
As soon as the voice fell, Chen Feng kicked his feet as fast as lightning, kicking the other leg in the left.
With a click, Zuo Zhu’s retreat broke, but it did not shatter. This was because Chen Feng deliberately controlled his strength, which made Zuo Zhu only feel pain, but after the game, he only needed a doctor to fix his bones and he could return to normal. Only then can Tianying personally wash away the shame of yesterday.
“Breaking your legs today is a punishment for your breaking my brother’s leg yesterday!”
Chen Feng put away his legs, then grabbed Zuo Zhu’s hair, and directly led him up so that his face was facing Tianying.
“Now you have to make a confession for humiliating my friend’s dignity yesterday!”
As soon as he finished speaking, Chen Feng didn’t wait for Zuo Zhu to express his position, and directly pressed his head to the ground to make an intimate contact.
With a bang, Zuo Zhu only felt dizzy, and a burning pain came from his forehead.
Tianying sat in the audience and heard Chen Feng’s words clearly. Watching his actions at this moment, Tianying’s heart warmed and his eyes were moist. He will never forget this scene today.
Tianying and Chen Feng met during the trials of the World Martial Arts Competition. Tianying was very interested in this already somewhat famous Chen Feng, and Tianying’s integrity gained Chen Feng’s favor.
Then they joined the battle on behalf of China and came to a world-class martial arts competition. Although Tianying had always regarded Chen Feng as his opponent and his own benchmark, he knew that Chen Feng had far surpassed him.
Even so, he was not discouraged, and he stepped into the quarterfinals all the way through all obstacles. It was a small miracle until he met Zuo Zhu and was interrupted by the opponent.
After the leg was broken, Tianying only felt that he had lost his heart to death, and lost his heart as a warrior. At this time, it was Chen Feng who came forward for him and let him walk out of the shadows.
In the presence of so many people today, Chen Feng’s friend asked Zuo Zhu to kneel down and give him atonement. He only felt that at this moment, Tianying would go up to the sword and down the fire.
Sometimes, that feeling does not need to be said.
Zuo Zhu was completely different, full of blood, but the humiliation was that he struggled violently and wanted to stand up.
“If it hadn’t been for Dongying to leak the traces of my brother Ye Nantian back then, causing Augustus and others to besiege my brother, and eventually my brother was crippled, you have to apologize to him face to face on behalf of Dongying!”
Zuo Zhu fiercely resisted, Chen Feng didn’t have enough, and he took Zuo Zhu to Wu Zhizhou and knocked his head again.
Sitting on the VIP table, Wu Zhizhou was very excited. Even though he is already the number one figure in the martial arts world, he still can’t hold back his excitement today.
He was angry at what happened to Ye Nantian back then, and at the same time was proud and proud of what Chen Feng did today.
At this moment, all the predecessors in the stands had their complexions changed, and even Pope Zeus had a heartbeat at this moment, his eyes narrowed slightly, wondering what he was thinking.
In fact, all the powerful people on the stage know what happened that year, because Ye Nantian is also a mission. They may not all know but they all know the other person as a person, and Ye Nantian was besieged by strong people such as Augustus. They also knew, but what they didn’t know was that Dong Ying had disclosed this news to Augustus and the others.
“Junior, don’t talk nonsense. When did Dong Ying reveal the news of your senior to Augustus?”
Upon hearing Chen Feng’s words, Miyamoto Takeno couldn’t sit still, standing up and shouting angrily.
Augustus is the leader of the underground assassin organization in the world, and is also the main figure who destroys world peace. If the world knows that Dongying dares to collude with them, then the genetic medicine will leak.
This is not the main thing. The main thing is that Dongying will also be implicated.
Strictly speaking, it is not just as simple as being implicated. Augustulas and his organization are notorious people who destroy peace. If it is confirmed that Dongying and its collusion, then the people of the world will be begging and beating the Augulas organization. Dongying.
At that time, it will be extremely disadvantageous for Dongying, and will even pay a heavy price for it, which Dongying cannot afford in person.
But Miyamoto Takeno was furious at the moment, and he didn’t know if he really didn’t know what happened. He had accepted Zuo Zhu’s defeat, but at this moment Chen Feng splashed Dongying in front of so many people. Water, Takeno Miyamoto couldn’t help it.
Seeing Miyamoto Takeno’s furious expression, Chen Feng was unmoved. He stepped on Zuo Zhu’s head, looked at Miyamoto Takeno, and mocked: “At that time, I ran into your Toyo alone and killed that oh so great warrior. Thoroughly nailing your Dongying martial arts world to the pillar of shame, but even if you want to kill me, you won’t send such a waste to come!”
“Bageya Road…”
Miyamoto Musashi yelled and stood up directly. At this moment, he had reached the apex of anger. If he hadn’t seen the state of Wu Zhishu and others ready to go, and the vice president of the World Martial Arts Organization had already stood by. In the arena, he would definitely rush into the ring and tortured Chen Feng to death before he could relieve his hatred.

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