Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 750

“Miyamoto Takeno, you don’t have to be anxious, your heir, this so-called genius of martial arts who has never met in the East, lies at my feet at this moment. He is a trash, but in the future you will still be a trash in my eyes!”
Chen Feng did not have a chance to kill Miyamoto Takeno’s gaze, provoking him: “If you still have you, just go back and tell Dongying that what I killed last time was not enough. If you dare to hit my relatives and friends’ attention , I will go again. If you are disrespectful to the Huaguo martial arts world, you will definitely pay a heavy price!
And in the future, those who reveal my brother’s whereabouts, let them wait for me, and I will come and cut off their heads one by one! ”
“Asshole, you are looking for death!”
Miyamoto Takeno roared and couldn’t help it anymore. He rose into the air, leaped down and went straight to Chen Feng on the stage.
“is it?”
As soon as Chen Feng’s voice fell, he kicked it out and Zuo Zhu went to the arrow of Lixian. Before taking Miyamoto Takeno down, Zuo Zhu first passed out.
“I want to see with my own eyes Brother Chen Feng kill that little devil!”
The words are still in my ears, and now Chen Feng has done it. To his friends, Chen Feng can say that he will do his best, and will never let his friends down, let alone let them chill.
In the sun, the audience looked at Zuo Zhu, who was lying motionless on the ground at the moment, not knowing whether he was alive or dead.
Miyamoto Takeno fell from the sky, and the ground was smashed into a big pit, and the gravel splashed. Originally, his strength would not be so, but he was irritable at the moment and wanted to kill Chen Feng and then quickly.
“Miyamoto Takeno, what are you doing? Are you breaking the rules of the game?”
At this moment, Hidding, the vice chairman of the World Martial Arts Organization, suddenly appeared in the arena, and his figure flickered to block Miyamoto Takeno’s gaze, and then asked blankly.
Miyamoto Takeno did not answer, but took a deep breath, calmed down, and gradually lost his murderous intent.
Before Hong Yi’s master Hong Tianba did not dare to violate the rules of the game, Miyamoto Takeno naturally did not dare, and in the presence of so many powerful players, he could not kill Chen Feng.
Almost at the moment Miyamoto Takeno left, the seniors of Hua Guo, such as Wu Zhizhou, Fangzheng Master, Ji Wudao, Cang Bo, and others have also arrived at the arena at the fastest speed, standing directly in front of Chen Feng, in case of accidents. .
And Ji Yun and Tianying were not slow. Following them, although Tianying had a broken leg and just put on a plaster, he was worried about Chen Feng’s comfort, and he did not take much care of it and took the fastest speed.
“Your Excellency Hidden, you are misunderstood, I have no intention to violate the rules of the game!”
Miyamoto Musashi explained that he really didn’t want to offend Hidden without a last resort. Although he was known as the god of war of Toyo, it was not good for him or the warrior of Toyo.
After Miyamoto Takeno explained, he ignored the opponent, but squatted down to examine Zuo Zhu’s injury. After a while, he breathed a sigh of relief. Although Zuo Zhu was extremely embarrassed at this moment and looked dying, in fact, He has no fatal injuries, and if he is treated in time, nothing will happen, and it will have no effect on his kung fu.
Miyamoto Takeno may be because Zuo Zhu’s injury was not serious, and his anger was slightly reduced, and he gave a fist to Hitting.
“Well, no!”
Hidding nodded, it was a response to Miyamoto Takeno.
But Haremiyamoto Takeno didn’t hesitate to pick up Zuo Zhu and walked towards the contestant’s passage. I don’t know if it was a coincidence or something. He happened to be in front of Chen Feng and the others.
Hidding saw it too, but didn’t say anything. On the one hand, Miyamoto Takeno had promised not to shoot Chen Feng, so the other party should not violate his vow.
Second, even if Miyamoto Takeno shots, don’t forget that Wu Zhizhou, Fangzheng Mage, Cangbo, Ji Wudao and other senior powerhouses are by Chen Feng’s side. If Miyamoto Takeno dared to take action, can he kill Chen Fengxian? Not to mention, he himself will be joined to death by this person.
In this case, if Miyamoto Takeno made a move, even if Wu Zhishu and others killed him, Toyo wouldn’t be able to say anything, after all, he was wrong first.
As Hidding expected, Takeno Miyamoto did not make a move, but when he walked to Chen Feng’s side, he paused and said viciously: “Shina brat, you wait to die!”
Faced with the threat of Takeno Miyamoto, Chen Feng was not afraid, and still sneered: “I have listened to your sentence a second time. The first time was when I was bloodbathed in Dongying, there were still many warriors preparing to surround me. , But what’s the result? Today your heir has been beaten like this bear by me!”
Hearing Chen Feng’s taunting words, Miyamoto Takeno’s eyes suddenly widened, and the killing intent in his eyes reappeared, but he said nothing.
“As expected of Chen Feng, Hua Guo Chen Feng!”
When Miyamoto Takeno was trembling with anger, the audience broke out again. At this moment, they were yelling with their necks. They were very excited. They respected Chen Feng and were also happy for Chen Feng.
The cheering and cheering of the audience made Miyamoto Takeno’s face like ashes. At this moment, he wished to fly away from here, and just as he was about to leave, Zuo Zhu in his arms suddenly moved.
The voices of the audience awakened Zuo Zhu from his coma.
Zuo Zhu looked up at the sky, the sunlight was a little dazzling, and he also saw Chen Feng’s mocking smile, which was like a steel knife cutting his flesh and blood all the time.
“Hmph, rubbish like you is a shame to the Huaguo martial arts circle, and it’s a shame!”
“Why do you still have the face to live? If I were you, I would definitely judge myself on the spot!”
“Oh, why did you rubbish come here today? Do you want to apologize in front of me?”
“Asshole, after I kill Chen Feng, I will look back to you to settle the account!”
The above words are the ironic words of Zuo Zhu after Tianying came to the game that day. Now that sentence that I want to come to is like a spell entangled in his heart, but this curse is a curse, so he can’t wait to find a place to drill. Go in.
“Hey, kid, do you remember what I said yesterday? If Chen Feng didn’t beat you as a dead dog, then I will judge myself in front of everyone!”
At this moment, Tianying suddenly said: “I thank Chen Feng, he left your dog’s life to me, one day I will cut off your head to wash away my shame!”
After Zuo Zhu heard Tianying’s words, he felt no anger in his heart, and felt an incomparable shame. His last trace of dignity was gone. At this moment, he was extremely aggrieved and was about to speak, but his master Miyamoto Takeno did not give him this opportunity. , Holding him and leaving the field.
Miyamoto’s ambition knew that it would not help to say anything at this point. On the contrary, it would only increase the sense of humiliation, and quickly leave this place of right and wrong.

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