Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 751

Miyamoto Takeno and Zuozhu left here, and they never expected that they would end the game like this.
When they came, they were aggressive, like invincible powerhouses, but when they left, they hurriedly fled like a bereaved dog.
I don’t know if they had expected this ending, they would be as arrogant as before.
Arthur, William and Deney have been watching the game. Although Arthur looked at Chen Feng not pleasing to the eye, at this moment, there was some admiration in his heart.
What Arthur admired is Chen Feng’s attitude towards relatives and friends. He is a person who values ​​love and righteousness. There are people who are willing to make friends with him everywhere, because you don’t have to worry that the other person will stabb you in the back. On the contrary, if you encounter When it comes to difficulties, then Chen Feng will do his best to help you.
William wore a mask and couldn’t see his face clearly. He looked at Chen Feng on the stage at the moment, his eyes narrowed slightly, revealing a deep light, and he didn’t know what he was thinking.
Originally halfway through the game, Zuo Zhu inspired genetic drugs and used Wave Breaking. Even William thought that Chen Feng was bound to die. At that time, he was a little disappointed and regretful.
It was disappointing that Chen Feng’s strength could not beat Zuo Zhu, but unfortunately he failed to kill Chen Feng himself.
In the late game, Chen Feng turned defeat into victory and defeated Zuo Zhu. If Chen Feng hadn’t had the heart to kill him, Zuo Zhu would have died, and William had a panoramic view of the entire game.
Dunney was also watching the game. From the beginning of the game to the end, he saw clearly. At this moment, he secretly nodded, he was very optimistic about what Chen Feng did, and he also had the heart to discuss with Chen Feng.
“Don’t say anything, Brother Chen Feng, thank you!” After
Zuo Zhu left, Tianying came to Chen Feng and said with a fist.
“What are you talking about? Since you are brothers, don’t be so dismissive!” Chen Feng pretended to be angry.
“Xiaofeng, what you did today, I believe that your senior will be very happy when he knows about it. You are his pride, the pride of Huaguo martial arts circles, and the pride of Huaguo!”
Wu Zhizhou couldn’t bear to stand aside. She opened her mouth and praised that he was very satisfied with Chen Feng’s performance just now. It can be said that Chen Feng defended the dignity of Hua Guo warriors, and also showed the grand style of being a Chinese warrior.
“Hahaha, that’s right!”
Cang Bo, Master Fang Zheng, Ji Wudao and others also nodded again and again, agreeing with Wu Zhizhou’s words.
“Elder Wu is absurdly praised, Chen Feng is ashamed not to be!”
Chen Feng repeatedly shook his head and said modestly.
Wu Zhizhou and others understood Chen Fengqianrang’s character, and didn’t say anything at this moment, they accompanied Chen Feng to leave with a smile.
“Tiffany, what are you looking at?”
When Chen Feng and others left the arena, Pope Zeus on the VIP table looked at the saint Tiffany and asked.
Saint Tiffany suddenly came back to her senses and quickly said: “Your Majesty the Pope, what did you just say?”
“Hey, it seems that Chen Feng has taken your soul away, so that you didn’t even hear me. Words!” Pope Zeus sighed without knowing whether it was intentional or unintentional.
“Your… Your Majesty, I… How can I do it!”
After hearing the words of the Holy Emperor, Saint Tiffany’s face turned red all of a sudden, like a red apple, her little hand was still holding the corner of her clothes, as if she didn’t know what to do. Measures.
Just at this embarrassing moment, the saint rolled her eyes and smiled at Modric, the secretary general of the World Martial Arts Organization. “Secretary General, your judgment is wrong, Chen Feng won!”
“Haha, yes, or The saint has vision!”
Secretary General Modric glanced at Zeus, and the two nodded slightly, both of them understood the thoughts of Saint Tiffany.
The game was over, the bells in Guangming Square rang, the audience dispersed and began to eat.
Saint Tiffany can watch any game as long as she wants.
She watched Chen Feng’s several games, and her heart moved.
“Then Chen Feng is really amazing. He won a few games in a row!” said a black-robed nun in the Vatican church.
“Well, he is amazing!”
Saint Tiffany nodded, and couldn’t help but think of Chen Feng’s face and figure again.
“By the way, this afternoon is Paladin Arthur’s game. Can you take me to see it?” The nun asked expectantly.
“I’m a little bit tired, so I won’t go!” For some reason,
Saint Tiffany thought of the comparison between Arthur and Chen Feng, with no interest at all.
“What?” The nun was a little surprised. She knew that the paladin Arthur was also pursuing the saint, and many people in the Holy See knew about this.
“If Chen Feng and Arthur fight, who do you think will win?”
At this moment , Saint Tiffany suddenly asked.
“Of course it is Paladin Arthur. Although Chen Feng is great, he is definitely not Arthur’s opponent. And Arthur will definitely win the championship!” The nun replied very positively.
Saint Tiffany didn’t seem to want to mention this, and didn’t say anything more.
In the afternoon game, Dunney played against Munir, the secret weapon of the United States, and Chen Feng also came to watch the game.
The game was very exciting, the two were almost evenly matched, and Dunney narrowly beat Munir in the end.
But Denny knew that the other side hadn’t used all his strength.
“For the so-called championship title, I don’t have to work hard, and there will be a duel with William next!” These are the original words of Munir.
“Munir is really a bullshit!” The audience shouted, showing dissatisfaction.
But Munir didn’t care about it.
“Chen Feng of China, I look forward to the match with you, and this is a martial arts competition, you are the opponent I want to fight the most!”
Denny on the ring said to Chen Feng in the spectator stand.
“Haha, well, I also look forward to it!”
Chen Feng stood up in the audience and smiled. He could feel Denny’s fighting spirit and invisible respect.
Dunney expects to be a martial idiot. He expects to fight Chen Feng and respects Chen Feng.
Isn’t it true that Chen Feng? Chen Feng had a good impression of Denny’s hearty character, so he accepted the challenge.
You must know that if it is not a battle of life and death, it is good for each other to learn from each other and can increase the understanding of the battle.
Chen Feng responded to Denny’s challenge, and then Denny left here with a smile, while Chen Feng sat in the audience waiting for the battle between Arthur and the official secret weapon of Tsarist Russia.
Because there is still an hour before the battle between Arthur and Lovsky, in order to fear that the audience is bored, the martial arts organization put on some top-notch music, and the atmosphere was lively. There were pictures flashing on the big screen, among which the image of Chen Feng appeared repeatedly. Above, he has become the real favorite of this game.
However, Chen Feng didn’t feel much about it, but he recalled the battle between Danny and Munir in his mind.
Munir deserves to be the secret weapon of the military. His moves are extremely destructive, and he pays attention to one move to control the enemy, stable, accurate, and ruthless.

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