Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 752

And Denny inherited the ancient yoga technique, which is extremely mysterious and incomprehensible, but in Chen Feng’s view, it is also somewhat insufficient, that is, the lethality is far less than Munir’s moves.
In the last game, Munir was strong and forced Denny to show his true strength. So in this game, can Lovsky push Arthur’s true strength?
The music has stopped. I don’t know who said something. Everyone started a discussion. Some people thought it was okay, but most people thought Arthur would win. It’s just that it’s unclear whether he can force Arthur to use his true strength.
Amidst the people’s discussion, time passed a little bit, and the time for the game was getting closer and closer, and the spectators who had left at this moment returned again. In addition to the VIP seats, the player seats were still empty, and the audience seats were already full and overcrowded.
“Look, Pope Zeus is coming!” I don’t know who shouted. When everyone looked out, Modric, Secretary-General of the World Martial Arts Organization, Pope Zeus and others entered the venue to watch the game.
“It’s not surprising that Arthur is the youngest warrior in the Holy See, and he is strong, and he is the captain of the guard of Pope Zeus. Pope Zeus will definitely come back to watch his game!”
There is no lack of knowledgeable people in the audience, explaining at this moment.
Pope Zeus, Secretary-General Modric and others were seated. At this moment, Pope Zeus glanced at Chen Feng in the audience and smiled slightly.
Chen Feng also saw Zeus’s smile. He didn’t know what the other party meant for a while, but the other party’s smile must have another meaning.
Even so, Chen Feng would not think deeply about this kind of thing, but instead focused on the arena and waited for the battle between Arthur and Lovesky.
The game started right away, and Lovsky, a secret weapon from Tsarist Russia, came to the arena.
Although the temperature at the moment reached more than thirty degrees, Lovesky still wore a special combat uniform.
His burly figure propped up his clothes and stepped forward. There was a rhythmic sound from the combat boots under his feet, like a drum.
When Lovesky came to the center of the field, Arthur was on the field. He still had that cold expression. He had blond hair without wind, and he was very elegant.
“Arthur is here!”
Compared to Lovesky, Arthur’s popularity is still very high. When he first appeared, people recognized him and shouted loudly.
It’s just that Arthur turned a deaf ear to all this and didn’t have a chance, as if in a bad mood.
In fact, he was in a bad mood. In this game, he only saw Pope Zeus, but Saint Tiffany did not come.
This result was a big blow to Arthur.
You must know that Arthur did everything now to perform well in front of Saint Tiffany.
As the captain of the guard of the Holy See, there are many nuns in the Holy See who have a crush on him. It is no exaggeration to say that the nuns who secretly love him can form a guard.
It’s just that Arthur has no interest in the nuns, but instead focuses on Saint Tiffany.
In order to perform in front of the saint Tiffany, he desperately practiced martial arts, striving to become a strong man among the younger generation.
When he knew that Pope Zeus was going to choose her husband for Saint Tiffany in this martial arts competition, he worked harder, thinking it was a golden opportunity, and he secretly determined to win the world martial arts competition. It was given to Saint Tiffany as a token of love.
He is extremely looking forward to this day, and he even imagined this beautiful picture in his mind.
It’s just that, after he used his lips to understand the conversation between Pope Zeus and Saint Tiffany last time, he learned that Saint Tiffany was actually interested in Chen Feng of China, which made him angry. Disillusioned.
He didn’t know what qualifications Chen Feng of China had to compare with him, but although he was angry, he did not dare to show it in front of Pope Zeus and Saint Tiffany.
When he knew that Saint Tiffany would not come to watch his game, the news made him even more angry. The anger in his heart was already overwhelming. At this moment, how could he have the mind to respond to the ordinary audience around him.
Arthur’s eyes swept across the auditorium one by one. When he saw Chen Feng, he was taken aback for a moment, and then a flame burned in his eyes.
Because Arthur thought that if Chen Feng hadn’t appeared, then he would have become the husband of Saint Tiffany.
Although he didn’t know that the attitudes of Zeus and Saint Tiffany would change so quickly, he had been dazzled by anger at the moment, and he couldn’t think much about it.
Originally, Arthur had promised his brother to teach Chen Feng a lesson, but at this moment he had a murderous intent and wished to tear Chen Feng to pieces.
Even so, Arthur knew that the time was not yet time, and he needed to wait.
“Lofsky from Tsarist Russia, I give you two choices, one is to admit defeat automatically, and the other is to be killed by me!”
Arthur had anger in his heart. At this moment, no one is pleasing to the eye, so he treats Loves. Ji’s words were not polite.
“Hmph, Arthur, you are too arrogant!”
Lovesky was also a little annoyed at the moment, he was irritated by Arthur’s defiant attitude.
Arthur did not respond, but looked at the referee and waited for the opponent to announce the start of the game.
The referee also saw what it meant, and announced the start of the game without any nonsense.
“Both sides are ready, the game…began!” The audience heard Arthur’s words clearly. At this moment, they are discussing whether Arthur can defeat the other party with one stroke.
“Bang!” A loud noise brought back the audience’s thoughts.
In the sun, Arthur had blond hair and was extremely dazzling, and he saw his hands clasped together, and his figure appeared in front of Lovesky in an instant, and he cut down unceremoniously.
Arthur actually used God of War Slash.
God of War Slash was the ultimate ultimate move of God Sword Slash, perhaps because Arthur had to vent the anger in his heart, or he had to kill the opponent in seconds as he promised just now, so he used the ultimate move without reservation.
When Arthur used the God of War Slash, his breath instantly rose to the extreme, and his inner strength poured into his hands. At this moment, his hands seemed to have the power to open the mountain and split the rock.
The breath exudes from both hands, like a sword aura, before the sword arrives, the breath comes first.
The air wave rushed towards Lovesky. At this moment, everyone’s complexion changed, even Chen Feng.
Pope Zeus is no exception. Although he knew Arthur’s strength was good, he didn’t expect Arthur to have such a momentum with a full blow.
Lovsky’s pupils shrank sharply. He had no time to escape, so he could only stop by instinct. He saw his breath pouring into his right palm, leaning forward like a bear and slapped it out.
This move is also an extremely famous martial arts of Tsarist Russia. This technique is created by imitating the attack of a bear and is extremely dangerous.
The audience was silent at the moment, and everyone held their breath for fear of missing this wonderful moment.

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