Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 753

“Bang!” When the two sides collided, Lovesky spouted blood, his palm was cut off, and his body retreated uncontrollably.
With just one move, Lovesky was defeated, his palm was severed, and his internal organs were also severely damaged.
Lovsky’s body slammed heavily on the ground, completely losing combat effectiveness.
“Lofsky, how are you? Do you want to fight!” The referee recovered from the shock and came to Lofsky and asked.
With a bitter face, Lovsky shook his head hard.
“The game is over, Arthur wins!”
As the referee announced the result of the game, the audience could shout again, and for a moment there was only the audience’s excitement.
“Arthur is really tough!”
“Invincible Arthur!”
Different voices came from the audience present.
Originally thought that Arthur and Lovesky would fight, but unexpectedly it turned out to be a one-sided trend and was killed by Arthur.
This result exceeded everyone’s expectations, including Chen Feng.
In the sky full of shouts, Arthur looked cold, glanced at Chen Feng in the crowd, and then turned and left the place.
“Can Chen Feng from China be able to withstand Arthur’s full blow just now?” The audience saw the look in Arthur’s eyes just now and knew that Arthur was looking at Chen Feng. At this moment, everyone couldn’t help but appear inside. An idea.
Although Chen Feng’s previous game was very exciting and strong, everyone did not think that Chen Feng could withstand Arthur’s strongest blow.
As night is about to fall, there is no one else in the stadium except for some staff, and the surrounding small merchants and hawkers also gathered their stalls and went back to rest early.
In a church in the Holy See, Saint Tiffany dragged her chin to look at the sunset glow on the horizon, not knowing what she was thinking.
At this moment, there were rapid footsteps, and the saint Tiffany frowned slightly.
Saint Tiffany has reached the beginning of God of War, so her hearing is extremely sensitive.
Moreover, the status of the saint is extremely high, and it does not allow rare people to dare to disturb.
“Crunch!” The door was pushed open, and one person walked in.
When Joan Tiffany come to see, swept away unhappy, respectful, said: “! Holiness, how do you come”
Pope Zeus, smiling, said: “! OK, I’ll see you,”
Joan Tiffany quickly put The chair moved a bit and asked Pope Zeus to take a seat. Then he asked, “What would you like to drink?”
“White water will do!”
Zeus smiled slightly because he wanted to have a good talk with Saint Tiffany.
Saint Tiffany took a glass of water and handed it respectfully to Zeus. After Zeus took it, he asked casually: “Why didn’t you go to Arthur’s game this afternoon!”
Saint Tiffany looked on when he heard Zeus’s question. Some unnaturally replied: “I am unwell today, so I didn’t go!”
“You can tell from your expression that you are lying!”
Zeus did not show anything, his expression still had a smile.
Saint Tiffany has never lied since she was a child. In other words, her status does not need to lie to others at all.
“I didn’t go to the game because I didn’t want to go, right?”
Zeus hesitated for a while, but asked the question in his heart.
“Yes, Your Majesty the Pope!”
Saint Tiffany did not conceal, and spoke out.
“You don’t want to see it because you don’t like Arthur?”
Zeus sighed and continued: “Arthur is handsome and the family is relatively strong, and it’s not easy to walk with such force at a young age, you can say He is a rare strong man among the younger generation!”
“And he has been in the Holy See for many years, and I still know his behavior very well. Many people in the Holy See are very optimistic about him, and he has nothing to say about you, and he treats you wholeheartedly. Hello, why don’t you like him?”
Pope Zeus was so painstakingly persuading the saint.
Saint Tiffany was silent, not knowing what she was thinking.
“Tiffany, don’t be nervous, there is no one else here. Just say what you have in mind. Let’s discuss it together!”
Seeing Tiffany’s silence, Pope Zeus was also afraid that he was pushing too hard, so he quickly calmed down. Zeus really treated him as a daughter.
“Your Majesty, there is nothing wrong with you!”
Saint Tiffany hesitated and continued: “Arthur is indeed perfect and good in character. I have not found any shortcomings in him, but it is precisely because of this perfection that I feel My heart is not at ease, and it feels unreal!”
“Well, is it just because of this?” Zeus continued to ask.
“Yes, I don’t hate him, but I don’t like him either. This feeling is unspeakable, but it is real!” Saint Tiffany said truthfully.
“Well, then I ask you, if Arthur beat Chen Feng in the next match, would you like Arthur or hate him!”
Zeus asked with a smile.
Saint Tiffany was a little at a loss for a while, she didn’t expect Zeus to ask her such a question, and she didn’t know how to respond at this moment.
“Your Majesty, why do you ask?” The little saint Tiffany summoned up the courage to ask Pope Zeus.
“Do you like Chen Feng from that Chinese country?”
Zeus said straight to the point without going around.
Saint Tiffany’s complexion changed abruptly, her small face flushed, her jade hand tugged at the corners of her clothes and she was a little bewildered, and then said: “I don’t know if I like it, but Chen Feng from China gives me a very mysterious feeling and The unique temperament makes me want to know everything about him unconsciously. With the passage of time, this feeling is getting deeper and deeper!”
“It seems that you are tempted, haha, but then again, Chen Feng He has a calm and calm personality, and he doesn’t get angry, and he has all kinds of deeds at a young age. It is very rare. To be honest, I also think this young man is very good!”
Zeus laughed and said his opinion.
“Yes, that’s it!”
Tiffany nodded quickly and was overjoyed. This joy came from Zeus’s praise to Chen Feng.
“Haha, so you already like Chen Feng, but…”
Zeus teased at first, and then the conversation changed.
“If Arthur and Chen Feng competed, Arthur won, defeated Chen Feng, or killed the opponent, you can’t hate Arthur for that, instead you have to marry him!”
Zeus said with a serious expression. Inner thoughts.
Saint Tiffany’s expression changed abruptly. At this moment, the light shone on her face, her face pale and bloodless.
“This… does your majesty have to be like this?”
Tiffany’s expression no longer knows how to describe it. At this moment, she is a little worried and disappointed.
“Well, it must be obeyed. This is my order, and it is also a divine instruction. This choice will affect future changes and is also responsible for those suffering!”
Pope Zeus put away his smile, His face was serious, and his tone was beyond doubt.

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