Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 755

“Dingling !” Xia Mengyao picked up the phone and said on the other end of the phone: “Currently, the company has one billion U.S. dollars in turnover, and each bet of the gaming company is 100 million U.S. dollars!”
“Well, put all the funds that can be turned into. Each gaming company bets Chen Feng with one hundred million bets !” Xia Mengyao said in an unquestionable tone.
“Miss, are you… are you sure?”
Although Xia Mengyao’s character assistant understands, she couldn’t help but ask at this moment.
“Don’t let me say it a second time!”
Xia Mengyao’s tone at the moment was a bit warm, and the assistant quickly said yes.
“Miss, isn’t this matter a bit hasty? Although I don’t understand business, is it too rash to use all the company’s funds for betting?” Qin Jun couldn’t help but reminded.
“If Chen Feng wins, everything is easy to say. If he loses, what is the use of money for me. If he loses, what else in this world is worth me to miss!” Xia Mengyao leaned back on the sofa, her eyes blank, she believed Chen Feng End your life in this way.
The whereabouts of this billion dollars caused a sensation in the world the next day.
Unidentified billionaires throw one billion dollars to push Chen Feng to become the champion of each other’s world martial arts competition.
This news was known to everyone who followed the game in an instant. One billion dollars is not a small amount.
As soon as this news was thrown out, another exploded news came again.
“Caesar Roboli announced that his brother Arthur, the captain of the Holy See’s guard, will kill Chen Feng in the game!”
This news was like water dripping into a pan, instantly making the upper class and people who follow the game boil.
No one thought this news was false. After all, it was said by Caesar Roboli himself, and it was highly credible.
Moreover, killing Chen Feng, who was the most popular in this martial arts competition, could attract everyone’s attention on this day alone.
“Strange Vatican guard commander Arthur Chen Feng Why kill it?”
“That you obviously do not know, I heard that his brother Caesar had been humiliated Chen Feng, the competition for his brother Arthur to speak out!”
“No, no, No, what I heard was that the Holy See’s Saint Tiffany loved Chen Feng, which caused Arthur’s dissatisfaction, and his rivals were extremely jealous!” As soon as the news of Caesar’s announcement came out, many onlookers began to discuss it. Most It’s nothing, and some insiders have revealed some secrets.
It’s just that when everyone discussed why Arthur wanted to kill Chen Feng, they all remembered whether Arthur and Chen Feng would win.
Although Chen Feng is extremely tough in the game and has won several games in a row, he is not necessarily Arthur’s opponent.
We must know that at the end of the game, they are all strong, and those who lose in front are all weak warriors. Arthur is the captain of the guard of the Holy See. The strength must not be weak. Especially in the last game, Arthur’s move was the secret weapon of Tsarist Russia. It makes the audience feel that Chen Feng has no chance of winning.
The audience thought that both Chen Feng and Arthur had shown their true strength. They compared Arthur’s shocking slash with each other. So far, everyone can hardly forget it, and it can be seen that they are powerful.
When Chen Feng competed with Zuo Zhu, he did not dare to take the opponent’s moves, which shows that he did not go to Arthur.
Chen Feng must lose the game, and this conclusion has spread throughout the world.
China, Xiliang.
“Brothers, have you seen it? I don’t know which bastard wears it, saying that the boss will lose in the next game. I don’t believe that the so-called shit Arthur of the Holy See can beat the boss. Billion to suppress the boss to win, who else will follow?”
Yu Wenbo stood on the stage, pulling his neck and shouting, his appearance at the moment was also quite imposing.
“Okay, let me follow!”
A young man came out and said, “I don’t have that much in my hand. Only more than 200,000 yuan. I followed!”
“I followed too. I just won a house recently. It should be worth it Four or five million!”
“I’m here too. Recently, a white rich and ugly posted me, and I asked her to press one hundred million!” For a while, everyone expressed their opinions and their emotions have reached their peak.
All of these people have old friends with Chen Feng. At the moment, Yu Wenbo is the leader, and everyone is crazy to bet on Chen Feng.
They don’t believe that Chen Summit will be defeated by Arthur of the Holy See, or they don’t want Chen Feng to lose.
Chen Feng is a Chinese, and all bloody men are indignant at this time.
This is not because they are irrational, impulsive, sometimes they need some impulse, and sometimes it is precisely because these seemingly irrational people can change things.
At this moment, everyone who knew Chen Feng was busy, cheering for Chen Feng in their own way, and letting Chen Feng and Arthur fight to the death in their own way.
Eagle Country William Gaming Company.
A secretary in the company ran to the chairman’s office quickly, and entered the office without even breaking the door.
“Boss, I came from China several times and made a lot of money in that year, all of which were to press Chen Feng to win. According to our understanding, all these funds are from Chen Feng’s friends!” The secretary panted and told the boss what he knew. report.
This secretary has been in this industry for a long time, but it was the first time I met today.
He has never seen anyone bet so crazy. Although there are some games where Arthur and Chen Feng have a lot of money, each bet is best only 100 million US dollars, and it has just come in several times.
Moreover, according to sources, Chen Feng’s friends are not only betting at one gaming company, but at several companies at the same time, which shows how terrible it is.
The boss of the bookmaker frowned, wondering what he was thinking.
He knew the pros and cons, and even he hadn’t thought of it at this point.
He did not expect Chen Feng to have such an influence. As the owner of the gaming company, he collected all the players’ information before the start of the game. Only in this way can the strength of each individual be evaluated to ensure Make another money during the game.
Hua Guo Chen Feng, the owner of the gaming company has the impression that he also knows Chen Feng’s deeds. Although Chen Feng is indeed good, Arthur and William are not ordinary people.
Although he is not a warrior, he is a gambling company after all, so he also has some understanding of the level and strength of the warrior, and he is always watching the game.
He also knew Arthur’s amazing battle yesterday, and he also thought that Arthur would win the game.
Of course, this situation today made him feel a little unsure. He was silent for a moment and said: “As of now, how much money has been invested in Chen Feng?”
“Up to the present position, Chen Feng’s funds have reached 3 billion US dollars. And our company has one billion dollars. If Chen Feng wins this game, then our company will pay eight billion dollars!” When the secretary said this number, he could almost hear his own heartbeat, even though he was in this industry. It’s been so long, but still can’t calm down at this moment.

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