Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 756

This amount is not a small fund no matter where it is placed.
This is not the main thing, billions of dollars are on the company. If Chen Feng loses, then everything is fine. The company makes a lot of money, but if Chen Feng wins the game, the company will lose one billion dollars, which is a billion. For US dollars, even though their company is not small, they dare not gamble in this way.
After the secretary finished the report, he stood aside and dared not say anything. He knew that even the boss couldn’t decide what to do.
The boss of the gaming company has been silent, perhaps thinking about something, time passed by, even the secretary felt extremely depressed, this depressed feeling turned out to be because of the money.
“Convene the board of directors immediately!” The boss ordered. He was a little undecided at the moment. He had to convene the board of directors and the other directors to discuss whether to close the market in advance or lower Chen Feng’s odds.
Otherwise, the company may be lost in the end.
Don’t say it’s a secretary. Even the boss of the gaming company hasn’t encountered such a situation after decades of working. It’s really rare in a century.
The secretary responded and prepared to contact the other directors. At this moment, a panicked voice of a staff member came from the headset.
“Just now the company came in 100 million US dollars, it was from the Chinese side!”
Obviously, the staff was also frightened at the moment and couldn’t accept it for a while.
“What’s the matter?” The boss of the gaming company looked at the secretary’s pale face, faintly aware of something.
“Old… the boss just came in with another 100 million dollars from China!” The secretary said shiveringly.
With a rub, the boss got up from the chair, his eyes rounded.
“What the hell is going on? Are all the Chinese people rich? Besides, why do they take so much money to press Chen Feng, do they believe in Chen Feng so much? Damn it!” The boss is anxious at the moment, no longer calm and even more so Out yelling.
The secretary shrunk her neck. Since she came to the company, the boss has always been gentle and never swearing. It seems that he was indeed stimulated today.
“Give me instructions to go down, all trading stops, and not open until the board of directors is over!” The boss took a violent cigarette and ordered to go down.
“Okay, I know!” The secretary hurriedly responded, turned and left the office. She thought to herself, if Chen Feng had won the game, what would the outcome be like.
This time the world-class martial arts competition, the gaming companies can be said to be extremely important, all companies have invested in the craze of the competition, but this time the Chinese betting funds caused several betting companies to suffer.
Although China has bet heavily on Chen Feng, William Gaming Company and several other companies discussed the probabilities of several players and jointly decided to continue the market.
Not only that, several major companies also used media declarations to blow Arthur’s strength very high, and that Chen Feng would definitely lose to Arthur, allowing customers to bet with confidence.
This is also one of their methods. The media announced that a large number of people started betting with unexpected consequences, and most of them voted for Arthur to win the game.
Although the betting company made a lot of declarations, the amount of betting on Arthur and Chen Feng was not much. Finally, I concluded that the amount of betting on Arthur was less than one billion US dollars, and most of them came from the Eagle Country.
The betting company’s declaration, plus Caesar Roboli’s personal announcement that his brother Arthur will fight Chen Feng to the death, it is precisely because of these that some people bet on Arthur, otherwise almost few people would put their funds on Chen Feng .
Until the end of the evening, the funds raised did not exceed one billion U.S. dollars. At this time, William Gaming Co. and several other betting companies were not recruited. They could only pray for God to let Arthur defeat Chen Feng.
Caesar’s declaration and fierce reports from several major gaming companies brought this game to a new height.
This is no longer a matter of the world martial arts competition, but even some people in the upper class who don’t know martial arts know it, even the ordinary people.
July 29th represents the duel between Arthur and Chen Feng.
Due to the previous declaration, many tourists came to Rome. For a time, Rome was extremely lively, and tourists could be seen everywhere.
Due to the increase in prices due to the arrival of tourists, the price of hotels has more than doubled.
The sun gradually set, inside the hospital designated by the World Martial Arts Organization.
Master Fang Zheng, Cang Bo, Wu Zhizhou, Ji Wudao, Ji Yun, and the limping Tianying were all from here, visiting the Three Commandments lying on the bed.
“The situation is not optimistic, Elder Wu, Chen Feng has not left the customs until now, is it too much pressure?”
Cang Bo couldn’t help asking.
Since the end of the game yesterday, Chen Feng has announced that he will be temporarily closed. He has not come out until now. I don’t know if he doesn’t want to be too burdened.
“It shouldn’t be. The Chen Feng brothers’ character will never be due to too much pressure. They can’t help it because they are studying martial arts!”
A Tianying who said little said, the words were right. Chen Feng is extremely convinced, as he said, he thinks Chen Feng will never shrink, this is not the other party’s character.
“Yes, Chen Feng’s character is not stress-free, and his ability to withstand pressure is very high. Furthermore, it means that Tian’s battle is simply not comparable to what he has experienced before. Chen Feng’s previous events are more dangerous than this. Now, tomorrow’s battle will not be stressful for him!”
Wu Zhizhou also agreed with Tianying’s words and said again: “Before he retired, he said he wanted to study martial arts, and now he has made progress compared to the study of martial arts before leaving the customs!” But Wu Zhizhou’s words did not let everyone hang on. Their heart relaxed, they knew Wu Zhizhou was comforting them, and the situation of strength might not be very optimistic.
“Creating martial arts is not simple. How many geniuses and wise people have gone through all the hardships to study martial arts through the ages, and being able to study martial arts and then create their own moves is harder than climbing to the sky. It’s not easy to learn the style, but at the moment he retreats and wants to create the third style. It will be even more difficult to think about it. To put it bluntly, there is little hope!” Ji Wudao thought about it and said his analysis.
Everyone was silent and acquiesced to Ji Wudao’s words, how difficult it is for them to create martial arts, it is not something that can be accomplished overnight.
Although Chen Feng has created two styles, it is not a complete technique after all, and the match between Arthur and Chen Feng is already in sight. It is almost impossible to create the third style again in such a short period of time.
Sanjie is a martial arts genius, and his aptitude is even higher. He is not thinking about martial arts, but if he is asked to study martial arts, he will definitely create his own moves, but even a talented martial artist like him cannot be short. It takes a certain amount of time to create martial arts within time.

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