Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 757

The creation of martial arts requires a thorough knowledge of the various attack and defense methods of the moves, so that the path of creation can be explored, so in some respects, the insights on the number of martial arts are also very important.
“Ji Shizhu is reasonable, creating a martial arts school is a very difficult thing, even a talented martial artist may consume time and energy!” There was a little silence, Fang Zheng mage said.
“Then can the Chen Feng brothers beat Arthur in this competition? Or this time the Chen Feng brothers did not create a third-style martial arts, then how likely is he to win Arthur?”
Ji Yun frowned and asked what was in his heart. In doubt, he worried that Chen Feng would fail, and he did not want Chen Feng to lose to the Holy See Arthur.
This time they came to the Vatican to participate in a world-class martial arts competition. The four of them played on behalf of China. Right now, only Chen Feng was left. Ji Yun had already lost, and Sanjie nearly died from serious injuries. Tianying broke a leg.
It can be said that the situation is very bad, and all hope lies in Chen Feng right now. If Chen Feng fails, then the Hua Guo team will be wiped out.
In fact, what Ji Yun is most worried about is not the so-called honor but the safety of Chen Feng. If Chen Feng loses the game, he is likely to lose his life, or it can be said that he will definitely lose his life. This is what everyone is worried about.
When Ji Yun’s words came out, everyone looked at Wu Zhizhou. Wu Zhizhou was the elder of the Wu League and was stronger than the people here.
“Well, it’s estimated that it’s only about 30%!”
Wu Zhizhou hesitated for a while and then said his opinion.
“Thirty percent? I think Elder Wu liked Chen Feng’s rich combat experience!”
As soon as Wu Zhizhou’s voice fell, Ji Wudao smiled bitterly: “When a warrior is in a duel, if two people are not all different in strength, then combat experience is extremely important and it can be said to play a decisive role, but if the difference in strength is too far, it will be useful. Not much, just like when Chen Feng and Dongying Zuozhu were fighting, although the other party used genetic drugs, Chen Feng was indeed lost at that moment. I thought his probability was only 20%. This is still a conservative estimate!”
Hearing Wu Zhizhou’s words Everyone sighed faintly, not knowing what to do, now Chen Feng had to deal with it by himself.
“This game is not optimistic. Chen Feng is very likely to lose. Chen Feng himself should have realized this. Otherwise, he will not retreat. It is just whether it can change the final result, but it is unknown!”
Cangbo was silent. After a while, I also said what I thought of the game.
“Amitabha Buddha, may the Buddha bless Chen Feng safe and sound!”
Master Fang Zheng put his hands together and prayed for Chen Feng sincerely .
“Hey, big brother, you can definitely not have an accident. What should I do if you have an accident!”
San Jie’s expression was solemn and worried. After he was severely injured by Hong Yi, Chen Feng was the one who stood up for him. Yi was broken, and he kept this love in his heart.
The relationship between Sanjie and Chen Feng has always been good. Chen Feng can go to the sword for Sanjie, but at the moment Sanjie cannot help Chen Feng, so he feels very uncomfortable.
Three precepts wondered if Chen Feng hadn’t avenged him, would he be able to avoid this crisis, but unfortunately this is just an illusion, there is no if.
“Asshole, what kind of pretense the Holy See Arthur pretended to be so good that he wanted to kill Chen Feng, otherwise it doesn’t matter if he loses this game!” Ji Yun was also a violent temper and couldn’t help cursing. Arthur deliberately attacked because of his own territory.
Tianying remained silent and did not speak, but his fists were clenched, and his eyes were also worried. He said silently in his heart: “Brother Chen Feng, you must tide over this difficult period safely. The game between you and me has not yet started. !”
“You guys are waiting here, I’ll pick you up at the airport!”
Wu Zhizhou glanced at his watch, and then left the room when the secret path time was up.
Half an hour later, Wu Zhizhou took the Huaguo special car to Rome Airport.
A little bit of time passed, and another twenty minutes later, one of the people in the crowd was in a wheelchair and carrying a worn-out special operations bag, coming from the passage, this person turned out to be Ye Nantian.
His appearance attracted the attention of many people. The airport staff and enthusiastic people tried to help Ye Nantian many times, but Ye Nantian refused.
“You are finally here. I didn’t expect your attention level to be quite high, and the national treasure is nothing more than that, hahaha!”
Wu Zhizhou laughed, first teased, and then continued: “Your junior brother Chen Feng has been closed yesterday. Until now, I haven’t left the customs, do you want to go and see.”
Ye Nantian blinked, and said in silence for a moment: “No, let him retreat in peace. Please also Elder Wu and others not to disturb him, let alone let him. He knows my arrival.”
“Well, good!”
Wu Zhizhou nodded without any objection, and then came to Ye Nantian to help him wrap up the battle.
“Why does this combat package look so familiar? Is it from the Wumeng League?” Wu Zhizhou thought for a while and said the question in his mind.
“Well, that’s right!”
Ye Nantian responded with a slight smile.
“If you come early, then you will be able to see Chen Feng’s impressive achievements in those games, and you will also become the proudest person in Guangming Square!”
Wu Zhizhou carried the combat bag on his back, and then pushed Ye Nantian’s wheelchair explained what happened recently.
After the two left for a few games, Wu Zhizhou carried Ye Nantian into the car and then put the wheelchair in the trunk.
“Chen Feng was my pride before, and it is now, and has always been!”
Ye Nantian looked far away firmly, not knowing what he was thinking.
“What do you think of the match between Chen Feng and Arthur!”
Wu Zhizhou hesitated for a moment and asked what he had in mind.
“Arthur is the captain of the guard of the Holy See, and he can sit in this position at a young age. First, the Pope attaches great importance to him. Second, it is enough to see that his strength is very strong, and I also know about the previous games. This time I am afraid that it will be a bit difficult. ! ”
Ye Southern frowning, continued:”! I have to understand the strength of Chen Feng, Chen Feng, this time the game is unknown whether further enhance the strength of some survive. ” ” you’re worried he killed it? ”
Wu Zhizhou sighed and said.
“Can you not worry!”
Ye Nantian smiled bitterly: “Although I am worried, I hope Chen Feng can give us a surprise and do something that shocks everyone. I hope he can defeat the so-called Captain of the Guard of the Holy See. Se!”
Wu Zhizhou Ruoyoruo nodded secretly looking into the distance.
Inside the hotel, Chen Feng sat cross-legged, ignorant of everything outside. He was already immersed in martial arts at this moment, studying the moves with all his heart to deal with the next game.
Chen Feng kept thinking about the God of War Slash performed by Arthur. From Arthur’s shot until the second Tsarist Russia’s secret weapon, Chen Feng saw all the details.

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