Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 758

From the retreat to now, Chen Feng has discovered a problem. Whether it is Dongying’s Zuo Zhu’s Breaking Wave Slash, or the Holy See Arthur’s God of War Slash, the moves used by the two are extremely domineering martial arts in martial arts.
These two types of martial arts have one thing in common, that is, they gather all the internal energy at one point and blast them out in an instant, causing powerful lethality.
This kind of move seems simple, but it is not easy to create. It is not possible to mobilize the internal energy of the whole body, but it is not the case if you learn this kind of martial arts.
Chen Feng was thinking that if he created such a move, then he would have one more killer, and it would be extremely important for the next battle, but Arthur would not be afraid.
Because of Chen Feng’s many moves, he lacks a powerful move similar to the one that is as powerful as God of War.
Last time Chen Feng wanted to create martial arts for many days in retreat, but he created two styles. Although it is not easy to create two styles, those two styles are not ultimate moves.
In the two days of competition, whether it was Zuo Zhu’s Breaking Wave Slash or Arthur’s God of War Slash, Chen Feng’s eyes were bright.
Moreover, the speed of this move is extremely fast, which can be described as both offensive and defensive.
Therefore, Chen Feng is thinking that he wants to explore it for himself, even if he can’t create it, if he can know the weakness, it is worth the time of retreat.
“This move is extremely sharp, but I don’t know how they did it. Could it be inspired by modern firearms?”
Chen Feng vaguely touched something, but he felt a little bit close, just like ancient window paper. The location is broken.
As time passed, Chen Feng kept closed his eyes and thought, but he was puzzled.
“Could it be because…”
Chen Feng muttered to himself, suddenly opened his eyes.
………… The outside world is extremely lively. The world-class martial arts competition between Chen Feng and Arthur is about to begin. The game time is scheduled to be held after 9 a.m. on July 29.
This game can be described as an unprecedented prosperous world. Due to the promotion of the gaming company, many people came here. Although they could not enter the venue without admission tickets, they also gathered in the Vatican at the moment to see the demeanor of the two players.
So far, the duel between Arthur and Chen Feng has overshadowed everything and has become the headline on the website so far. Even some people who don’t know martial arts know this at this moment.
In such a grand event, how can there be no media? Many media communicated with the world martial arts organization, hoping to enter the field to record the game, and then conduct separate interviews with two players, but at this time the martial arts organization refused.
Not only the media can’t enter, even the audience can’t bring any electronic equipment into the arena.
All this is because the world martial arts competition is too bloody and there are all kinds of scenes. If a video or a photo is recorded, it will definitely cause unnecessary turmoil in the society once it is transmitted.
Therefore, the so-called media will never be allowed to enter the game. At that time, with the media’s propaganda efforts, no one can predict the consequences.
The World Martial Arts League will not allow this to happen.
On this day of the game, the stadium was already open around six o’clock in the morning. The audience entered the stadium with their tickets, and then took their seats in a match and came to their own seats.
A little bit of time passed, and the audience in the field was almost there at around 8:00. The number of people in the previous few days was even higher. The match between Arthur and Chen Feng has aroused their interest, and some have already returned. The matter returned to the arena.
There is a big screen in the middle of the arena, and the role of this screen is when the players compete. This allows the audience in the distance to see more clearly. At this moment, the pictures of Chen Feng and Arthur are displayed on the screen, as well as the time of the game.
There were a lot of people watching the game, and it was a bit noisy. Most people were discussing this game.
“You said, who can win this game? Chen Feng, or Arthur?”
“I think Chen Fengsheng has won, after all, Chen Feng has won several games. Where is the strength!”
“It seems that my dear friend did not come yesterday.
Right ? You haven’t seen Arthur’s true strength. You can say that Chen Feng will definitely be invincible when Arthur uses his true strength!” “Yes, Chen Feng is strong, but he is definitely not Arthur’s opponent. He has even gambled recently. The company is propagating the winning rate of this competition, and Arthur has a very high probability of winning the game!” The audience discussed it with each other and the scene was extremely lively.
About one mile from the stadium, the nuns are busy changing clothes for Pope Zeus.
As the Pope of the Holy See, Zeus was very particular about his clothes and things, and he couldn’t handle it.
It can be said that the rules of the Holy See, the leaders of the other countries are much more cumbersome.
Besides, people from many countries come to watch the World Martial Arts Competition. As the Pope of the Holy See, Zeus’s face is the meeting of the entire Holy See, and he cannot be sloppy.
Outside the gate of Zeus, Arthur guarded there as always, and when the pope was ready, he went to the stadium with the pope.
Arthur is the captain of the guard, and his job is to guard the safety of the Holy See’s palace. Without the pope’s call, Arthur will not allow anyone to enter the Pope’s room unless he is killed in battle.
“Master Arthur, Saint Tiffany is here!”
A guard came to Arthur’s side and bowed to report that anyone who steps into Pope Zeus’s room for 200 meters must be checked by the guard.
“Well, what’s the matter with the saint, see your majesty?” For some reason Arthur heard the name of the saint Tiffany, and couldn’t help feeling a burst of sorrow and anger. This feeling was very complicated.
“Saint Tiffany wants to see you!” the guard said, bowing.
Arthur was a little wondering what the saint Tiffany had to do with him, so he didn’t think much anymore, the guard led the way, and Arthur walked away.
From a distance you can see Saint Tiffany standing there, wearing a black robe and a cross on her chest.
Although the saint Tiffany was wearing a veil, she couldn’t hide her beautiful face.
“The saint!” When
Arthur was less than five meters away from the saint Tiffany, he met her with a smile on his face.
“Master Arthur, I came to you today to chat with you alone, okay?”
Saint Tiffany’s voice was very pleasant.
“Being down, it’s an honor!”
Arthur smiled more, and he was very excited. Saint Tiffany asked him to chat. This was an unprecedented thing. While excited, he was also a little curious about how the other party would come back at this time.
The guard next to him was also a shrewd person, and at the moment he quietly retreated.
“The game is about to start, but I don’t know how
Arthur will win this game?” The saint Tiffany and Arthur have been walking for more than ten meters, making sure that no one can hear them, slowly speaking.

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