Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 759

“I will win this battle!”
Arthur clenched his right fist and said confidently: “Not only this game, I will also win the championship of the World Martial Arts Competition!”
“Yes, so to speak, I want Congratulations to Lord Arthur in advance!”
Saint Tiffany said with a smile on her face.
“Thank you Saint!”
Arthur thanked Saint Tiffany very politely.
“I came to see an adult this time because I wanted to ask an adult to help me!”
Saint Tiffany hesitated and said.
“I am honored to be able to serve the saint!”
Arthur said with a heart move.
“Can Lord Arthur save Chen Feng’s life in this game, don’t kill him!”
Saint Tiffany didn’t make any more roundabouts, but directly stated the purpose of this.
Saint Tiffany’s tone turned out to be pleading, she really came to beg Arthur.
Arthur’s younger brother Caesar had a misunderstanding with Chen Feng. In addition, Pope Zeus said that Chen Feng was not Arthur’s opponent, and she wanted to beg Arthur for mercy.
In case Arthur was eager to avenge his brother and killed Chen Feng, there would be nothing.
Arthur said with a face. He didn’t expect that Saint Tiffany came here to find him to intercede with Chen Feng. Although he guessed that the Saint would say something related to the game, he didn’t expect this to be the case.
Arthur clenched his fists, only feeling a sense of humiliation and soaring anger.
Everyone in the Holy See knew that he was pursuing Saint Tiffany. In order to get her heart, Arthur desperately worked hard to practice martial arts to fight for the day he could get married.
But what I never expected was that the first time Saint Tiffany talked to him alone, it turned out to be for another man.
Saint Tiffany put down her noble figure and strictest figure, and pleaded for Chen Feng, because of this, Arthur’s anger was already overwhelming.
This saint Tiffany rejected him and made him angry.
However, Arthur is not an ordinary person with the strength and status he is now. Although the anger in his heart has been horrible, he did not show it, and he still kept a faint smile on his face.
“I just don’t know the saint, why do you intercede for Chen Feng?”
Arthur tried to control his emotions and anger, and continued: “As far as I know, you don’t seem to know Chen Feng of Hua Guo?”
“Well, I really don’t. He, but I think this person is very interesting. I don’t want to see such an interesting person die in front of me!”
Saint Tiffany did not know why, whenever she mentioned Chen Feng’s name, she could n’t help but show joy.
Saint Tiffany’s expression was collected in Arthur’s eyes, looking at the joy of the other person from mentioning Chen Feng’s name, so that Arthur’s anger rose again.
At this moment, Arthur almost didn’t hold back for some reason, and slapped the so-called saint to death.
The idea to make this moment Arthur also a bit shocked, then trying to control his temper, said: “! Joan, I can promise you, but martial mouths dangerous game, afraid of what the race accident” ,
“Asia Master Ser, what are you talking about? What do you mean?”
Upon hearing Arthur’s words, Saint Maiden Tiffany ‘s expression changed abruptly and her tone gradually became cold.
“I mean, it is inevitable that there will be casualties with fists and no eyes during the game. Could it be that Chen Feng shot me and I just stood still? In case of any accident, the saint should not blame me!”
Arthur’s tone gradually ceased to be polite, and his favor with Saint Tiffany had disappeared. He wanted to spend the rest of her life with her and treat him as a guest, but she didn’t expect that she would say such things to him for Chen Feng.
At this moment, Arthur had changed his thoughts on Saint Tiffany. If he could form a relationship with the other party in the future, then he would no longer be polite. He would definitely insult Saint Tiffany in every possible way in order to report today’s affairs.
Saint Tiffany was silent at the moment and said nothing.
………… Outside the hotel specially reserved for the players, many people gathered at this moment, including Hong Tianba, the head of Hongmen, Takeno Miyamoto, the god of war of the East, the elder of the Qinghong organization, and Solo Gambino of the Solo family.
These people are the elders or masters of the previous players. They said that their descendants were dead and disabled, but they didn’t leave there.
Instead, they have been waiting, waiting for a result, waiting for Chen Feng to be beheaded in public.
If they can’t wait for this result, they have already made up their minds, just like they besieged Ye Nantian back then, and jointly kill Chen Feng.
You must know that even one of them could kill Chen Feng, but after they joined forces, they all had a check on each other.
They came together for a common purpose, and their previous grievances were put aside.
These powerful people talked together very happily. In order to deal with Chen Feng, they could not take much care of them. As long as they were willing to pay any price for killing Chen Feng, it could be said that they had hated Chen Feng to the bone.
A short time later, a business car came from a distance. Hong Tianba, Miyamoto Takeno and others got in this car.
“Have you heard? Ye Nantian also came to the Vatican!”
Miyamoto Takeno took the lead and said.
“Well, we also received news here!” Solopa said with a smile.
“What can he do when he comes? Ye Nantian is no longer in the past and has become a waste, so we want to kill him, it must be no more difficult than killing a chicken!” Hong Tianba sneered, not at all. Put Ye Nantian in his eyes, he also participated in the siege of Ye Nantian.
If Ye Nantian hadn’t been besieged by everyone, then Ye Nantian would have become a resounding figure today.
Although Hong Tianba understands in his heart, he believes that the winner is the king and the loser is the bandit. All the stories are written by the winner.
But he never thought that they were several masters besieging Ye Nantian at the same time, maybe he didn’t want this on purpose.
“Haha, that’s right, that’s right, Master Hong makes sense!” Solo quickly agreed. He was also one of the masters who jointly besieged Ye Nantian.
The Solo people teamed up to maimed Ye Nantian. Not only did they not feel ashamed, but they were extremely contented. They maimed a martial arts genius, and they might be the strongest in the future. This thought made Solo extremely excited and not ashamed.
He was proud of him , “Well, he is really not enough to pose a threat now, it is a waste, and he is here for another purpose!”
Miyamoto Takeno hesitated for a while and said aloud that he did not participate in the siege that year, but Dongying There was an elder of a family who participated in that incident, so Miyamoto Takeno knew a little too.
Miyamoto Takeno continued: “Ye Nantian is here to cheer Chen Feng!”
“Cheer? I think it’s almost the same for collecting the corpse!”
“Removing the corpse? Hahaha, it makes sense!” For a moment, he was in the car. All three of them laughed out loud, and they were extremely happy.

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