Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 760

Another hotel prepared by the Vatican for the players.
At this moment, Wu Zhizhou, Ji Wudao, Cang Bo, Master Fang Zheng, Ji Yun, Tianying, and Ye Nantian were all silently waiting for Chen Feng to leave.
Ye Nantian sat in the wheelchair and looked forward, his eyes full of firmness.
“The situation is not good, it’s less than an hour before the start of the game. Can you come in a hurry? Should you call him?”
Wu Zhizhou glanced at his watch, feeling a little anxious.
“No, I believe him, he will definitely appear!” Ye Nantian’s tone was extremely confident, and he understood Chen Feng.
As soon as Ye Nantian fell, the door opened, and as expected, Chen Feng walked out of the room.
“Brother, why are you here!”
Chen Feng saw Ye Nantian at the forefront at a glance. He was a little shocked at the moment. He didn’t even know about Ye Nantian coming to the Vatican.
This is also what Ye Nantian meant. Chen Feng is in retreat after all. If he hears the news of Ye Nantian’s arrival, his mood will inevitably be turbulent, which is extremely detrimental to the study of martial arts, so this matter has been kept secret from Chen Feng.
Chen Feng couldn’t believe his eyes. If it weren’t for Wu Zhizhou, Master Fang Zheng, Cang Bo, Ji Yun, Ji Wudao, Tian Ying and others looking at him with a smile, he suspected that all this was an illusion. .
“Senior…senior brother, why did you come here so far!”
Chen Feng couldn’t understand why the senior brother came here.
“Hey, look at what you said, of course your senior came here to cheer you up!”
Before Ye Nantian could speak, Wu Zhizhou said first: “The game is about to start soon. If you don’t come out, we will prepare If you can’t help but break in!”
As soon as Wu Zhizhou’s voice fell, everyone laughed.
“Brother Chen Feng, how are you in retreat? Have you created your own martial arts? What is the chance of winning this competition?”
Ji Yun quickly asked a few questions. When Ji Yun’s words came out, Wu Zhizhou, Ye Nantian, and Cang Bo Waiting for everyone to look at Chen Feng.
We must know that Chen Feng’s retreat is to deal with the next game with Arthur, this is the top priority.
Although Wu Zhizhou and Ji Wudao both spoke first, it was extremely difficult to create a martial arts study and there was not enough time. Although they did not have much hope, they still waited for Chen Feng’s words at this moment.
“It’s okay, it’s okay!”
Chen Feng responded to the crowd with a slight smile.
After listening to Chen Feng’s words, everyone was relieved.
Wu Zhizhou, Cang Bo, Master Fang Zheng, and Ji Wudao all found that the aura in Chen Feng’s body had not significantly improved, but Chen Feng’s personality and style of work would not easily say such a thing.
This shows that Chen Feng may have really created his own moves, or he may have found a way to deal with Arthur.
“Haha, good! Good! Good! Great! This time I have to teach that shit to pretend the captain of the guard of the Holy See, he must be beaten to a dead dog and let him know who is the strong one!”
Ji Yun Lianlian Applauded, it seems that Chen Feng’s strength has improved, and he is more happier than his own.
Everyone didn’t speak, they all looked at Chen Feng with a smile at the moment.
Ye Nantian didn’t speak from beginning to end. He believed in his younger brother, who made him proud. Although he was a little worried, Chen Feng would definitely defeat Arthur and win the game.
“Okay, let’s pass quickly. The game is about to begin. If we don’t show up at the start of the game, we will abstain!”
Wu Zhizhou glanced at his watch again and urged.
Everyone walked out of the hotel, and a minibus was parked in front of the hotel. Because of their large number of people, Wu Zhizhou contacted the Wuxue organization and asked them to send a minibus.
Chen Feng first carried Ye Nantian into the car, and then everyone got on the car in turn.
After everyone got on the car, the car slowly started to the Vatican arena.
The hotel was very close to the stadium, and arrived at the stadium after ten minutes, and everyone got off the car for inspection.
“This is your ticket!”
Wu Zhizhou took out the ticket from his arms and handed it to Ye Nantian.
This admission ticket Wu Zhizhou had been processed with the World Martial Arts Organization early, but Ye Nantian did not come at the beginning of the game, and did not appear until today.
After the inspection, everyone got on the car, the car continued to drive for a certain distance, and then stopped. This is the contestant’s room.
Chen Feng was about to get out of the car, Wu Zhizhou grabbed him, and said earnestly: “Chen Feng can’t underestimate the enemy in the competition. Then Arthur has reached the peak of the middle phase of Huajin, and he has reached the edge of the latter period, and his trick is very powerful. If you lose, you can’t do it, it’s just a game!”
Chen Feng looked straight and nodded. Wu Zhizhou smiled and patted Chen Feng on the shoulder, his eyes full of encouragement.
While Wu Zhizhou was worried, he also thought of Chen Feng’s words. Since Chen Feng had the confidence to defeat Arthur, he would not speak falsely.
Moreover, Chen Feng’s target was not Arthur, and William, who had not yet revealed his full strength, Chen Feng wanted to kill William to avenge Chen Meng and shame the Longya Special Forces.
In this case, Chen Feng would not lose to Arthur, or that he could not lose to the other side.
Before getting out of the car, Chen Feng greeted everyone, then glanced at his senior brother Ye Nantian, nodded firmly in his eyes, turned and walked towards the player Hussein’s room.
Wu Zhizhou, Ye Nantian and others entered the arena after another inspection at the entrance of the stadium.
The game is about to begin, Pope Zeus, Saint Tiffany and the Secretary General of the World Martial Organization Modric entered the arena simultaneously.
“Arthur is here!”
Arthur took the lead in the stage, only to see his face expressionless, with blond hair without wind, he was extremely elegant, his appearance caused the audience to shout.
“Today this game is very lively. Saint Emperor Zeus and Saint Tiffany are here!”
“I heard that Paladin Arthur is pursuing Saint Tiffany. Now it seems to be true!”
“That’s weird, last one. Why didn’t Saint Tiffany appear in the Arthur’s game?”
“Could it be because Saint Tiffany felt that Arthur would definitely win!”
When Pope Zeus, Saint Tiffany and others appeared, the audience began to talk a lot.
The audience’s words fell clearly in the ears of Saint Tiffany, hearing such words made her frown.
She didn’t want to have anything to do with Arthur, and she didn’t want others to involve the two of them together, because she came to watch Chen Feng in this game.
Arthur also heard the audience’s words, but he didn’t show anything, only when he glanced over the saint Tiffany, he found that the other party was unhappy and even frowned. This phenomenon made Arthur furious.
Arthur was completely desperate at this moment. He originally thought that the saint had come to him for Chen Feng’s business. Perhaps the saint came to the stadium to watch his performance, but everything was shattered now.

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