Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 761

“Shameless, I won’t kill Chen Feng, but I will mutilate him, kneel down completely at my feet, and then I will see what you do!”
Arthur looked at Saint Tiffany with a gloomy look in his heart. Secretly.
Pope Zeus, Saint Tiffany, Secretary-General Modric and others came to the VIP table. Arthur saluted several people and said: “Your Majesty, I’m ready!”
“Good! Good! Good! Go, give us. A wonderful game!”
Secretary General Modric looked at Arthur with a smile on his face. Seems very satisfied with Arthur.
“Yes, I will defend the majesty of the Holy See!”
Arthur turned and left, the sun shining on him, his face expressionless, but the anger in his heart was still terrifying, and the murderous intent spread and came to the center of the stadium.
“Hey, the warriors of the Chinese nation are here!”
Everyone looked, Wu Zhizhou pushed Ye Nantian into the arena, surrounded by Master Fang Zheng, Cang Bo, Ji Wudao, Ji Yun, and Tianying.
“It’s strange, Wu master of pushing Who?”
“I do not know it, that leaves the south, once military’s top academic talent, Chen Feng brothers!”
“Hey, but unfortunately then leaves the southern sky by several experts The siege, even though they saved their lives in the end, ended up crippled for life. What a pity, what a pity!”
There were many well-informed people in the crowd. With their explanation, everyone looked at Ye Nantian, the former one. Tianjiao.
Ye Nantian listened to the audience’s discussion, and looked at the enemy in the distance on the stage. He did not show anything, he was very calm.
What a prestige Ye Nantian was. After stepping into the martial arts competition, he became famous all over the world and became one of the best in martial arts circles.
Today he came to this arena again. He came to watch Chen Feng’s game as a senior, cheering for his junior.
“Is this Ye Nantian dragging his crippled body to come here to cheer for his junior and younger brother?”
“Hmph, there is a fart for cheering on the martial arts competition . Should you lose or lose, you can’t bear Chen Feng’s fate and Ye Nantian is the same!”
“Hey, if this is the case, it would be too miserable!”
Ye Nantian’s arrival attracted a lot of people’s discussions, all of them were talking about the things of the year, and there was no lack of vicious words.
Ye Nantian seemed to have not heard about this, and his mood was not the slightest disturbance. On the side, Wu Zhizhou, Master Fang Zheng, Ji Wudao, Cang Bo and others were impressed when they saw Ye Nantian’s expression.
Ye Nantian was besieged and beaten to mutilation in those days. Today, when he came again to see the enemy of the year, he did not show any emotion. This patience and calmness of Wu Zhizhou and others are ashamed.
“Hmph, after a while Chen Feng’s little bunny was killed, I think you still pretend not to pretend!”
How does Hong Tianba see Ye Nantian’s awkwardness, especially the other party’s calm expression.
When he was expelled from the martial arts world, Ye Nantian was just like the sky, becoming a benchmark in the martial arts world. This contrast made him feel resentful.
After Wu Zhizhou pushed Ye Nantian to the spectator seat, he left alone and went to the VIP seat. Because he represented China, he needed to accompany Pope Zeus to the VIP seat to watch the game.
“Chen Feng is out!” When everyone looked at him, Chen Feng still walked out with a smile, and the cheers of the audience reached their peak for a while.
Arthur watched this scene with his fists clenched and furious.
Not long after, Chen Feng stood in the center of the arena.
“I didn’t expect you to be able to advance to the semifinals too!”
With a sneer on his face, Arthur looked down on Chen Feng in his words. This was his purpose, to humiliate Chen Feng in the presence of Saint Tiffany.
“Do you remember Caesar?” Arthur asked suddenly.
“Who is Caesar?”
Chen Feng thought pretentiously, and the scene fell in Arthur’s eyes, making him even more angry.
“You have to pay for the humiliation you gave to my brother that day. Of course, if you apologize in public and then give up, I can spare you!”
Arthur’s words were extremely rampant, and Chen Feng didn’t pay any attention.
“Oh, he is your brother, no wonder you are as short-sighted and arrogant as you!”
Chen Feng was not polite, and said sarcastically to Arthur.
“You don’t leave a way for yourself!” Arthur clenched his fists and said viciously.
The referee stood aside and announced the start of the game without hesitation: “Both sides are ready, the game officially begins!”
“Chen Feng, I will let you know that you are vulnerable in front of me!”
Arthur’s words surged. Arouse the breath in the body.
“Can you just play with your mouth?”
Chen Feng really listened too much to such words.
“You’re looking for death!”
Arthur yelled, and his figure disappeared in the blink of an eye. When he appeared, he was less than ten meters away from Chen Feng.
I saw Arthur put his hands together and used his strongest trick, God of War.
That day, the secret weapon of Tsarist Russia, Lovsky, was killed by this trick. How did Chen Feng respond today?
Arthur is not a reckless person to be the captain of the guard of the Holy See. He is extremely intelligent. Although he appears to be upright and upright on the surface, his true side is particularly deep.
In the last match, originally because of Saint Tiffany’s affairs, he was dissatisfied and resented, and he happened to meet the secret weapon of Tsarist Russia, Lofsky, so he took the strongest move in an instant. .
Since the last battle, Pope Zeus has obviously changed his opinion of him, but the saint Tiffany still looks like that, and even interceded with him for Chen Feng, which made Zeus unbearable.
So today he is going to kill Chen Feng with one blow, first to dispel the hatred in his heart, and secondly to get rid of a strong enemy for himself. As for Saint Tiffany, he will explain it himself.
Arthur’s hands clasped his body together, like an ordinary God of War, and he jumped up to attack Chen Feng.
He has decided to either kill Chen Feng today, or directly destroy him and make Chen Feng a waste.
When Arthur used the God of War Slash, a strong aura enveloped Chen Feng.
There was a trance in front of Chen Feng, as if the sky and the earth were covered with sword shadows, there was no way to escape, but after only a short trance, Chen Feng recovered his mind, and his figure moved and dodged to the right, avoiding the attack.
Although Chen Feng evaded this fatal attack extremely quickly, his clothes were affected and torn to pieces in an instant, and a few breaths were shaken by Chen Feng’s inner strength.
All this is slow to say, but in fact it happened between the electric light and flint, so that the audience in the venue did not see what happened.
“These two are really strong!”
The other strong players in the field just felt Arthur’s shocking cut, and sighed inwardly for Arthur’s strength. At the same time, Chen Feng’s ability to escape this attack really surprised them a lot. .
It wasn’t just the audience who was shocked, even Arthur was a little unbelievable.

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