Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 762

“You can avoid my ultimate move, it shows that you are very strong, but this will not change much, you will be defeated forever!”
Arthur was a little shocked at first, and gradually recovered his mind, and said to Chen Feng with a calm face. , It seems that he has the chance to win.
Chen Feng was really unwilling to talk to him. Seeing that Arthur had to talk, Chen Feng clenched his fists and went straight to Arthur.
Chen Feng did not keep his hands, and directly used the ultimate ultimate move of Broken Mountain and River.
Since the ultimate ultimate move cannot be used continuously after it is used, Arthur can no longer use the God of War Slash in a short time, and now Chen Feng has shot it.
Arthur snorted coldly. As expected, he did not use the God of War Slash again, but opened his palm to fight back. He saw his inner strength surge and his aura climbed. He used the Holy See’s secret technique and slapped it out with a palm.
Chen Feng’s iron fist collided with Arthur’s palm, and there was a sound with great strength.
A storm spread outwards centered on the two of them, and their clothes were rustled by the storm.
Because the two people have a very strong counter-shock force, the two people’s bodies are gradually retreated by this counter-shock force.
Chen Feng stepped back six steps in a row, stepped on his right foot, and the ground shattered, stopping the retreating figure. At this moment, he only felt sore in his right arm, and a burning pain came from his fist.
Arthur was really tough, even if Chen Feng used the ultimate move of Broken Mountain and River, he still couldn’t help him. Not only that, he was also injured.
If it was just a skin injury, Chen Feng’s internal organs were also affected. If he didn’t protect his heart with infuriating energy in time, he would definitely be seriously injured.
The two collided this time and made a judgment. Chen Feng used a killer move, but Arthur did not use the God of War Slash, only using the palm of his hand to be able to Dan Dao such power.
In terms of strength, Chen Feng is not Arthur’s opponent.
Chen Feng knew that Arthur had reached the intensity he is now with his own efforts, and had reached the peak of the mid-level of energy, which was extremely terrifying.
Before that, neither Li Changxi, Ron, Hong Yi, or Zuo Zhu could compare with Arthur. All of them used genetic drugs to forcibly enhance their strength. Once the efficacy of the drug was over, they would return to normal. How can it be compared with Arthur.
Let’s talk about Chen Feng. Although he has made his inner strength extremely pure through the mysterious breathing method, he is still at a level short of Arthur, so even if he uses the Broken Mountain and River killer, he cannot pose a threat to Arthur. Not only that, he was hurt by the opponent.
Despite this, Chen Feng did not lose his fighting spirit, but was extremely calm.
This time the match played a certain role for Chen Feng to understand Arthur’s strength. The more crisis Chen Feng was, the more calm he was. After he understood Arthur’s strength, he could deal with it freely.
“I said you can’t, you are really weak and vulnerable!”
Arthur looked contemptuously and did not put Chen Feng in his eyes. He had this capital, and saw his figure rushing towards Chen Feng very quickly.
Facing Arthur’s attack, Chen Fengru didn’t choose to fight hard before, but instead used his body shape and speed to dodge constantly.
“Papa! Papa! Papa!”
Arthur chased after him, his moves were even more unpredictable, either splitting, chopping, or clawing.
Although Chen Feng hid every time, he was extremely dangerous every time, and he was completely suppressed by Arthur, unable to fight back.
“Hey, it seems this country Hua Chen Feng is to die! ‘ ”
Chen Feng Hua country is far less than the strength of Arthur, his defeat has been set, but is a matter of pity, pity! ”
Venue The audience watched the game on stage and involuntarily commented that most people think Chen Feng will lose in this battle. Therefore, Chen Feng is extremely embarrassed, ragged, and imageless.
Not only that, Chen Feng’s face was also stained with some dust, and it was really impossible to connect with him and his previous appearance.
On the other hand, Arthur had blond hair and no wind, and his face was calm. At this moment, his face was cold and he was chasing Chen Feng, and it seemed that he was about to kill Chen Feng to give up.
The contrast between the two was so great that the audience could not help but think that Chen Feng could not hold on for long.
“Hey, too much difference between the forces of two of them, Chen Feng no chance of winning!”
“Yes, you have to see Chen Feng at the moment and even dodge some difficulty, it is estimated will not be long before a decision victory!”
Venue The warriors are not lacking in strength. At this moment, they watched the game in the field and secretly analyzed.
One is that there is too much difference in the strength between Chen Feng and Arthur, and at this moment Chen Feng is suppressed and has no power to fight back, dissatisfied to see the gap.
And Master Founder, Cang Bo, Ji Wudao all saw the situation of the game, and they were all very nervous at the moment.
As for Ye Nantian, he also had a calm expression. He was known as the martial arts world’s arrogant. Although he was besieged and crippled by others, he still had his eyesight. At this moment, he also saw that Chen Feng was at a disadvantage.
“Hey, the game situation is not optimistic. It seems that your country’s players will not be able to hold it anymore!”
Modric, secretary general of the World Martial Arts Organization, said to Wu Zhizhou.
“Oh, do you think Hua Guo Chen Feng is going to lose?” Saint Tiffany frowned slightly.
There was a muffled noise in the court that attracted everyone’s attention. Arthur suppressed Chen Feng, and then kicked it out. Because the speed was too fast, Chen Feng couldn’t react, so he subconsciously blocked it with his arm. , And then kicked by Arthur.
Because Arthur’s skills were too strong, Chen Feng couldn’t control his body and flew to the left, and his arm had been injured and he seemed unable to move. Chen Feng’s face was pale, and a trace of blood came out of his mouth.
Chen Feng has been injured twice in the game so far. Although Arthur has not specifically learned the leg technique, any martial arts will be combined with the body technique, so this foot is so powerful that it directly broke Chen Feng’s defense and severely injured him. .
The injury to Chen Feng by this foot was not small. He only felt that his arm was numb and he couldn’t use his strength, and his internal organs were also injured.
“Chen Feng is defeated, he has no chance!”
This scene fell in the eyes of the audience. Almost most people believed that Chen Feng was defeated. At the beginning of the game, Chen Feng was suppressed by Arthur and could not fight back. If you get hurt, you will definitely lose.
Only Ye Nantian, Wu Zhizhou and Zeus in the crowd, Saint Tiffany did not think so.
Saint Tiffany didn’t believe it and didn’t want to see Chen Feng fail.
It’s just that Chen Feng has been injured at this moment, and it is the best choice to shoot at this time.
Sure enough, Arthur’s figure flickered, and went straight to Chen Feng to give the opponent a final blow and end this battle.
Chen Feng naturally saw this scene. At the moment of crisis, his internal energy violently stepped on the concrete floor. The ground instantly shattered and the dust was flying. He stopped his figure.
When it was said that it was too late, Arthur had already come to Chen Feng’s eyes and he did not hesitate to slash him. He did not use the God of War Slash for this move, and one of them was extremely powerful. Seeing Arthur slashed it with a palm. , Chen Feng used his right foot, turning his body around an ordinary top to avoid this trick.

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