Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 763

Arthur’s palm was cut down almost against the tip of Chen Feng’s nose. Chen Feng only felt a pain in his face due to the breath on the stage.
The palm did not hit, and Arthur reacted very quickly and twitched his hand across to Chen Feng’s neck. Chen Feng’s pupils shrank sharply and moved again, but he was slower and was struck by Arthur’s fingertips. Chen Feng only felt severe pain in his neck.
Without further ado, Chen Feng stepped back again, taking a dozen steps back.
“Huh, still want to run?”
Arthur snorted coldly, and pursued the victory without giving Chen Feng a chance to breathe.
From the beginning to the end, Arthur was very strong, crushing Chen Feng all the way, this was his goal.
Then the two moved in and back like this, and resumed their initial appearance in the game. Arthur pursued his moves in an endless stream, while Chen Feng could only dodge, and each dodge was extremely thrilling.
“Looking for death!”
Chen Feng suddenly yelled, squatted, his inner strength merged into his right arm, he turned abruptly, and slammed Arthur.
This is the second trick of Broken Mountain River. It is fatal and its power cannot be underestimated.
Since Chen Feng was suppressed by Arthur, he found the opportunity and used the trick of breaking mountains and rivers.
Arthur snorted coldly, not panicking at all, but spread out his palms, then raised his palms and used the sword of the wind in which the God of War cut it.
The reason why it is called the sword of wind, wind represents speed, and this move seeks a fast word.
Chen Feng’s sudden counterattack did surprise Arthur. Arthur could only use the sword of the wind cut by God of War.
I have to say that Arthur’s ability to be the captain of the guards of the Holy See should not be underestimated, and he is also the most likely player to win the championship in this world martial arts competition.
The second style of Broken Mountain and River killed him, fighting the sword of the wind.
These two moves are extremely powerful martial arts techniques, and they collide with each other instantly.
“Boom!” A loud noise spread throughout the arena, and the two collided again, their internal strength scattered in all directions, creating a strong storm.
“Bang! Bang! Bang!” The two were shaken apart by the force of the counter-shock again. Every time Chen Feng took a step back, a crack appeared on the ground. At this moment, the blood in his body was chaotic, blood was bleeding from the tiger’s mouth, and another injury was added. And Arthur was no longer as calm and relaxed as before, but took three steps in a row, not as mighty as before, and his face was stained with some dust.
As for Chen Feng’s retreat for more than ten meters before stopping his figure, he couldn’t see his face clearly at this moment, and his whole body was covered in dust and was extremely embarrassed.
“It seems that Chen Feng is already at the end of the battle. The move just now should be his trick, but he still can’t shake Arthur. The outcome is determined!” In the stands, a strong man opened his mouth to analyze and his words represented many audiences. Our thoughts.
Not only the general audience’s thoughts, but even those warriors who can see the two fighting clearly agree with his thoughts.
“What’s the situation, the ultimate ultimate move can’t cause harm to the Holy See Arthur, how can this continue!”
Ji Yun in the stands looked anxious, he could vaguely see the game on the stage, seeing Chen Feng use it Broken Shanhe couldn’t defeat Arthur, and couldn’t help feeling a little worried.
We must know that when Chen Feng used this trick in the previous game, they could not resist, but now Arthur not only took it, but also looked extremely relaxed.
Back then, Wu Zhizhou said that he didn’t dare to indulge this trick in the middle of Huajin, but now Arthur actually took it.
Neither Tianying, Fangzheng Mage, Ji Wudao nor Cangbo spoke in the stands. At this moment, all of them looked gloomy and worried.
Almost all the people who knew Chen Feng were worried, but Ye Nantian always had that calm expression.
“Chen Feng seems to be losing!”
Modric, Secretary-General of the World Martial Arts Organization on the VIP table, shook his head and said.
He had just clearly seen that Chen Feng did not cause substantial harm to Arthur after performing his tricks.
Pope Zeus just hummed, did not speak, but he also agreed with Secretary-General Modric’s words.
“Is it all over? Has no miracle happened?”
Saint Tiffany looked worried and prayed for Chen Feng in her heart.
She didn’t believe it was over like this.
On the VIP table, Wu Zhizhou frowned and looked at Chen Feng on the stage, not knowing what he was thinking.
Wu Zhizhou didn’t see Chen Feng’s panicked expression. He thought that Chen Feng still had that calm expression. It was this expression that made Wu Zhizhou feel at ease. He was not sure about Chen Feng, so he would never Such.
“Does Chen Feng’s self-confidence come from the retreat a few days ago? It seems that the results of the retreat are going to be used!” Wu Zhizhou secretly said, and the worry in his heart was wiped out.
“Hua Guo Chen Feng, the proud son of heaven? I can’t see it. I dare to fight with me with such a strength!” Arthur’s extremely arrogant voice came from the station, and this voice spread all over so that the audience heard it very clearly.
“Pretend you!”
Ji Yun cursed secretly, clenching his fists.
As soon as Arthur’s voice fell, he used the sword of the wind in the God of War Sword again this time, and saw that he was extremely fast and went straight to Chen Feng.
The reason why Arthur didn’t use the God of War Sword was because he felt that the sword of wind could win the game, so he didn’t need to consume so much energy to use the Sword of War.
Seeing Arthur rushing over, Chen Feng looked calmly and took a deep breath, his inner strength surging to use the results of his retreat, breaking the mountains and rivers, the third style broke the sky.
The trick of breaking the sky was what Chen Feng realized when he was in retreat. He didn’t listen to others’ moves before, hoping to get some inspiration from it. He used the best of a hundred families to create his own moves, but there was nothing from beginning to end. inspiration.
Until the battle with Dongying Zuozhu, he found this feeling. The opponent’s wave breaking cut, blending the breath into a moment, and the power was extremely terrifying. Chen Feng borrowed this.
In the beginning, Chen Feng played against other players, using other martial arts. He rarely forced him to use Broken Mountain and River. It was not until he met Ron or Hong Yi behind that Chen Feng had to use this technique.
Broken Mountain and River is to increase his speed and strength. When fighting against Zuo Zhu, the opponent’s power of breaking waves is extremely terrifying, and Chen Feng asked himself that he could not accept this move.
But at that time, Chen Feng was devoted to the challenge and did not have time to analyze the opponent’s moves. After the game, Chen Feng also recalled the links and moves in the game, but he had no inspiration until Arthur and the Tsarist secret weapon used the God of War Sword in the battle. After defeating the opponent, Chen Feng had a clear understanding of this technique.
Zuo Zhu’s Breaking Waves and Arthur’s God of War Sword both gathered their power to a point and then exploded. The power generated at that moment was extremely powerful.
After Chen Feng returned to the hotel, he retreats to practice thinking about the two men’s moves. At the same time, he also collected some information. Finally, the effort paid off. Chen Feng researched the third style of Broken Mountain and River before the game, breaking the sky.

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