Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 765

In the previous three fights, Arthur used the God of War Slash in the first fight, and his power was terrifying. He used Broken Mountains and Rivers to resist. In the second fight, Chen Feng was always at a disadvantage and was chased and beaten by Arthur. Let Arthur think that Chen Feng is desperate.
Sure enough, Arthur was fooled, thinking that Chen Feng was desperate, and because he was confident of his own strength, he didn’t use the God of War Slash, and he used the wind sword that consumes little energy.
However, Chen Feng seized the opportunity and took the break at the critical time, giving Arthur a fatal blow, causing the opponent to be injured and breaking his arm.
All of this, Chen Feng calculated extremely carefully, it can be said that from the beginning of the game, he has thought of the way to deal with the game.
At this moment, Arthur was seriously injured and his combat effectiveness was greatly weakened. How could Chen Feng miss such an excellent opportunity, and at this moment, he rushed towards Arthur with a slap in the face.
This slap is not simple, it is a well-known Bagua palm in the Huaguo martial arts circle.
Originally the two were talking, Arthur didn’t react to Chen Feng’s sudden move.
At the time of crisis, Arthur could only rely on years of combat experience to protect the vitals with a shake of his body, and then drew out his arm to block it, but he had already broken his arm, he was inconvenient to move, and there were still injuries in his body, so he restricted his flexibility. At this moment, Chen Feng slapped him on the arm.
Almost when the palm of his hand touched the opponent’s arm, Chen Feng’s inner strength rushed into his palm and increased his strength. Arthur broke his arm. After breaking through the defense, he slapped Arthur’s shoulder with a slap. Arthur couldn’t control his body. Fly back.
This scene is so similar to just now that the audience did not react.
The audience couldn’t figure it out. At first, he crushed Chen Feng like a god of war, but he didn’t expect it to be like this in an instant and he was chased and beaten by Chen Feng.
Arthur’s broken armor and blood reminded the audience of the fierceness of the game and the fact that Arthur was hanged.
“The game is over, Arthur has lost!”
Looking at the situation on the field, almost everyone has such a thought in their hearts. At this moment, Arthur is like a bereaved dog, no longer the previous glory, and some are just humiliation.
Arthur is a member of the Roboli family and once engaged in business. In the end, he believed that this was not the goal he was pursuing, and resolutely gave up the family’s business and followed the martial arts of the family.
When Arthur’s strength was small, he was collected by the Holy See. After entering the Holy See, Arthur has been devoted to martial arts, and then attracted the attention of Pope Zeus. He preached that he was the secretary of the Holy See, and Arthur’s strength was improved again and became The youngest paladin in the Holy See.
It seems that the heavens favored him extremely, his strength has improved all the way, and his appearance is also quite high, one is the object of admiration of all female sisters in the Holy See.
Not only in the Holy See, but even in the Vatican, women in other places like this warrior with a combination of genius and appearance.
It can be said that only perfect two words can describe Arthur.
It’s just that such a perfect man has completely lost his dignity today.
In this game today, Chen Feng defeated the perfect paladin of the Holy See, and in the presence of so many spectators, Pope Zeus and Saint Tiffany broke the last trace of dignity in Arthur’s heart.
Arthur wanted to tear Chen Feng to pieces at this moment. It was not that he had never thought of fighting Chen Feng, but his reason told him that if he did this, he would definitely die, so Arthur could only bear it.
Arthur felt a little regretful if it wasn’t that he was too careless, the ending would definitely not be like this. If he had always played God of War, let alone whether he could defeat Chen Feng, but the consequences would definitely be much smaller than now.
It’s just that there are no ifs in all things.
At this moment, the referee stepped onto the court and asked Arthur in accordance with the rules of the game: “Arthur, how are you now? Can you continue to play!”
Arthur looked desperate, even though he was totally unwilling, but at this moment Powerless, Arthur closed his eyes tightly.
After a long time, Arthur opened his eyes and shook his head. He lost this game.
“I declare that Chen Feng, the country of China, won this game!” The referee took a few steps forward and announced the result of the game to everyone.
“Hey, aren’t you called the Holy See’s Paladin?, didn’t you look arrogant just now? What’s wrong now? Persuaded? It’s embarrassing to get up and continue fighting!” The referee just announced the result of the game. , Ji Yun in the audience jumped three feet high, and said excitedly, his words were full of irony to Arthur.
Ji Yun’s words stabbed in Arthur’s heart. Arthur was very humiliated because he lost the game, but now Ji Yun’s speech level is high, Arthur only feels ashamed, and his eyes went black and passed out.
“Chen Feng, you deserve to be Chen Feng, you didn’t let me down!” Tianying looked at Chen Feng on the stage, clenching his fists, and feeling excited.
Not only Tianying, but even Ji Wudao, Master Fang Zheng, Cang Bo and others were all relieved at this moment. Arthur would lose, none of them expected.
This game was really exciting. At the beginning, Chen Feng was out of breath. When everyone thought Chen Feng was about to lose the game, Chen Feng was very useful and saved the defeat in one fell swoop, even defeating Arthur. , Won the game.
“What the hell is going on? How did the game end?”
“That’s right, the game ended without seeing clearly, who knows, explain it!”
The powerful and weak warriors in the audience are at this moment. Looking at each other, they couldn’t see clearly the scene of the game at all, because Arthur and Chen Feng were too fast, how could they see clearly.
“Oh, I didn’t expect it to end like this!”
“Isn’t it? At first, Chen Feng was pressed and beaten by Arthur. He couldn’t fight back at all. Who would have thought of changing the situation and winning the game in an instant!”
“Speaking of which, what martial arts is Po Tian? Is it the long-lost martial arts in Huaguo martial arts?”
Except for the ordinary people in the upper class and the weaker martial artists , even other powerful players or martial artists here could not help but talk about this competition, analysis The situation of this game.
This game was wonderful, and the danger was not only felt by the parties, but also by several strong players in the field. Chen Feng won this game and he did not lose a game along the way. , This is enough to prove his toughness.
Arthur’s failure was unbelievable. At the beginning of the game, he could be described as a downhill tiger, extremely fierce, but he did not expect to fall into the wind in a blink of an eye, and step back, step by step, until the end automatically surrendered.

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